Shoes That Fit

if the shoe fits ... come back for more!

27 August 2008

before sunrise

got tricked into watching a chick flick today. if you know me, i'd rather chew off my elbow than waste time on a chick flick. truth be told i was sucked and suckered into the story. effortless and honest dialogue. so engaging. and of course ethan hawke who i feel does extremely well in indie movies.

the movie brought me back to the time when hubs and i just started our relationship. time was so so precious. we wanted to communicate all the time. we wanted to talk, we wanted to touch, we wanted to linger in silence.

when we met in the evenings, we savoured every moment and we tried our darnest to make every experience special, we made sure of it! we'd hang out till 4 or 5 am and sometimes just crashing from sheer tiredness yet not wanting to let go or say goodbye. sweet sorrow, parting is.

i can really relate to this movie. and i'm glad i watched it.


23 August 2008

holy water

and so the cute baby son looks down in his cup and starts to count the ice-cubes.

then he yells excitedly "look mummy, jesus in my drink!" grinning ear to ear and completely pleased with himself.

i peer in and see that he has picked the cross-shaped ice that we've made. the ones made from the rubber ikea ice moulders.


22 August 2008

bringing sexy bak

today's crave of the day is sio bak.

picture this .... the firm top fat roasted to a bubbling crisp, the second layer of fat silken soft and melting in your mouth. the third layer is the moist pork belly meat and finally the salty bit at the end. a montage of textures and tastes in a sliver of meat. damn!

and while i'm at it. i'm missing wan ton mee too. noodles meticulously done el dante with lots of red chilli paste, for flavour. tender char siew slices, the token veg and the plump wan tons in the soup.

sometimes .... with a hint of sliced green chilli laced with vinegar to whet the appetite.


21 August 2008

where's the milk

today's crave of the day is meusli with chocolate milk. i miss the texture of this yummy breakfast. and the fun i have twisting and contorting my tongue to dislodge a stray flake that's stuck at the back between the teeth. then once it's free, playing with it with the front of my teeth and crushing it into the tinest bits (as i do with sesame seeds ... but that's a different pleasure).

the milk needs to be cold tho. else, it's just not worth the effort.


20 August 2008

me and my spare tire

i've had a long relationship with my spare tire and now i'm almost sad to see it go. but secretly i'm elated. suddenly when i look down, i can see my navel, a friend i haven't seen in years.

it's far from washboard and a little squishy but that midsection is almost gone. the battle now is to get rid of the lower bulge ... my arch nemesis!

the great thing is that i can now "suck it in". man oh man! i can't remember the last time i was able to "suck it in". i thot i had to resign to "letting it all hang out" till kingdom come.

ahhhh .... life's little pleasures : )


can you say MMmmmmm

i miss eating bananas. today's crave of the day is chocolate coated bananas. MMmmmmm ....

ps ... bananas really shouldn't be arranged standing up in it's phallic glory like that. but damn they look good!


19 August 2008

shoik lah

i'm going to start a "crave of the day" entry cyle. since being on the diet i've craved so much. but it's all good. i can wait for the good stuff.

today's crave of the day is nasi lemak. soft coconut rice with a bullseye that is nuah in the eye. and the crunchy kachang and with the so sedap sambal. oooooh shoik!



who am i trying to kid? up keeping 2 blogs! i don't even have enuf time to write in one blog! ok here we go again, switching over. this is it. the mothership has landed.

here's the quick update in case you haven't taken a peek at the other blogsite. i'm on a diet that is going absolutely fantastic. the dr.cohen's diet. i've got 3 girlfriends on it too and it's great coz we get to support and bitch to each other about the diet. hahahaha. and the food ... OMG ... it's yummy and so much and so so healthy. i'm on a high all the time.

my boss looked at me today and said,"i know why this diet is working for you. you are so competitive that it's become a personal challenge to "WIN"." i cannot agree with her more. i started this on 4 aug and now 2.5 weeks down, i've lost 7.6kg and 3 inches all over.

i haven't felt better in years! for the first time since i had AG, i don't think i look preggers anymore. that whole middle tyre of blob is gone. hallelujah!!