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31 May 2006

X3 & the Albino Hawk Boy *by ivan*

Well I finally watched X3 last night. Apparently it was the last stand for them and while I was sitting (bloated after dinner with the Mrs) watching the movie, they were doing some serious standing alright.. ok..not to give too much away for those who didnt watch it yet..

Good part for me was..

VINNY JONES! man..its always a pleasure to watch him in movies..

Bad part for me was..

WHERE THE F#@%&#! is Bandit.. nabae.. In the arcade/cartoon he damn swee leh.. the coolest.. how come dun have one!!??? They cannot CGI throw gambling card cum exploding scenes is it?? kenna con for 3 movies already..get rid of the ka-kias and get gambit in la..

anyway.. WTF the Angel come into the movie for??? He is the guy with the white wings. (He is also white, so I dunno if thats the reason why he is called that..actually he is more like a hawk boy to me..ok..hawks dont have white wings (or so I presume)..albino hawk boy?) aiya..see pic below..

Anyway.. he fly around so free is it?? nabae.. lucky not in singapore.. if not kenna shoot down by PPD.. first ppl will comprain that got one stupid bird man flying around crapping on people laundry hang outside with their galas.. then some more ppl would comprain that hawk boy crap on their cars.. and that will be the last thing the PPD Shoot Bird Department cannot tolerate is birds crapping on ppl's cars.. they will send their squad, who strangely wear vests like they going fishing (i think this it to confuse the birds la..bird think they going to longkang to fish..but *bang*..surplise!!) so, then, they wait for hawk boy (i know he is called angel but he is hawk boy to me! its my blog so there!) Hawk boy fly out from his hdb flat window after breakfast of 2 half boiled telurs and roti kaya with his family..(sure live in high rise one, better to do dives right).. so Hawk boy jumps out, stretch out his beautiful wings, feel the wind on his face, feel the air under his wings, taking a deep breath of the morning air, the sun on his face, and just when he start singing "Wind Beneath My Wings".. *BAM BAM**

as he spirals down (no hawk boy not mating here).. he last thoughts would be?? nabae.. that bette midler song damn sway la!! haha..

How to Stir Up a Den of Scorpions.. *by ivan*

Aquarians rulezzzzzz!!!!!!!

i need my space *by me*

yesterday i decided to start my own blog to talk abt women stuff which i thot was a little inappropriate to address in this forum. now i'm a tech idiot so taking a leap of faith like this was momentus. the instructions seemed easy enuf but choosing a name almost drove me nuts.

then i finally got confirmation and excitedly, i did my first post. when i wanted to go back to the dashboard to update the template, i realised that i had forgotten the username and i typo-ed the email address to which i'm supposed to receive the help email. i'm no bimbo but for the first time in my life, i knew what it felt to be blonde. geez! (smacking myself on the forehead)

so now i sit with bated breath while the blogger support team gets back to me. and you can just imagine what's going on in their heads right?

uh-hum .... but i digress ...this new forum titled "fat hope : )" is linked to this blog. it shares my trials and tribulations of my struggle with my weight. it's at it was supposed to be a daily reflection but urrmmm, now it's dependent on how quickly THEY get back to me. stay tuned k, looks like we all are playing the waiting game instead.

29 May 2006

chew on this *by me*

my dear procrastinating hubster (who is too lazy to start his own blog or tompang his thots on this family blog) has just asked me to blog FOR him. some may call it delegation others may call it tai chi ... i call it a special kind of lazy!

anyway, now that i've bitched, he has this to share with the masses.

"ever notice how sound technicians can only count up to 2 (mic test .. 1, 2 ... 2, 2). today at Far East Square, he overheard a sound tech saying "my chest, my chest wan, chew .. chew chew". he is convinced that all mics have demons that possess the brains of these sound techs and numbs their counting capabilities. but NOW it seems it affects their grammer too. that aside, have you also noticed how choreographers can only count up to 8 (and 5,6,7,8, and 2,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 3,2,3,4,....)

postnote:.. then i tried to read back my entry to him and he said that he does not want to hear it and prefers the "bible" approach. tell me why again i married this annoying thing? damn you ivan ... damn you ......

Solly long link *by ivan*

Cannot believe I go and put the wrong talkrock link.. aiyoh..

anyway.. redid the links for your linking pleasure..

btw capitain carlos.. very sad we only got 1 friend who blog..

haiz... sianz...

28 May 2006

everybody needs toilet drama *by me*

my 3-year-old recently locked himself in the toilet while i was in mandarin class and the hubs was at work. as panic washed over my mother, she hopes that the neighbours are in to save the child who was naked and presumed shivering in the toilet. oh yeah, he was also wailing which upped the panic level from green to red. then just to add anxiety upon anxiety, the 6-month-er was also crying for attention. she activates the girl to talk to the victim while she attempts to calm the youngling. the neighbours were not in so feeling helpless, she activates THE local superhero IVAN-NATOR.

the girl does an onsite interview with the trapped victim,"so.. are you stuck in the toilet? how did you get stuck?"..... which quickly led to an "i-told-you-so" lecture. once the baby was calm, grandma went to work on the now mentally tortured child. as he became hysterical, grandma is also pressured to help free him. she does her best with the screwdriver - not quite using it the way it should be used - and frees him. moments later, the IVAN-NATOR arrives a tad too late : (

days later, my daughter was talking to a friend who asked her abt the toilet drama. she asked her what happened in the end. angel-girl said,"somebody very nice and is very kind to us came to save my brother but my grandma opened the door first." so in the end, although grandma turned out to be the superhero, the IVAN-NATOR still managed to come up on top.

26 May 2006

Oh How Clever *by ivan*

Maybe this is new to me.. but oh how clever..

Whats next, St. Michael's Antivirus?? thats a thot

22 May 2006

Special Note for the Blog Stumblers.. *by ivan*

This blog goes out to all you blog surfers, stumblers, 'accidentally click and come to our blog' surfers and 'dunno how come I come here' surfers..

thank you for coming to our blog!

We wish we could welcome u all with fanfare, some snacks and booze. However, we know all you valued surfers imagination si beh powderful..(very powerful) so imagine la..

We are appreciative of everyone coming here..but just want to highlight a personal message to those who land on our blog and spend a whole of 1 second here before clicking away...

NABAEE!!!!!!! (not worth translating) Just becoz we got shoe name can step on us is it?? Wait I bring the bigfoot (aka my sis-in-law) and step all over you!! Spend a few more minutes cannot is it? Your life so damn precious is it?? We got good wisdom in our blog you know..dunno how to appreciate! All the stars and planets have aligned together to vibrate in a certain frequency which influenced your personal vibration to get a thought into that thick skull of yours to come here.. and you spend 1 sec??? You are supposed to come is your destiny!!! Now stay a damn minute more before scooting off like you stole something...

For those who spend more time on our blog or better still, comment..

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! *SNIFF *SNIFF.. words cannot describe the joy you bring to our little lives by saying a word or two. You guys are fulfilling your destiny by doing what you do!! You are blessed, you are chosen!!! Long Live You!! *Confetti dropping all over you..

So thank ye all who come, be it from the United States, Germany, Cech, Sweden, England, and the good ole south Malaysia ..aka Singapore la... hahaha...we with 2 different shoe sizes salute you!!…

21 May 2006

we need new fans

in the mansion we call our home, the hubster was standing by the kitchen window while i was assessing blogs in the hall. surfing the quality blogs and seeing how many hits they get, i yelled across the dining area "honey, we need new fans". he yells back, "i totally agree." then i said,"it's not that the fans we have are bad, but i want more." he concurs, "yes more power." i said,"i'm not too interested in power, i just want to blow people away. there is nothing wrong with the ones we already have." he says,"but they are old!" i say,"no lah, we only started 2weeks ago. they are not old." needing to have the last word, he said,"it's time to move on."

then suddenly, it became obvious as he stood over the power blower on the floor that we were both talking abt different things. yes, we do need new fans coz the ones we have, have rusted over. but I also want to reach out to more people out there thru our humble blog. all said and done, i'm happy for the readers who do visit every now and then : )

ps ... like dan brown's da vinci's code ... this was written as fictional fact. the events may or may not have happened. it's up to the strength of your faith and what you want to belief. but all that said, would it hurt your faith sooo much (if you are catholic) if Big J did have a sex life? i mean honestly, while he was with us, he was MAN after all? ok, maybe he didn't have sex, bet he had that first kiss? i dunno, but i hope he did get to experience love, not in that die-on-the-cross kinda way but as innocent crushes.

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18 May 2006

rebel yell

for his 3rd bday, my son received a toy guitar
he plays with it everday, pretending to be a "rock star"

with low hung jeans and a grungy tee
not a doctor or a lawyer does he want to be

just a dude, with an attitude in tow
i know he can't wait to grow

to make music that's his plan
just him and his guitar .... playing a cool jam

thank you uncle B : )

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Most Wanted.. *by ivan*

Ok I was either bored or wanted some non-fiction action news.

So I logged on to wikipedia to get my daily dose of action from around the world. This time I decided to look into who made it to the top 10 on the FBI Most Wanted List.

As I was happily reading away I came across 'Warren Steed Jeffs'.

My goodness!

(feel free to do your own search on this wonderful man!) but if you are lazy to copy paste that name into wikipedia or google.. here is a brief summary (since you are not doing your own research, I aint helping either, so there! :P)

He is a church leader where .. ok read this extract….

"Upon his father's death on September 8, 2002, Warren appointed himself the new leader of the church. One of his first statements after his father's death was directed at high ranking officials in the church: "I won't say much, but I will say this—hands off my father's wives." Then addressing the recent widows, he said, "You women will live as if father is still alive and in the next room." Within a week, Warren had married all but two of his father's several dozen wives (effectively making himself his own step-father)."

No..he is not wanted for that.. he is wanted for sexual assault on a minor and conspiracy to commit sexual conduct with a minor for arranging the marriage between a 16-year-old girl and a 28 year old man who was already married.

Oh and in his church he can also ‘reassign’ your wife and children to another man! (???OO???)

After reading that, I just had the compelling urge to throw stones at our dear Warren for some reason. However I quickly also realised that getting that action fulfilled will be hard due to the following reasons:

One - There are no stones nearby where I sit or it will reflect badly on me to be throwing stones at my computer screen, and
Two - Packing stones and Fed-Ex'ing them to Warren to self-stone himself is also not a good idea..i mean.. what if the stones got lost in transit.. (no insult to Fed Ex, I am sure they don’t lose stuff!)

Anyhoo.. I just cant fathom the fact that people follow leaders like Warren these days. I know these followers must be educated enough and that their educated mind might be yelling at them some point in time. But do they listen?? HELL NO!! And the women buy into these kinda preaching these days and time?? I am all for woman rights and equality, but come on ladies! If a man says he believes in marrying more than one woman, think hard, think twice, heck think 15 times more and then smack his teeth out and then politely say no.

Geez, is there hope for humanity? And we are sending probes to Neptune??? And lets not get started on the Heaven's Gate ppl!!

There will be more people like Warren I am sure. And if you come across another Warren in your state or town, come back here. Coz I will be setting up a website to sell stones! And if you think that’s too much of an hassle buying stones online and getting them couriered to where u are, then I will be also providing an e-stone service, (its like an e-card, only that it contains nothing nice) so that you can email them and let them know of your intentions!

There..said my piece..

No further non-fiction for me for a while now thanks..

hmmm..however must find out how to put up a website..

17 May 2006

the agony of da-feet

coming up with a name for this blog was damn agonising. like a beaten up salad, names were tossed relentlessly until giddy with choices, we decided on "shoes that fit". feet sz is something ivan and i love teasing each other abt. don't be fooled by the shoes that i've got... twinkle-toes has small feet while i have not.

i married the scorpio brother he was trying to get rid off coz he wanted his room back. so as revenge, we made him the godfather of our first born. now instead of just one scorp, he has to deal with 4 (I, my first and my 3rd kids are also scorp) ... THERE IS NO ESCAPE BRUDDER! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

i'm the sister he's never had, he's the brother i've always wanted .. and sometimes sister too. we are a brother and sister in-law combo. the BS team, if you will. i'm also the problematic over-thinker and he is the mama-beng. no disrepect to mothers or the local mafia but we got to represent. WORD!

you know how we are constantly looking for good footwear and how it's a damn shoik feeling when we find shoes that fit. we hope you find that same "steamer" experience as you read our mindless banter.

like it says in da blog, if the shoe fits, come back for more. don't be a stranger 'round these wood's ya'll hear!

ps - urrmmmmm, if you have your own blog, include us plssssss : ) we are trying to build a fan base and are not shy in asking for help.


14 May 2006

batman gives good head

nothing is sacred anymore when your 6-month old grabs your favourite batman figurine and sticks it's head in his mouth like a teething ring. it's disrespectful to watch drool flow down the batsuit as his chubby hands angles his body for a better gnaw. his utility belt is nothing more than a source for a better grip. HOLY BABY-SPIT-IN-YOUR-FACE BATMAN!

instead of taking the god-forsaken toy away, i look on and snap a picture for timeless rememberance because the baby looks soo cute. i'll post it if you wanna see it : )

in walks my older son who is turning 3 next week. he looks on and asks me why the baby has "chickenman" in his mouth. i say, the hero is batman ... not chickenman. did i not teach my children respect?! still no effort is made in saving batman.

my 5-year old girl sits close-by. the baby finally drops the figurine and starts wailing. sensing trouble, she quickly jumps off her seat, reaches for the toy and sticks the leg back in his mouth. the baby re-adjusts and puts the head right where it belongs. the baby is happy again and all is good. once again, the dark knight saves the day.

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13 May 2006

the science of playing house

ever notice how no 2 people can hang clothes out to dry that meets the satisfaction of the next? hanging out wet laundry is a personal system. it's logic combined with physics that differs from person to person .. even in the same house. it irks me to no end when my mother visits and does my laundry. i always say, there can never, NEVER be 2 queens in a castle.

this goes the same with cooking. a pinch to me is 3 tablespoons to the other. a dollop is a cup. i like julien-ing my potatoes, you like cubing. i rather eat out!

then there is sweeping/ mopping/ vacuuming? there are 2 .. no 3 kinds of "cleaners". The SUPERFICIAL who cleans around furniture, The ANAL who needs to uproot everything and The CLEAN-ONLY-WHEN-GUESTS-ARE-COMING (who are SUPERFICIAL in their technique). I'm an ANAL cleaner but i'm also a good procrastinator and that is a whole new can of worms.

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12 May 2006

2's a crowd

lonely is as lonely wants to be. WRONG. you could be in a crowd or snuggling close and still feel lonely. being lonely is different from being alone. alone is a choice (a state of mind), lonely is how other's make you feel. once you rise above feeling lonely, then you can choose to be alone. some are uncomfortable with being alone while other's revel in it.

i love being alone, gives me time to think. working alone (not a team player), shopping alone (don't you hate it when you want to move on but can't?), eating/ watching a movie alone. i get time and space and that's the best gift. i need my space.

i'm a one man mind fuck. a term i just picked up from my significant other, who might i add, is also on top of his game in mind-fucking. like side-show freaks, we are. best done as a solo-effort but can also be done in a group. guess that'll be like a cranium gang bang. i dunno what it is about over-thinking that i find so addictive and yet so natural.

maybe it's becoz i always need to be 2 steps ahead so that i can be in control. and if i'm not in control, it just means that the subject matter is not worth my time (in thought). left to my own devices, i could probably screw myself over with my thoughts turning it inside out.

maybe this is a cry for help. maybe not. let me think abt it and get back to you.

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11 May 2006

URGENT - Amendment to ATNA's Constitution

I failed to notice a glaring fact that could kill ATNA off before she sees adulthood!!

So I had to amend the ATNA constitution to include a very important point.

"Members do require to perform ONE action when they intend to join ATNA.

Send a bloody comment indicating their interest in joining ATNA"

Aiyoh..if I dont put in this kinda points in the contitution, how will ATNA survive.. members will have to battle with the insane fact of wanting to sign up, but since they have to take an 'Action' in signing up they will be violating their principles of not taking any actions in the first place!

Oh Cruel World..what damned fate..


More Polls?

There is a poll on yahoo singapore which I was curious to see how our internet savvy singaporean bradders and sistas tot about our elections. of course I picked my option also la.. and seems like 50% of you are disappointed that the oppostion did not win enough..

I guess you guys must be from walk over wards huh.. have to be la.. coz 50% is half and usually halves makes a difference most of the time.. unless you are a 1/4 and facing insecurity issues of never measuring up.. but hey, after seeing it, I had a moment where a spark ignited inside my head! (which started out a forest fire where many neurons were either fried or relocated..some are still unaccounted for and missing..and will appear on the program "Missing"...please help hor..) idea..

lets form a new group (not political party la, not finding any trabal here hor)..

its a group for the People by the Internet People..

lets call it..hmm...ahh..yes..


which means 'All Talk No Action'

This new group's purpose is to aggressively talk cock but need not take any action.. like "I want to make a difference for my [insert country name]" but actually dont need to do anything la.. or better still quietly join the 7%.. how?? any takers??

ATNA will represent you whenever you want to yap and comprain about things..but dont necessarily want anything done to change things.. so the main purpose of ATNA is to comprain for the sake of compraining.. which will be adopted as the motto in our inauguration celemony ok..

ATNA - "Comprain for the Sake of Compraining"

wow sounds nice huh?? and and hor..

On our 10th anniversay.. our motto can chaged to ..

“ATNA – 10 years of Compraining..Still Bo Action!”

Now we just need a manifesto, a presto and a eureka and we will have a wonderful group for all for ourselves..

how any takers??


10 May 2006

Everyone is Beautiful

I often look at faces, be it on the train, passerby, the general public. There are pretty ppl..people who are caught in between.. and those, who some might put below the scale. But if you look long enough (well if that person is ang kong siow, try not to stare la) you can actually see the quality in the difference. The structure, the lines, the folds..everything on the face makes a unique contribution which makes one different from the other.

I often question of society's assessment and importance placed on beauty. More doors are opened for attractive ppl i presume. Personally, I always got attracted to the person inside and well that was good enough for me. I am sure the hordes of males flipping thru "Sports illustrated" or other, lets say "interesting" mags will say "speak for yourself".. but yes..I am speaking for myself... and I think there are more who believe in this and never speak out. We oftentimes believe in what we read too easily.

And thats what this election taught me man! haha..


Larger than Life

Sometimes I sit wondering.. until I either get an aneurysm or come to a conclusion on something.

One conclusion that came to me one fine day was, you can advise someone till your mouth bleeds, but unless you are larger than life, some people will not listen to their fellow humble, living their normal lives human beings.

let me explain..

ask yourself..

If a friend gave you an advise, and if Anthony Robbins gave you the same advise, who's advise you would take right away and act on it? My guess exactly. Your friend could be right, but we look for people who are larger than us (not size) more accomplished than us, even from another country..everything to set this person apart from us. Coz if he or she was near, they wouldnt be any more special than you, coz they are facing the same things as you right.. no they wont be the best authority on advise giving.. no siree.. You want to advise me, make sure you have degrees and masters up your arse, couple of jets, a few houses around the world, and make sure you are giving advise to world leader while you are at it.. then come to me.

I do notice this mentality (well not to this extend la) in ppl close to me at times, and it can get annoying, coz you tell them to try something this way, and they dont buy your words, and then next moment, they see it on Opera and tell themselves "I should try it this way then!" !!!????OO???!!!

Sometimes we fail to see whats around and look up to the clouds for signs.. well the signs are around you.. if you listen, you will hear them..and sometimes, those voices are as average as you and me..listen

well that was one conclusion that came to me before an aneurysm did..thank God..

i get to live and fight another day of bloggin..

yum seng!


09 May 2006

final fantasy

some things are a constant. unexplainable, constant and universal. like what is it about blue jeans coupled with a white tee that makes a person irresistibly sexy? what is it about cold nights, that turns a normally frigid couple randy? what is it about the stale air pushing thru a hotel room air-con that shakes up the hormones? what is it about the cigarette after that is more satisfying than the cigarette before?

it's the fantasy of the perfect moment of passion and the satisfaction of realizing it. and for that moment ... size doesn't matter .... the size of the woman that is.

men who do not usually find larger women attractive are suddenly left smitten by the energy of a woman. a woman, lost in her fantasy is robust and out of character. in her fantasy, she's the hot chick dipped in confidence and glowing with spirit. irresistable and delectable. does size really matter? why not let the fantasy last and enjoy the larger woman even when the moment is over.

... excuse me while i have my cigarette after.


08 May 2006

shallow ... are you there?

at the office, we were talking abt hidden talents. as a scorp, i said my hidden talent is overthinking. you know to over analyse a situation to death only to resurrect the thought again so that the same can be repeated but this time on a different tangent. many nights have gone unslept as i honed my secret talent.

one colleague, in a small voice, said her hidden talent is being shallow. now how shallow can a person be if they can admit to being shallow. this got me thinking (there i go again) how many people know that they have this secret talent? those who do not, have got it down to an art where they have become subliminally shallow. this is then a natural talent.

being shallow takes a lot of calculation and nerve. coz if you can pull off being shallow, and not appear shallow, by the powers that be ... BEING shallow - although nurtured - is then truly a talent.

i think everyone is shallow, nature or nurture. it's just a matter of how deep your shallow is. (cheem right ... think abt it).


07 May 2006


if you are singaporean you'd be familiar with the term gob-blok (dunno how it's really spelt). yesterday, i had the toolan-est gob-blok moment of my life.

i'm usually an avid local investor (read TOTO player). isn't hitting the lottery the great singaporean dream? anyways, i have a special string of lucky numbers which i repeatedly buy ... to no avail. i also have a quirk where if the prize $$ is not double (ie no 1st prize winner so roll over sum) i don't want to buy coz don't want to "waste my luck".

which brings me to my toolan-est gob-blok moment. I did not buy last thursday where 5 of my lucky numbers kena. damn bang you know! we could have done with the extra moolah which was like 5 x the progess package i received and the money would have REALLY been free money!

ps - my fellow investor friend said that there is an unspoken rule where if you have special numbers, and don't buy, you should not check the results. NOW SHE TELLS ME! ... gob-blok!


what's up with cabbies?

there are nice ones. Ones that say Hi (I presume in many languages, coz they have this some insane and remote idea that service matters..those stupid fools!! haha) and talk to you casually asking about your day, and have a nice chat about things in general and give you a nice feeling.

But some of the uncle uncle ones.. aiyoh.. if they hate their lives, they have the power to do something about it what.. comeon la.. dont take it out on the passenger.. like I got nothing else to do than to take your BS..

one guy..drove fast..nevermind.. he flew over all the freaking humps like he was in extreme motorcross had a smoke and didnt think other would smell it..nevermind..another, complain about his life and problems.. HELLOO!!! YOU THINK I GOT NO PROBLEMS HUH??? @#&#*@%!!! Just got in..sit down..tell where to go..wah..start liao.. the full bio come out... wife this, children that..Another, Cannot cut here and cannot stop there...bloody hell.. I didnt know he was the taxi driver's version of a prefect.. ok...nevermind he following law strictly... another, just becoz some other punk cut into his lane, he not happy...speed up and overtake the punk and JAM BREAK!!! #$#^%!!! Passenger life not important is it.. and he was like 70 yrs old..still terror..another, talk bad about my race.. WHILE I WAS IN THE FREAKING CAB!!! You think..just laugh laugh..can talk bad about others is it?? If this was columbia or someplace nice, I would have done something about it...with lead..

so when it came to another who complained why I didnt tell him that a certain part of the road near my place was a one way..and he drove thru it and kept on harping on it..i bloody lost it..

I said what was on my I felt about his comments, his inability to read road signs and how many swear words I can manage in a minute.. and all in malay (a language I am not too familiar with!).. was a moment I tell ya..

"Calm down la.. small matter.. jagan marah la.."...

some days, we just had enough of the BS we get.. we the nice ppl tolerate.. but bloody hell..enough is enough..

*deep breath.....

ok..feeling better now..

so how is your Sunday?


04 May 2006

fear ye fear ye

my paranoia(s) will be the death of me. i have a deep rooted fear for war (or being caught in a full out bloody combat). because of this, i carry a lighter in my bag always (if you watch survivor, you'll learn that the ability to make fire is like having godlike power). i figure fire will be a better trade than trying to sell my backside (which really isn't my best side) for food. i used to also carry a phone charger till i heard that in the event of a mass casualty incident, there won't be any mobile providers nor electicity. reality bites!

in my house, i have an anal folder of all the important documents that is deemed "valuable" in case i need to run out in a hurry. i shared this fear with my colleagues, all thot me weird of course. so i shot back and asked, incase of fire, what would YOU grab. most said photos and other family memorabilia. now i'm paranoid that i'm not interested about saving my past.

my great singaporean fear is credit card roll over. i rather live on water and dry crackers and suffer the consequence of a shopping spree than roll over the amount. but wat i really think it is, is that i refuse to let the banks earn the easy money.

then there is the usual fear of being lost at sea, lizards, flying, the supernatural, etc. but my biggest BIGGEST paranoia is the fear of losing the significant other. that would truly be the death of me.

PS ... the lighter is also handy to light the "randomly occational" cigerette, burn off loose threads, light birthday candles at surprise parties, to show support during a slow rock ballad at a concert.


kamikazi wasa-beh

had japanese for lunch and ODed on wasabi
my brain is on fire ... slightly numb on the right side ... but that's fine
i just found out that i'm going to be hauled into a 4 hr meeting after lunch!
WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND calls for a 4-hr meeting after lunch!
but i digress ... the dull throb in the head will keep me awake
.... hopefully.....



03 May 2006

Shoes that Fit

er..chek chek one two... mic chek...

erhhmm...limpeh kong... ello bloggies..

end of test..