Shoes That Fit

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04 July 2009


i've finally come unplugged this morning. and the bag is leaking. best news i've heard all week!

i'm just waiting for the contractions to kick in before we go to the hospital. baby is annoying the hubs. he wants to play his weekly soccer at 4pm and is hoping that things speed up before then. already in the womb she is dictating his life, wrapping him him around her little pinkie. hahaha.

oooh, the first contraction just started. not strong enuf, just the garden variety pulses. i'll post pics when i can.


03 July 2009

thumb twiddling

and so i sit here ... 3 days after my due date ... just waiting for something to happen. and nothing is.

i get killer contractions at night and lately in the day too. hubs is on constant stand-by. i've cried wolf so many times, he's not taking me seriously anymore.

today we went to the clinic to do a cervix membrane swab to "irritate" the plug to help induce labour. the doc was like,"your cervix is so tight there is no way we can induce labour now (ie it would not be natural). you are just not ready."

so he said to wait another week till 8 july and if there is still no action, he'll intervene again.

sigh ... twiddle-dee-twiddle-dum ... i'm getting bored.