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31 January 2011

marv - my silver surfing man of steel

you've been wondering why i've not been blogging? hubs took the lappy to work and then we had none. i had gotten so dependent on his apple laptop that when he took it away, i had major withdrawals. reminded me of how, when we were dating, he'd hold out so that i'd come back for (and want) more. 10 years on and i'm still falling for his shenanigans. dammit.

the teasing stops here. i've since decided to treat myself to a new machine. i've been thinking abt buying a mac for about 2.5 years now, remember. but i hung on to pc and refused to convert. then the iphone was thrusted at me and slowly, he seduced me with his many apple gadgets. so at the recent sale, i bought my very own macbook pro.

meet marv. he's my new bff.
*see my fat fingers that don't help w the tiny keyboard on the iphone* be afraid ... be very afraid.

why marv? well he's silver and i mostly surf with him.
silver surfer = marvel = marv

hubs thinks "marv" sounds gay . well too bad, i like it. wait till he hears that i'm looking to buy marv a purple shell!! rainbow connection people. yo!

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birds of a feather

has angry birds taken over your life? well it has mine but more so the kids. they live and breathe ravio.

needless to say, one afternoon when i asked them to go outside to play, this is what i was greeted to. i just had to grab the camera.

hmmm ... what shall we play?

i'll be the yellow bird and you guys are the pigs. say oink!