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31 August 2010

putting her finger on it

i can just feel it ... OVERHEARD is going to be my favourite label yet!

talking to ki abt the iphone and how the fingerprint marks are just going to get me all OCD, when she offered that she carries a cloth to clean hers but does it in pte.

ki : i'm just self-conscious about it - i do it when i'm alone ...

... and how rude is this picture! geez what will they think of next. i'm thinking you'd want to do THIS in pte. it's like finger porn for the S&M digit fetish.

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30 August 2010

the accidental iphone user

i lost my mobile over the weekend. not so much heart broken about the lost hardware as i am about the lost information. the phone itself was a lemon, it would hang on me every 3 days. but it served me well.

upon realisation of my loss, i told hubs my sob story. i saw a twinkle in his eye while he tried to stifle a smile. outwardly, he was empathetic over my loss. but inside, his diabolical iphone plan was abrewing.

we got me a replacement SIM card and i was able to retain my number. when i got home, hubs slid it into his old iphone 3G to "let me play with it". the classic poison "apple" move that we are all too familiar with. well, i played along, it was now or never. i would have preferred waiting but opportunity knocked. i just hope i don't turn out like the average apple geekazoid.

so while i get accustomed to my new toy ... let me just start by saying the iphone is not made for people with big fingers.

uuuRRRAAAARGGggggghhhh! sms-ing is a bitch! hubs taught me the short-cut for the full-stop. so why is there no short-cut for the comma, question and exclamation marks! these are important punctuations too! damn it!!! *see*


29 August 2010

the quiche and i

i just discovered this website i don't usually go out looking for food sites but this one had a recipe for quiche that sounds somewhat healthy. the article aside, my all time fave is the spinach and wild mushroom quiche.

back to the site, it's got recipes, cooking gizmos and stuff.

crustless quiche. dee you reading this?


to see if it's the same ....

and this is why back stories are so important. i overheard hubs talking to his friend on his mobile (while we were in a taxi) about micro-SIM adapters.

hubs : ok tell you what, i'll go home and take a picture of mine and send it to you. meanwhile, you send me a picture of yours ...


23 August 2010

heaven help me

i may just get a hard time at heaven's gate for posting this. but it's just really too funny not to share. hope you enjoy it as much as i do and ... erm .... watch out for lightning :)


mc smiley

how to make a mc smiley
1) take sleepy baby out of her pram.
2) sit her on the bar top table.
3) give her a fry (or 2) dipped w ice cream.
4) repeat

dollface was smiling from ear to ear. i think she overdid her smile quota for the day in just 15 minutes :) check out the signature furrowed brows in the earlier sequence. cute lah.


spreading 'em

i've given birth 4 times and i regularly go for Brazilians. yet when my doctor asks me to spread my legs for a pap smear, it still gives me the willies. i'll never get used to it. it's just not natural to be inspected and probed so clinically. can't wait for my mammogram years to hit. ugh.

tips for a successful session (according to me)

- neaten up (i had my wax :) )

- always wear good underwear (don't want the nurses judging you - regardless, you SHOULD always wear good underwear)

- wear separates (helps you look half decent)

- pee before the examination

- it's ok to make small talk but eye contact may be weird (unless you are into it)


#2 ... why i need an iphone

helps w the toilet time. i know .. it's lame. but really, this girl needs to surf.

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22 August 2010

mocking the bird

this saturday i took the 3 big kids with me while i ran some errands. my last run was at raffles place so we took the time to look at the many sculptures there. we stopped in front of this one for a while as we made out the abstract meaning. our answers really mirror-ed our personalities.

the creative AG - it looks like an open mouth (like with a flip-top head) with the tongue sticking out in a 'C' ... kinda making a monkey face

the stoic MB - i see nothing. yeah ... nothing ... just a bunch of metal. nothing.

the vehicular Bu - i see a ship ... a boat with the wind blowing in the sail.

me : i see 3 dead birds killed by an arrow

all : Mmooommmmmmm!!!!

me : hee ... but it's true. oh all right ... i see a dog getting a tummy scratch/ rub. how's that for a happy ending?

AG : better :)

and off to mac-ers we went for lunch.

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19 August 2010

the pretenders ... aren't we all

feeling alone again. i'm trying so hard to keep things together single handedly. but every time i think i'm making some head-way, a seam gives. i'm running out of ideas on how to fix things. how to keep it whole without wasting away. i pretend that it's all good. that i've got a handle on things. but really ... i'm tired. not strong enough. i think i just need a good cry and maybe a little jesus.

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18 August 2010

cheese = protein

diet girl sees the slice of cheese cake at the counter. it's cut in a wedge, just the way she likes it. she thinks to herself that it's 80% protein. 20% sugar. she knows she's kidding herself but damn the slice looks good. heh ... it was yummy too.

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09 August 2010

of weeds and hoes

i've written about AG's primary 1 spelling list in this post.

this time i want to say a few words about MB's list. interestingly, it's the same teacher who set the earlier list with the crack.

the kids are learning about gardening. as i was going thru the list, i couldn't help but chuckle when i read out weeds. then i chuckled some more when i read hoes. coz the visual that came to my mind yo, was the snooper star, the dawg father ... snoooop doggy dogg. i think the tizzle likes her wizzle :P


03 August 2010

what's the beef?

in the left corner, stupid diet girl stood looking all that and ready to rumble with the double 1/4 pounder with cheese. She felt that it made sense to take on the higher protein to carb ratio. to balance this out, she coupled the burger with a diet coke coz it made her feel better.

little did she know the wrath of half a pound of beef. she decided on eating just one half of the bun (the sesame side of course) to lessen the carb. this also allowed her a handful of chips.

totally oblivious to the ketchup that was smothered all over the meat, she tucked in. she needed the ketchup tho, how else were the onion slices going to stick to the meat. duh!?!

the burger turned on the charm. mocking diet girl almost. egging her to finish it all - looking all juicy. diet girl thot she could. she really really did. the burger won. she was pounded to the ground. it was a knock-out. diet girl felt sick to the core with 2 bites to spare.