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29 January 2007

short cut

i finally did it. i lobbed off my hair. feel light headed and giddy with excitement. weight off my shoulders. it's a short cut.

at first i was worried that the cut would make me look round, but i seem to be holding my own. maybe i'm in denial.
who cares : )

ps : isn't this pic the cutest. it's an idiom drawn by a kid to explain short cut.

28 January 2007

horny season

my girlfriend, and mother of 2, has proclaimed it horny season! she's just pushing her luck for number 3. hee.

when you have 3, there are only 2 seasons ... awake followed closely with asleep - where awake usually lasts longer than the latter. never before has "the mind is willing but the flesh is weak" ever been so true.

there is no time to get horny. when you have 3, everything is living for the moment. i've got a friend who can't do-it unless she is wearing a nightie, with the lights low and rose petals scattered on the bed. i say, forget the ba-da-bing and the ba-da-bang ... just go for the ba-da-boom. i may not be a romantic but i'm passionate (about everything i do ... even sleep). hey, i've managed to make 3 didn't I!

good luck with horny season!

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26 January 2007

inner demons

everybody has inner demons. when you stop fighting, you either succumb to the same side or you tame them.

i prefer to know my demons and overcome them. be prepared to be beaten up and smacked around, then rise above it. with every demon you overcome, a bigger one threatens. but at least you are more confident to manage it as the cycle repeats itself.

your inner demons are gonna be there for always. deal with it woman, and stop complaining about self worth or self pity. stop being the victim.

spreading your self thin. HAH!


24 January 2007

pieces of me

new year, new beginning, new life, new diet and hopefully new body. yeah right! not if nutella is still on the shelves! i swear it is the devil's fruit. just call me eve.

my son learnt a new word. habbadat. i said, you can either have 5 grapes or 3 chips. he said, you give me 6 grapes and 2 chips .... habbadat. How-about-that for negotiation.

i moved into my new cube today. it actually has 4 walls! bigger space too but I'm going to miss the company of crazy chicks at the open cube area. i honestly do think i will get more work done in my new space (with less distractions). may even file my stuff that have been kept in clear folders since 2002!

the only diff between my old executive desk and my new manager desk is the extra chair next to my table. before i could tell my colleagues to eff off whenever i felt like it. now .... i have to listen and help no matter what. but you know what, i kinda like it. guess the dr is in.

my son always complains abt my daughter. he's a whiner. the other day, the boys were being monkeys in the cab. angel girl started chuckling at them. my son whines ... look at her, she's a boy-laugher-er.

every morning, monkey boy and i walk to my office to take the free shuttle to school. along the way, we usually bump into the same people and politely exchange pleasantries. 2 days ago, a neighbour said hi and my son totally ignored her. after she walked past, i asked him why he was so rude. he said, i don't talk to fat people. what do you mean?, i said completely shocked with his attitude. he said, she's too fat. i was dumbfounded. i said, one day, you will be fat too. with conviction and sternness in his voice, he said i will NEVER be fat. if i am fat, you and dada can burst my tum tum. i'm still upset with this prejudice but impressed with the determination. later, i asked him if i am fat. he said i wasn't ... phew ... but at the rate i have been tucking into the nutella ... god help me!

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15 January 2007

sick and you will find ....

...... that you can never get enuf rest. this has been a crummy start to a new year for me. the moment the earth started spinning into 2007, i have been ill to this day. last week it was the flu which came to a head when i fever-ed at 38.4 degrees. feeling hot-hot-hot ... not! was sent home from the office and spent the rest of the day in bed nursing the familiar aching body that comes with the territory.

then for some strange reason, it morphed into a viral diarrhea which saw me taking sick leave today as well. i feel sick to bone. so hard to peel myself off the bed. the head is warping, the gut hurts.

man, i've been crazy sick. it's not funny anymore. : (

09 January 2007

i got laid 7 times and one other short story

i got laid 7 times in hawaii, my friend excitedly told me. i've heard of hawaii-5-O but 7 times ... most are lucky to experience the big O one time! damn i wish i was single again!

WITH WHOM AND WAS IT GOOD i shouted. she looked at me crooked as i pleaded for the juicy details. NO NO i got lei-ed 7 times!

not sure who is the greater loser .. the 34-year-old who got excited abt being lei-ed or the 35 year-old acting like an 18-year-old horn bucket needing to know about her friends' pornographic lifestyle.

(disclaimer : my friend does not have a pornographic lifestyle although she sure as hell wishes she had!)


i pulled my son close coz i wanted to have a conversation with him. he motioned close then said in all seriousness, "wait, i've got to jump first."

he jumped on the spot for a good 6 mins, grinning from ear to ear. then as quickly as he began, he stopped short and sat on my lap for the convee.