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21 November 2009

the tribe

as the monkey *in the lion king* took the cub from mufasa and raised simba into the sky, here is my new cub

she is the cutest little grouchy smurf. all 6.7kg of her!

but when she DOES smile, she's an angel

and now for her solo

oh what the heck, here is the tribe



exam season for angel girl just went by. in order for me to coach her, when i came home from work, i told the boys that they could play computer games in the room. so for many days, i'd come home to this same played out scene :

me : hi MB

the voice coming out of the back of MB's head : yo, mom!

bu : MMMoooommmmMMMMMM! MB is not letting me play the compuuuuuter!

me : MB, let your brother play the computer!

MB : not funny! IT IS NOT FUNNY!


word of the day

i was in a focus group session today and an elderly lady pleaded for patience as she shared her opinions because she is an octogenarian. as it was a hospital focus group session, i thought it was her condition. then the facilitator said, "well you look really good for an octogenarian" which then got me thinking.

so if she is an octogenarian, does that make me a trigenarian? and why isn't there such a word? why is there a quadragenarian? and what other 'genarians are there?

POST NOTE : god bless google. i've found this reference by decade. which references this site. interesting (to me) that these are medical terms. personally, i think sexagenarian sounds like something else altogether. like an old nympho .... and at 60, she most probably is.

but i digress, looks like i'm a tricenarian :)


china bathhouse *tho the pic is really japanese ... shhhh*

wondering why i haven't been blogging? truth is i have no time. REALLY. 4 kids + hubs not in singapore for a month + mom staying with me FOR A MONTH + i've got a 8:30 - 7pm job + i wake at 5:00am only to sleep at midnight + i wake up everynight to feed the baby twice (once at 2am and again at 5am) and i haven't had my jollies in a while so i've been grumpy .... hmmmm, i really should work blogging into my schedule.

and i have. yes this blogger is a trooper. a SUPER TROOPER .... *resisting the urge to break out in song*.

so hubs is on a tour of countries for a series of events. he left on 8 nov for mumbai,india then phuket,thailand then tokyo,japan then seoul,korea NOW in beijing,china *home for 3 days next week... what a bloody tease* then kuala lumpur, malaysia and lastly sydney, australia. PHEW! officially back on 6 dec.

bu has been missing hubs and today he asked if we could call him. so i texted him to see if it's ok for me to call. he said yeah and so we did.

bu : dada, where are you?

hubs : beijing china

bu : what? bathing in china!

hubs : nooooo, i'm in china

*blah, blah .... i miss you, come back soon .... and they hang up* i look at him and the boy has his palms cupping his little scrunged up face with furrowed brows. so i ask ..

me : what's wrong bu?

bu : i just don't understand why dada has to take a bath in china. we have a bathroom too. can't he bath here!

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the rainbow connection

bu : mummy, are you and DG best friends or is she your girlfriend.

me : she's my GIRL friend (replying coyly)

bu : eeeiiiwwwwww

me : why eeeiiiwwww?

bu : she doesn't look good in your lipstick *then he made kissy noises*

(the boy is 4 for crying out loud! how he managed to make this connection is beyond me)