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29 November 2006

the dancing face

a friend went on a date with a guy who had what she called "a sweet cherubic face". on the dance floor, he became a pelvis thrusting demon from the darkest hell.

about 10 years ago, i watched a local play called Private Parts that introduced the term "dancing face". it's a unique facial expression that everybody has (and assumes) while on the dancefloor. it's a persona that overwhelms, a sexuality that is hidden in your core. it's your closeted alter-ego with a numb-nut need to groove. the next time you go to a club, check out the many faces on the dancefloor. i always do.

ps - and while you are at it, take a glimpse in a mirror and look at yours.

20 November 2006

the night that wouldn't end

baby bu has had a runny nose for 3 days now. angel girl, who has been on a baby-kissing marathon, caught the sniffles on friday night. in kissing her, i caught the flu then passed it to the hubs. so sunday was pretty much screwed for all of us.

monkey boy has turned out to be the victor in this sick game of pass-the-bug. to a point where i think he feels left out that he is not part of this nasal orchestra. i seem to be the loser as i have to put up with the grumpy hubs (who doesn't know if he is coming or going), baby bu who has a serious case of "manja-ni-tis" and angel girl who is the worst hit but is in medical denial.

i've been awake since 2am now nursing her. she coughs but doesn't want to cough up. now her tummy is cramped from all that controlled coughing. it's frustrating. she doesn't want to lie down anymore. i get hauled out of bed to sit with her while she watches cartoon network. we are patiently waiting for the clinic to open at 8:30. *time goes by ... so slowly*

i'm just about wasted. my tongue is so numb i'm not sure if it's in my mouth anymore. my body is aching so much, my skin feels raw. it feels like happy hour in my nose as the house pour continues to run relentlessly. and don't even get me started on the headache. sigh. whoever said "with pain comes pleasure" was definately not a mom!

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16 November 2006

buy-back eat

i'm going to paraphrase this story which a friend shared when she and her local friend took their English friend out to dinner.

seeing that the popular hawker center was full, the local women exclaimed,"aiyah no seat, let's buy-back eat." the Englishman was stumped, he asked the girls to repeat themselves coz he was unsure of their new dining plans. they repeated, "buy-back eat lah!" annoyed that their guest was unspontaneous.

he asked for clarification, and the girls explained. he then went on his English way to correct the girls about how to phrase this correctly in proper sentences. the girls listened, then in unison said, " ya lah, buy-back eat."

only in singapore do we reduce,"lets order our food and request for it packed so that we can dine at home." to simply "buy-back eat." guess to our foreign guests, this very local phrase doesn't pack any punch or for that matter, any food either.

bon appetit!

12 November 2006

the "knowing look"

what is a "knowing look" and should it be shared with just the people you know? it's like a pattern of recognition ... that is assuming we are all on the same wavelength. no point with knowing a look that nobody understands ... know what i mean.

we've all done this one time or another, i sure have. with my pals, the hubs even strangers on the train. see a young couple making out like there is no tomorrow and the rest of the commuters bond with the "knowing look". but how do you know if the look you are receiving is the same looks that people are giving? so if someone shoots a "knowing look" across the train does it mean "awwww if only i could feel passion like that again." or "WTF! get a room already"

then there is the knowing look of people who are barely dating. the look the woman gives the man that says "i'm ready, take me now" and because the man is a man, he thinks "now, now or later now?" and before you know it, we have frustration brewing. c'mon who are we trying to kid, he doesn't know.

very subtly, this is dedicated to someone who has been giving the knowing look to someone else for a year now. trust me, girltfriend, he is not getting your "knowing look". so will you quit it already and jump this guy!
*stern knowing look*

11 November 2006

a balanced diet is chocolate in both hands

watsup with the 4 o'clock sugar binge! i try so hard to distract myself but i always reach for chocolate and a cuppa every time. no need for an alarm, no need to shift my eyes to the clock .... my body knows the time and it wants it's jollies.

i remember once i brought celery sticks to work, what a disaster that turned out to be. by 4:03pm, i had hulked into psycho bitch mode! don't make me angry ... you won't like me when i'm angry. grrrr.

god knows i try! my mind says "no" but my soul says "hell yeah .... bring it!" and so i do ... i always give in.

i've even tried fixing my meetings at 4 so that i am distracted. i am proud of my genius for i've beaten the craving. then i go to the meeting and bam! there is coffee and cake sitting on the table. after a 10 minute mental debate i tuck in and only then do i finally pay attention to the meeting. as i try to pull myself together, the realisation of the debacle settles in. all hail the mighty chocolate!

PS-depending on the time of the month, sometimes it's a bar of chocolate and always with nuts.

10 November 2006

enchanted evening

while tucked in bed, i leaned over to kiss angel girl good night. then i whispered in her tiny ear that it's a magical night. in a soft voice she asked why. stroking her hair, i whispered back, coz you are going to sleep a 5-year-old and will wake up a 6-year-old. her sleepy eyes widened and sparkled at the thot. she smiled then reached out to pull me in for a hug.

NB : lately we have been reading books abt enchanted fairies and their magic and she has been in wishful awe, playing with her own imaginary magic. but this time, the magic is "real".

07 November 2006

the all new shoesthatfit

what started out as a shared blog with ivan has now shifted gears. ironically, he has become a fan of my rantings and prefers to read about my life rather than contribute to the banter.
(i'll say it again buddy, you flatter me :))

so after months of thought, i felt that in order to really pour my inhibitants, i needed a revamp. i decided to bite the shoe before it bites me. my room mate has moved out and i want to redecorate - personalise the space, this time with a hint of "venus" arising.

so here we are with fresh socks on ... starting anew.
rebirth, how timely : )

ps - yo brudder .... come back and guest star ok. i'll give you top billing.

05 November 2006


happy birthday to the people who help me sparkle. without you, life'd be boring
26 oct - baby bu
29 oct - my annoying thing
4 nov - bling, i din forget k, i was thinking abt you : )
6 nov - obsidian
8 nov - da godma
9 nov - chair-ro
10 nov - baby girl

i am a schoolgirl wearing uniform

yesterday, hubs and i went for an orientation brief at the primary school across the street. it was really a one and a half hour sales pitch to affirm the parents that we made the good decision of choosing the right school for our precious first-borns ... the principal got sooo caught up in sharing the many initiatives and programs that the session was hardly brief!. like celine deon, he went on and on. you'd think the number of kids making a break for the toilet or the disinterested parents talking amongst themselves would have been a nudge enough. guess the principal forgot that his audience didn't need convincing. most of us were product of successful balloting.

then we went to the classrooms to meet the form teacher. i was torn in wishing for a young and dynamic teacher with fresh out of the box ideas and the older more experienced teacher who is understanding, nurturing and maternal. we got the stereo-type civil servant instead. the kind who picked us out from all the parents to fill out a form, but when told that we had filled the same form twice before at the school (on different occasions) said "i dunno, the admin office said you have to." sigh ... must be their special program to engage the parents in school activities. next year is going to be interesting.

we moved from the classroom to the tuckshop where we bought schoolbooks and uniforms. what a scam that was. there was a compulsory list and an optional which was pitched as "these books are optional but the teachers will be making reference to them in your child's course of work all year."

the whole experience aside, this was momentus for me. baby girl is not a baby anymore.