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19 September 2007

about face

saving face .1
HOW TO SAVE MONEY LIDDAT! this is the MAC xmas collection (holiday collection).
(... my bad, i dunno how to add links. aiyah, quit complaining. just open a new window and cut and paste lah.)

all sooo nice and pretty. see how cute and nenek the packaging is. i'm in so much trouble! it's crackers and water till it hits the stores. at least i'll look glamorous *snap*

just registered on facebook which is why i have been distracted from blogger for weeks. it's very addictive. i was neither into friendster nor myspace. a friend and i were talking abt joining FB coz it's a more "mature" platform. it's a sad excuse but true.

saving face .2
T has been trying to get me to buy a new clarins product that is supposed to lift the eye area and the complementing product that lifts the face. the face-lift is supposed to also get rid of the dreaded double-chin *cue dramatic music*

so very enticing but how to spend when i'm saving for make-up (see above). aiyoh!

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17 September 2007

iron maiden

hubs loves me ... i know he really does. this is why he washed 3 loads of clothes when he was on leave last week.

when i came home, he announced his efforts and i was impressed. 3 days later, i decided to fold the laundry and what did i find at the bottom of the pile? all the good work clothes squished-up and wrinkled. fumes gushed out of my ears! even the non-crushable stuff were crushed! dammit! that's a shit-load of ironing to do ... and we all know how much i absolutely LURVE ironing right?!

i sms-ed him to vent my pissed-off-ness. he offered to iron for me. i refused - i rather do it myself coz i didn't want to risk further damage.

15 mins later, i was over it. we're all good again ... actually i'm pleased he took the initiative, but not so im-pressed anymore :P

found this picture on google. must have been some bored housewife's idea. too chippendale's-ish for my taste.

now if only they'd do one with WM on it! that's what i'm talking about! Woo Hoo! no more bitching abt ironing!


14 September 2007

point blank

i'm feeling very not-shy and thick-skinned this year. my birthday is coming and i want tangs vouchers. that's right, i'm just getting straight to the point. no hinting.

not because i don't want to be amused by your pressies - it's always fun to see what friends think i want/ need. we are all guilty of pressie mis-adventures right. dun worry, most times you guys are spot on : )

this year, as if you couldn't tell, i am obsessing abt make-up. it's an invasion! MAC has taken over my being and my wishlist is growing as i type. plus the most sought after xmas collection is coming up and i need help.

so ..... help me ... to help me ... i am unbiased. i do not judge. any amount also can.

there, didn't i just make it easy for you? :P


11 September 2007

more than meets the eye

we were having lunch in Holland V. As usual, the kids finished first and started to play at the pavement near the roadside.

suddenly the roar of an orange lamborghini thundered and grabbed all their attention as it pulled up to park right in front of them. MB has never seen a lambo before and was completely mesmorised. he stood there for 15 minutes not moving, eyes wide open, mouth gaping.

me : MB what are you looking at?

MB : this beautiful carrrrrr *trails off*

me : what are you waiting for?

MB : for it to change into a transformer.


06 September 2007

all grown up

MB : mummy i don't want to wear that green t-shirt to school anymore ok.

me : why?

MB : it's too big and long

me : ..... and you felt uncomfortable?

MB : yes. don't let me wear it until it grows up and fits me properly ok.

me : ok honey.


back in black

i'm pms-ing which means it's chocolate season which means my black clothes are all i'm looking at which means (all of a sudden) i feel that i do not have enuf black clothes. it ain't easy being me.

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rub a dub dub with da hub

guess what people! i get a second chance!!

hubs just won vouchers for a stay at the fancy le meridien KL.
cheh bah lah babes! phee wheet! i bet THEY have a bathtub! finally i get to soak and wrinkle up.

ANDDDD and .... i get to overdose on nuah egg once more! and that is QUALITY nuah egg mind you. not the hard scrabbled kind i ate and made do with at the local hotel.

sigh : ) ..... life is sweet again.

so people who helped out with the kids .... we need a re-run. last week was just practice : )

now if only we can schedule this in our busy diary.


04 September 2007

he says, she says

heard at a conference
"i'll try to keep the session funny and dramatic. the parts where you do not laugh, is the drama."

heard at home
"mummy, everytime you shout at me, my penis gets scared and i need to pee."

.... in the same night, the same person said ..
"i'm going to draw you a car-truck-aeroplane-shark with windows so that the people can wave outside."

heard over the phone (when talking to grandma)
"you're busy and tired. *laughs* that's the curse of motherhood"

heard at a funeral (as i was whining abt the being busy and tired)
"it's liddat. 3 kids is liddat. and don't think it will get any better as they grow up. the pain never goes away."

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just the 2 of us

this pic is the holiday i wanted but couldn't afford - the time or money. so we settled for a couple of days in a local hotel instead.

we took the special weekend package - coz they had one. the first thing i did when i got to the room was run into the bathroom to check out the tub ... which was non-exsistent. it was a standing shower. dammit.

anyways, i think hubs and i are just not used to having ONLY each other in each other's faces that we got onto each other's nerves just an hour into checking in. we had a fight, there were tears (then we went for a couple massage) and went right back into intense conversation. in short, there was drama and there was make-up sex. and it was all good.

we managed the next day better. he took in a movie, meanwhile i had some retail therapy and a footsie. we met back for a nap then he went for soccer while i had other night plans. we met back again later. like i said in an earlier blog, we appreciate our space - couple space and individual space and the weekend gave us both.

on sunday, we were happy to get back to the kids but sad that the weekend was over. i could have done with another day of nuah-ness. another day of overdosing on bacon and eggs, another day of sleeping-in and napping whenever i felt like it. another day of becoming one with the hotel robe.

* i later found that the hotel's weekend package is for non-tub rooms! so stupid. who will take on the package except creative couples in heat! of course practical hubs said that they probably did not want to get multiple suits from horny couples slipping and falling and hurting themselves.