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29 May 2009

sleeping with mummy

hubs : why do you keep coming to our bed at night?

bu : coz i want to sleep with mummy.

hubs : i want to sleep with mummy too!

bu : why do YOU want to sleep with mummy?

hubs : well i married mummy ...

bu : yeah ... girls get married and boys vomit ...

hubs : now isn't that a fact of life!


27 May 2009


me : so what did the kids have for dinner yesterday

mom : hot dogs

me : did you use the big fat sausages?

mom : yeah

me : how many did AG have?

mom : 2

me : what? those are big sausages, as an adult, i can only manage one.

mom : i know it's big, but it shrinks what.

me : mmmm-ooooo-mmmmmmm!


26 May 2009

space invaders

space .... the final frontier ... something hubs and i hold very close to our hearts.

we love our space. individual space. and our together space. namely our bed space.

for the past 4 months, bu has been invading our bed every night. much to hubs annoyance, coz he gets bumped out most times. it's become a habit almost.

but what can i say, it's his fault for flying so much. after all, i need a man to give me my daily cuddles.

bu may be small, but he sure has lots of lovin' to give!


25 May 2009

the name game

naming a girl is really not as easy as naming a boy. i remember, AG was nameless for a good 2 months before we decided on her name. she was the first so we needed to set the right ring to it. can't be too bimbo, nothing too common. needs to be a strong name but feminine and soft enuf. yes, choosing a girls name is a hormonal journey on its own.

with the boys. it was as tho we had their names in our back pockets all the time. it was so simple!

but are we panicking ... nooooo. we'll just have to look at her face and hopefully it will come to us. hopefully.

what ... what did you say? you want to help? sure thing, here are the criterion?
1) 2 syllables
2) english or celtic first names
3) androgynous if possible
4) saint-ish second name
5) preferably starting with an I or M (coz i already have a J, K and L)

good luck!

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setting phasers to stun ... and other nerdball conversations

mom's in bangkok now, celebrating her bday. it's possibly the last holiday i pay for her before the baby and new house comes. anyways, last night, i was experiencing major contractions. i swear i thought i was going to give birth!

me : so what happens if my water breaks tonight. who's going to look after the kids?
hubs : we'll leave AG in charge.
me : noooo, she's not going to be in charge.
hubs : look you can decide on anything you want, but i'm leaving her incharge.
me : don't be an ass ....
hubs : so rude!

how this man expected me to give birth in peace with the thought of my 9 year-old holding fort is beyond me.

so what do i do, i sms my child-phobic gay friend to be on standby.

me : i don't mean to scare you, but if i go into labour tonight, can you come over to look after the kids?
DG : eh ok. why do you say you are going into labour tonight?
me : she's hanging real low and i'm mondo uncomfortable. Also i've got contractions ... tho not consistent enuf ... yet.
DG : oh ok ... the kids got school tomorrow?
me : yes, but if i do go into labour, just leave them at home.
DG : but i've got an 8am meeting. need side kick help ... dee? obsidian?
me : lets not panic first ok. we cross our fingers and toes.
DG : ok will standby panic button. phasers set to stun
me : and scotty better be able to beam you here pronto! thanks babes!

now in hindsight, i wonder if hubs was right to want to leave the fort with my 9 year-old and whether i should have engaged the retro meeting-maker still stuck in a time warp. either way, thanks DG for being game : ) i dunno about you, but i slept peacefully.

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just like riding a bike

i reached a point where i was embarrassed to even view my blog yet alone log on to it. i knew i'd take to it easily, like riding a bike, but i was just disheartened to even try.

it's been so long. i dare say, it's been a whole tri-mester! yes, i'm still preggers but i'm also at the tail end of my journey. 4 weeks and counting. i'll share about this soon.

well, what can i say, here i am, with my helmet strapped on and training wheels in tact. hoping that the flow returns. i am optimistic tho : )