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25 October 2010

blue moon

the moon, the melancholic moon, it's manipulating me. she's parked herself in scorpio and i feel myself crashing into reflection.

is this the life i was supposed to have? is there more i want? is this how i want to be loved? do i deserve better? can i do more? am i doing what i want? can i speak my mind? am i a good person? do i want to be a good person? or do i just want to appear like a good person? is this my life or your life lived through my being?

is my life the reflection of my thoughts?

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theory of relativity part 2

hubs : you're putting on weight

me : what!

hubs : yeah, getting bigger

this upset-ed me for a few weeks then it hit me, i'm not getting fatter. HE is losing weight!! so relatively, i have become bigger.

i've since called him out on this which he agrees, nonchalantly.

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20 October 2010

bali high

this bday is all about decadence. i am going to bali with dee and our sole agenda is to space out and spa ourselves stupid.

our basic itinerary is : wake up, stuff face at breakfast, head for the beach to stone out, lunch, nap by the pool while we toast ourselves in the sun, dinner. we'll sneak in the massages somewhere/ somehow.

3 things i'm excited about
1) smothering myself with Hawaiian Tropics (... i LUURRRVVVEEE that coconut scent) and hanging out in my bikini all day.

2) 3 mornings of pigging out on the American Breakfast buffet at the hotel. can you say nuah eggs with sausage, bacon and baked beans :) hell, i'll even have my eggs in a bulls eye with the soft middle on day two and in a cheese omelette on day 3!!!

3) the possibility of actually reading a book! and i've got one too. I'm bringing along the girl with the dragon tattoo.

it's the first time we are travelling together and i just know we're going to have so much fun. dee and i are going to see who out-anals who. hahaha. place your bets now. the psycho-controlling mother of 4 or the woman who successfully took charge of a bunch of giddy after-office-hour gen-Xers (and one Y-er) at trivia night. it's a close fight people.

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14 October 2010

run, forest run ... and don't look back!

a few people around me are dieting in a frantic race to lose weight before xmas. more so to be their hawtest for the festive season and i can totally relate. just last year (and pre-baby in 2008) i was running this race with a vengeance. i ran this race twice - both times with determination to succeed and succeed i did.

many have asked what my motivation was to stay focused. well, i was in denial until i saw this photo of me at a party. arms the size of my now calves. no collar bones. double chin. the works! in my full glory, i weighed in at 82kg.
the funny thing is i remember this day so clearly. i specifically wore this tube top coz i thought i looked good in it. i actually thot the look was slimming. boy was i wrong.

well reality hit me like a ton of bricks. i knew i had to do something and i got to it. now i look like this.i still have my fat days but i now know what to do when that comes round. i think with weight management, there is only DO ... there is no try. you're either in it or not. so to all my GFs running the race, trust me, you guys are gonna look so HAWT, i may just need to slap on the sun block when i hang out with you!

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12 October 2010

hey you guise!!!

it's spelling time again and i was practising with MB.

me : how do you spell disguise

MB : d-i-s-g-u-i-s-e

me : good, now use disguise in a sentence

bu : i know this one

me : *happy at the initiative* sure baby, you make a sentence w disguise.

bu : i like playing with dees-guys