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14 December 2010

twisted priorities

had the weirdest dream last night. hubs and i agreed that we both would find partners to romp with. one day he comes with a chick - big hair, short tight skirt, legs to her armpits .. you get the drift.

anyways, i was coming out of starbucks and had just lit my last cigarette, when we bumped into each other. (she was with him) we said hi then i passed her my coffee and smoke and said that i needed to use the restroom.

when i came back out, she said she finished my stick and drank my coffee. i hit the roof! who did this *itch think she is for drinking my starbucks and smoking my marlboro! it's one thing to bang my man but it's another to take my smokes and joe. she crossed the line. THE LINE!!!

i woke up angry. i mean i was seriously pissed off. then i shared the dream w hubs and he was like "good to know your priorities. does that mean i can go find a woman."

sure hon, in YOUR dreams.

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Anonymous da godma said...

LOL - as long as she doesn't go anywhere near ur cuppa & smokes! Like your priorities babe... *sniggers*

11:11 AM  
Blogger Janice said...

hahahaha, that's hilarious.

although the question would be more about you giving Her rather than hubs the stick and cuppa.

and since you gave it to her why wouldn't she think she could have it.

1:26 AM  
Blogger Just Me. said...

hello stranger! haven't been reading your blog! busy lah!

happy belated new year's!

and had a glance through your blog!

hwah hwah hwah! in bikini some more!

steady pom pee pee

ps but some things never change..still posing with your chin downwards?! hehe

9:55 PM  
Blogger Peter Klein said...

i am yom yom

3:34 PM  

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