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10 December 2008

your mudder rusty

hubs and i usually walk the boys to their school bus at the hospital everyday. but today, his boss was going to pick him up and en route, drop the boys at school.

bu is really sticky with me so when i was about to leave for the office, he started to cling on to my leg, not letting go. so to entice him, i said ...

me : today dada is going to take you to school
bu : take me school?
me : yes, in a fast car
bu : a fast car?
me : yes, in a maserati
bu : your mudder rusty?
hubs : yes your mother is rusty ....
MB : Woo HOO maserati!!
bu : whoo hoo! your mudder rusty!!

and so, i left for work.


07 December 2008

mr sandman, bring me a dream

i'm not a dreamer. i go to sleep every night and i wake in the morning, fresh. it's like my whole being shuts down and i remember nothing. i like not dreaming.

hubs dreams every night and he tells me that every day, he wakes not rested. well i guess coz the brain and the senses have gone into overdrive the whole night. but he won't have it any other way. he loves dreaming.

AG is just like him. she dreams every night. in fact, she lives to dream. every morning she wakes to tell me about her adventures with superheroes and jedi(s) and cartoon characters etc... she once said that every dream she has is more exciting than the night before.

the only time i dream, is when i'm pregnant. i think it's the sperm inside that conjures up images in my sleep. but i digress ....

me : hey babes, i dreamt last night
AG : REALLY!! me too. ok, you first.
me : i dreamt that i was looking for a new job at a furniture shop - like a philippe starck type of shop. one that sells interesting pieces, i explained. and the job would be for me to convince people why they need that piece to make their house look nice.
AG : *face numb in disbelief* ... that's a good try ... mom ... a bit boring ... but a good try.

earlier this year, i became facinated with the idea of sex with an older man. to a point where i can't wait for hubs to age coz i think it can only get better with experience.

then the other night, i dreamt it. sex with an older man (not hubs, just someone faceless). but i just could not go thru with it. not because he wasn't sexy ... coz faceless people can be mysteriously sexy (oh, you've got to be scorp to get that). but because i was just overwhelmed by that "old people smell". you know, the one grandma has.

ooooooh what a turn-off. well there goes that fantasy right down the drain.

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06 December 2008

love is lemon sherbet

the woman giveth, then the woman taketh away. but it wasn't her fault. unbeknownst to her, i would crave the same delicious poison that she served and titilated my palate with last night. she hadn't an inkling that i would crave the tangy lemon sherbet which she shared from her own personal stash, to satiate my appetite after a sinful dinner.

but the love is strong in another (not that the love isn't strong with the first) i am grateful for the other as she is, as i type this, making a detour to pick a carton of lemon sherbet coz i am craving for it.

what will i do without girlfriends! they keep my mood swings in check and my being satisfied.

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05 December 2008

i feel a bacon'ing

i haven't had bacon in eons and i feel the crave coming on. but the kid doesn't like fried food so i don't really know how i'm going to work around this. i thought of doing a cream sauce and putting the bacon in it (like a carbonara) but the cream won't stand a chance. also, for some strange anal reason, i can't help but think how fattening CARBOnara is. i know, it's psychological but since the diet, my head has been seriously screwed with. just the thought of it makes me feel so "jelak".

anyways, i found this bacon website and got excited. so we'll see, i'm still not into cooking and i dunno how the smell of bacon sizzling in the pan is going to affect me. but damn the bacon looks good.

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having a leg up

found this draft that i was working on some months ago ... then got distracted.
the colleagues and i went for a walk recently and decided to do some cam whoring while we were at it. why not? we had our short shorts on and our legs were glistening with sweat.

but what is most exciting abt this pic is that my thighs (in those trendy purple shorts) appear about the same size as my much younger friends here.
those were my october thighs. don't ask about what they look like now in december :)

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04 December 2008

the countdown has begun

hubs and i went for our scan recently and were absolutely floored when the image came on. we were expecting to see this bean like figure but what we saw was a fully developed baby!

so it turns out that we're farther along than we thot we were. 10 weeks to be exact. i'm due on 1 july 2009. cancerian.

the baby is controlling what i eat. does not like chicken or fried food. and it hates milk. ooooh man does it hate milk! and it seems to not like dinner too. i get to stuff my face from the time i wake till 5pm. then everything that goes in after 5pm, comes out. ermmmmm, unless it's fruit. fruit stays in.

footnote : it annoys hubs that i keep reffing that WE are pregnant coz he feels like all he's done is lock, load, aim and shoot. but i insist on using WE coz he has to put up with my mood swings, and nausea, and mood swings, and satisfy my cravings and did i mention mood swings.



i admit ... i've been totally slack lately. busy lah. so many things happening and yet nothing. i've made mental notes of stuff i want to write about but then i've also had absolutely no will to want to make a blog entry. the mind really is willing, but the flesh is just tooo distracted.

yes, the eurasian slacker in me is rearing it's lazy head. .... but but .... it's in my blood what.