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11 February 2009

wat-er hell!

i've been channelling my inner camel these days. so much water retention.

i feel my face and arms have gotten puffy. and my legs, don't get me started with my legs. by the end of the day, my ankles look so thick and they feel so heavy. i've seen elephants with narrower ankles.


09 February 2009

star wars

i've contemplated this entry long and hard. but i just need an outlet to vent. you see, when scorpio and gemini are forced together, worlds collide.

hours and hours of frustration brew an eruption. and usually it's the scorp who blows. herein lies my problem .... i'm not supposed to blow up in front of the gemini. i can't. i'm loyal to family. it's disrespectful. so what do i do, i count to ten. i eat my words. i swallow my anger. i try to cool off. and sometimes ... sometimes ... i take it out on the kids. and she knows it. she knows that i'm venting on the kids. so i don't let her win, and i try to teach them otherwise.

what happened today to push me over ..... now remember this is an amalgamation of many ....

me : AG what did you have for dinner today

AG : 2 nutella sandwiches

me : you had chocolate for dinner?

gemini (cutting in) : well she had her lunch at 3

me : ok .... but i don't see the nutritional value of a chocolate sandwich as her last meal of the day.

gemini : but she already ate a fried egg and fried chicken for lunch.

me : no veg? what about fruit?

me (to AG) : the next time you want to have a light dinner, ask for a cheese sandwich. and if you are still hungry, have an apple. chocolate is not dinner.

AG : ok mummy.


07 February 2009

the dude necklace

a couple of weeks ago, monkey boy was begging me to wear one of his sister's necklaces to school. it wasn't a girlie necklace but it did have a silver "K" pendent. so i said no but he kept insisting that it was a dude necklace and that he could pull off the look. *rolls eyes*

i told obsidian about this the other day and about how my son loves to decorate himself. of the 3 kids, he is the only one who bothers to match his clothes and tries to accessorise. anyways, 2 days ago, obsidian came over and surprised MB with a dude necklace. she allowed him some creative expression with the middle piece as she finished the beading and tied the string together, he was beaming from ear to ear.

the moment he put the dude necklace on, he never took it off... except for when he went to sleep ... he slid it over his head and kept it safely under his pillow. but when he woke again, he put it right on. he's already asked me to ask obsidian to make him another one in black so that he can match his more "macho" looks *rolls eyes again*.


05 February 2009

happy trails

once upon a time, there lived 2 children who were stuck at home with their hormonal-pregnant-bitch-of-a-mom who woke up on the wrong side of the bed. but they were used to her moods as she had been on a progesterone overload for months.

what they were not ready for was how she would react to them screaming and yelling in the house. the HPBoaM raised hell and high water adding to the din that the 2 had already created. the kids decided that she was cramping their style and that they deserve better. they started packing with the ultimate plan of running away.

well the bitch cooled down quickly and decided to see why the kids were suspiciously quiet for the last 1 hour. she peered thru the door just as the older girl child was emptying her barbie collection into a box. her boy child was way ahead of her having already packed his hotwheels stash and was now packing chocolates for dinner.

it turns out, that all they packed were toys, candy and underwear. the master plan was for them to stay at the playground downstairs so that they could come home to use the toilet and eat. oh they crack me up! we rolled in laughter as we unpacked the stuff, discovering a little bit more about each other.


04 February 2009

hurry back, cowboy

he left me for Abu Dhabi and is due to come home on 26 Feb. 3 weeks ain't bad. he was supposed to leave in december last year. somehow, he managed to stay for a month and some. so 3 weeks ain't bad .... if i wasn't already missing him.


03 February 2009


i dunno what gives. i know pregnant people dream a lot, but i feel that i'm being short changed. i've been stuck with the boring-est dreams EVER!

night after night, i dream of house/ apartments/ show flats. it's about how i've redecorated and have settled into a new home.

all i get are nesting visions. there is no action. no kung fu, no super powers, no explosions, no big finish shoot-out. heck, there is no sex, drugs or rock & roll! nothing! na da! humph!