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29 September 2008

working from home

bu was ill today and i had to work from home. except for the wonky wireless that kept slipping in and out, i totally enjoyed working from base. the best part was being able to sit in my comfies with my feet up and with the tv on.

aside from my cranky baby who needed me when he was awake, i had a good time . maybe i should seriously look to see what i can do from home. i could seriously get used to this.

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bangers and beans

the crave is on! i'm feeling the heat for sausages. pork, beef, chicken ... italian, english, german. oh it doesn't matter. i miss them all. how yummy do these look!there is something about bangers and beans that are just made for each other. and i tell you i'm one of those weird ones who eats baked beans with everything - even out of a can. i'd take a can of heinz to a bbq. that's how serious i feel abt my beans. i feel the same way with tobasco sauce, but that's a different blog altogether.these beans on mash on toast is getting me mighty excited!i really mean i miss sausages k. hubs is back ... so i'm otherwise satisfied :P


23 September 2008

that 70's kid is shnizzalistic

took me a freaking hour to get dressed today. everything i put on came right off. nothing fit. i really don't want to shop yet so i've been looning the temptation. what i have done recently is taken in the waist and hips of some of my pants to fit me better. but you know, that means all my pants have now become palazzo cut.

so i could do one of two things, either somehow try to convince the fashion powers-that-be that baggy pants are the new skinny pants or i seriously need to learn how to flip my hair ala farrah fawcet.

oh ... oh ... there is another. i could wear my pants hip-hop style... hmmmyo yo.. if only i had some fizzle to shnizzel ...peace out homey


22 September 2008

hari raya special

and so as the raya season approaches, i have narrowed down my cravings to lontong lah babe. heavy on the serondeng please. eh-eh ... sedaaaaap


when will we learn

hubs flew off to china this morning. as a couple, this weekend was just not the best for us. i was (am) PMS-ing so i'm all short-tempered and i wasn't about to keep my mouth shut. so we slashed each other with one-liners, each time eloquently aiming for the jugular but always trying to be amicable-ish. last night it got to a head. and we both went to sleep upset.

this morning, we let out a string of i love yous and hugged. both of us knowing that we really needed to do a quick make-up coz he was leaving. we do this to us all the time. our stupid scorp egos get in the way coz we always need to win arguments so there is never a settlement. it's like those choose your own adventure story books when we were kids. we both start of with the same topic but we both end on different tangents coz we have our own opinions.

now he's in china and i feel upset. friday can't come soon enuf. *pout*


21 September 2008

my precious

we took the kids to busy orchard road today to see the F1 cars on display. first stop was Tangs to see the renault car - it was displayed in front of the Marriot Hotel. i was holding bu's hand and let it go for a split second as i turned to get the attention of the older boy. when i turned back, baby was gone. i signaled to hubs and he took a few steps back to scan the area. then i saw the panic in his face and i knew he couldn't see the little one.

my heart started to race. i grabbed my other two kids and started to look for baby. but they were holding me back. i told them to stay put near some chairs while hubs and i looked for the kid. hubs was racing back and forth. so was i. the crowd made it so challenging. my adrenalin was pumping off the charts. the only thought in my head was,"jesus, please protect my baby." i must have said this over and over.

finally, i heard his tiny quivering voice "mummy" ... i turned in a flash and there was a lady carrying him as he pointed at me. she came up to me and bu jumped out of her arms into mine. she shared that he had wandered off to the other side of the building, close to lucky plaza. the lady said she saw him walking by himself and crying. so she picked him up to look for his parents. i hugged this lady tight for bringing bu back to me coz i was about to go out of my mind. my eyes got all watery and as she saw the emotional reunion she started to cry too. i kept thanking and thanking her. i was just so overwhelmed.

his face was wet with tears. his body was limp and tired. he clung to my neck and said "i love you mummy." and i nuzzled into his soft curly hair and said "i love you too baby." and we just held the moment for a while. then i quickly brought him back to base so that hubs could find relief too.

all this happened in a span of about 15 minutes. but i swear it felt like hours. so many thoughts were filling my head. permutations of "what if's" mostly. i kept thinking to myself that i let go for ONLY a second. it all happened so fast. and i felt incredibly guilty for it.

i dunno what i'll do if i ever lost my bu. my precious baby bu.


18 September 2008

why, oh pie!

i'm in the mood for some chicken pie. non of that flakey pastry sort. but that baked butter and flour type. where the pie filling is stew-esque, like xmas pie. my fave way of enjoying chicken pie is with a huge dollop of ketchup on the side. there is no compromise to this rule.

dee makes the best, she puts extra crust and throws in quails eggs. i could eat this for days. and i usually do, all 12 days of xmas if nobody stops me! this year will be different, but i don't think i'm giving up my pie.


17 September 2008

feeling waisted

and so, by popular demand, this is what my mid-section looks like. i had to buy new pants yesterday coz the crotch of my size 16 pants were hanging half way down my thigh.

so i packed my big clothes and i went to esprit to get these snazzy hipsters. i've never been able to fit into their bottoms, post babies, and now i can *glee grin*this one is pseudo frontal. it's an awkward position. again, i took these shots discreetly in the office. don't tell boss that this is what i REALLY do in my cube!this is me clenching my ass for that jlo look. hahahaha


16 September 2008

thai that binds

i'm beginning to see a pattern here. when the hormones are at rage, i start craving comfort food.

today i'm craving for tom yam hor fun and curried soft shelled crab, both from thai express.oooh, the hor fun is so silky and soaked in thick tom yam sauce. i can almost taste the hot and sour tang as i type this. not forgetting the generous fresh and plump seafood portion.and thick and textured seafood curry generously poured over cripsy soft shelled crab. eaten with hot fragrant white rice and sliced raw onions


14 September 2008

the way i was

ok, so this is my before pic - courtesy of dee who likes to catch me goofing off.

ignore the cleavage that goes up to the neck. that's just some freak photography outcome. coz we all know i ain't got that much tatas.

focus instead on the size of my forearms. i'll get dg to photog me in the same pose so that you can see the difference. but it will have to be next week or something cos she didn't bring her camera. that woman teases me so.


13 September 2008

baring my soul

hubs and i discussed my last entry. he said that with those 2 photos, i have lost the mystery and anonymity of this blog which i have been protecting for 2ish years. he said now that you have seen my eyes, you’ve taken a peek at my soul. i'm para-phrasing but that what he meant.

i reasoned that i took all into consideration before posting:
1) i thot abt compromising my anonymity
2) i didn't use full-on face shots : face is half cut off in both pics and i used hair to strategically cover my face (some what).
3) besides, how else was i going to show my collar bone AND the no-double-chin.

but all that said, he's my biggest fan/ supporter and i take his critique very seriously. i thot of cropping the pix to remove the eyes, but if i did that, i think it would have taken away the essence of my glee with the effort and results i've made. because the eyes say sooo much.

so ... i think i'm ready. you guys have been reading my thots and experiences, it's abt time you get to know my soul. i don't think i'm ready for full-on face shots and may be i never will. we'll just have to wait and see.


12 September 2008

hello stranger

welllll .... hello stranger! long time no see!

everybody, come say hi to my old pal Collar Bone.

boy it sure has been a while huh! where have you been?

so quiet, almost forgot that you were there.

now that you are back, stick around for bit ok.

i miss you :)

ooohh... btw, check it out ... no more double chin!!!


10 September 2008

the dreaded plateau

i seem to have hit a plateau. no movement in the weight but for some reason, there is still inch loss all over.

the plateau is real demoralising and frustating. heck, it's a huge mind f*ck. mind over matter ... mind over matter! just got to ride it out.


09 September 2008

what's in a name, with which we call a rose?

a rose by any other name would smell as sweet : )

hubs sent me roses on monday. 36 roses to be exact, of which 7 were blood red - my favourite - the others were white and pink. believe you me, the bouquet was huge! all i could say was "WAH! how am i going to lug this back to the office without attracting too much attention!"

there was no hiding lah. everybody asked me abt the roses. all in awesome wonder, some let out a high pitched "awwwww", others were lamenting how their partners do not give them flowers anymore. all this while, i was grinning like an idiot.

hubs said that there is cryptic symbolism to the gift - 36 roses coz that's his age. 7 red ones for every year we have been married. means what ... you must be thinking ... means i've brought him the best years of his life.

all together now .... AAAAWWWwwwwwww. love you babes.PS : this is only half of the bouquet ... erm maybe this is a small pic.


07 September 2008

7 years etched

happy anniversary babes. you've given me 7 years of all-terrain lovin'. i could have asked for a smoother ride, but where's the fun and adventure in that.

how about this year, we take it down a gear and stop screwing with each other's scorpio heads ... nah :)

ps - so why am i blogging on my anniversary instead of heating up the bedroom? COZ babes is at an over night set-up at the shangri-la. wtf right? sigh.


03 September 2008

rolling with it

i'm one month into the diet and 10kg lighter. to quote irene cara,"WHAT A FEELING!".

but it's the little pleasures that put a smile on my face. last week, for church, i wore a corduroy skirt and tucked my shirt. (and that is just half my joy ... the fact that i'm tucking my shirts) we went for lunch at mac-ers coz the kids were behaving. i finished my salad fast and was sipping my coffee as the kids wolfed down their burgers and fries.

so there i was leaning back in the chair when i looked down at myself and saw the top button of the skirt. i smiled coz for years, whenever i looked down, all i saw was a roll of fat. now, i actually see the skirt. it was amazing! i started to touch my mid-section (as tho in disbelief) then i grinned again.

POSTNOTE : this entry was a "crave of the day" in disguise. those rolls would have completed my hot cup of coffee if you know where i'm going with this.

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