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31 March 2008

when words collide

light my fiiii-ah
so i'm singing loudly to the door's - light my fire. and i'm really getting into it and rocking the song around the house. when suddenly i hear,"mummy, i want paci-fi-ah!, MUMMY, I WANT PACI-FIII-AHHHH" ....oh, it's funny if you know the song.

soap opera
me : son go wash your face
MB : i did
me : it still looks grimy, what did you use
MB : soap for indians
me : what?
me : what is soap for indians?
MB : this one ... see... it's the soap that dada brought back from india last week. it's for indians you know.

whoppening dei!
hubs brought back more than soap. he shared some interesting lingo he learnt while he was in india. my fave is "whoppening" = "what's happening".

fun words
ok ok ... and because i am doing this, i need to say that i can't stop laughing every time i watch the poor woman singing "ken lee" on youtube. no i am not laughing at her, neither am i laughing with her. for some reason, saying/ listening to the "phrase" tulibu dibu douchoo just cracks me up. it's just fun to say ... like oompla loompa.

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29 March 2008

mish mash

the hubs is back but it's as tho he isn't.

work is so overwhelming. but i still love what i do and it is still interesting after 7 years. i know, i'm crazy. we've got a new senior manager. she's scorp, which completes the trilogy. the manager and the assistant manager (that's moi) are also scorp. come to think of it, so are the senior execs. HAH! anyways ... she's giving me good vibes.

it irks me that i do not have time for the kids. i come home these days so drained that all i want to do is watch idle tv. or should i say idol tv. i like the dopey dreadlocked kid. only coz he is so goofy and out of the idol norm. another fave show is survivor which i was really pissed about last night. it didn't air for some reason and was replaced by a b-grade movie. what an insult to survivor fans! i walked around the house aimlessly, not knowing what to do with myself. i needed a fix. went for a smoke, channel surfed, settled on miami ink for a bit then decided to sleep.

the kids are the only thing i look forward to everyday. i try to give MB as much attention as i can coz he is really slipping into the middle child stereotype. AG is growing so fast - mentally and physically. as a family, we are reading her a book on being pubescant and we are answering all her questions as well as we can. she is so curious and explorative. baby has been really ill this week so he sucks up whatever energy i have left. mostly at night when the family is asleep. i'm also the night nurse btw.

i ate comfort food the other day. mashed potato with fried corned beef and a side of baked beans. god i love this combo. it was THE ONLY pick-me-upper this week. ok i lied, i also bought make-up again which sent me on a high. it is really my only pleasure. as bimbo as this sounds ... make-up makes me happy.

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15 March 2008


he just left again. this sucks : (


14 March 2008

the tease

hubs has been away for 10 days already. tomorrow night, he comes back at midnight, only to leave again at 6am for another 9 days.

what a freaking tease!


13 March 2008

girl interrupted

today, i stopped a woman from attempting to jump off the 6th floor. literally, i held her back. my body was shaking from the endorphin rush but i had to show her no fear. she was so upset, coz she had a bad leg and couldn't make it over the short hump to the ledge unassisted. but she was upset to begin with, eyes all red with unhappiness. upset with life.

i reached out to her. i asked how i could help her, she said i could help her jump. i told her i could not do that. i moved her away from the ledge into a room, but she didn't feel comfortable. i could see the thoughts racing in her troubled head. i told her i am not a counsellor but i care and i wanted to truly help her. she ignored me.

i spent the next 4 hours with her. i called the psych doctor, a counsellor and some trained nurses. all took turns to talk to her but she was bent on her plan. didn't want to budge. every now and then, she'd shoot me the look of betrayal. her eyes screamed,"i thot you wanted to help me!". for a moment, i felt like judas, betraying trust. after a while, i didn't make eye contact anymore.

i met her as i was walking back from the toilet. i could have walked right past her, but the look of pain on her tired face was familiar. we've all had bad days and have dabbled in depression. but her expression said she had enuf. literature says not to leave a suicidal person alone. ethics echos the fact. i'm sorry for foiling her plan, but i'm not sorry for interrupting.


12 March 2008

good omens

of the 3 kids, MB is the naughtiest. he just doesn't know when to quit. he is also the one who gets smacked the most because there is just no controlling him.

but he is the child who has the best connection with god. he prays before sleeping. he asks for divine help when he is afraid. and he sings the loudest in church during mass.

it's every mom's nightmare. he is so paradoxical [that big word is for YOU pam :)] that i don't know how to manage him. should i come down hard to teach him discipline. or should i do otherwise, and smother him.

he is such a beautiful kid, i just wish he came with a manual.


11 March 2008

lap dance

i've been missing my husband's lappy. my alone time with the world wide web. i miss watching TV with his mac book on my lap while googling interesting nuggets of information as they unfold in the programming. i miss blogging without having someone sit next to me reading over my shoulder and pointing out typos.

before he left, he ingeniously hooked up the PC with the LCD TV so that we can switch from surfing on the web to surfing channels. it was a cool idea at the time.

now when i want my private surfing time, i have to wait till all are asleep before i can get down to my usual. that also means i can't do the more "interesting" sites either coz my mom is sleeping on the sofa bed in the hall right in front of the TV! *she's bunking over while the hubs is away in the hopes that i do not lose all sanity. yeah right!*

damn it, this is fuckery, i'm about to go over the edge. i think i WILL fork out for a lappy. DG, you need to warm up your car, we are going gadget shopping coz i ain't doing this blind.


the reflex

went for a footsie today, coz i was hurting in places i didn't know exsisted. i figured a good foot rub would ease the pain.

i like this place in town where the masseuses are (almost) blind. been going there for 8 years now, not as regularly as before but enuf times. they saw me thru my 3 pregnancies and after. i don't have a preferred masseuse, that's how good they are, all skilled however, their techniques differ a little. needless to say, i can take the pain of a footsie, with their digging and dragging and yanking and rubbing. piece of cake.

today, i had uncle william. he was bent on hurting me. such a gentle looking old man too. everytime he dug into a painful spot, my toes would flinch. he'd dig in harder. then he'd lecture me,"your back is pain right? ah there - there. i knew it. just bear with the pain, it will be better later." true enuf, the pain dulled, but i think from the pain numbing out.


10 March 2008

fresh fruit people

hubs is away again :(. the kids have been in my face and all over me. no time to breathe. together, they are a rambunctious mess. individually, they crack me up.

late one night ...
AG : why do we have to sleep so early
me : sleep helps children grow
AG : i don't want to grow anymore, i'm already the tallest in class
me : it also helps you see better *i was grabbing at straws here* ... you see how dark the skin is under mummy's eyes? and if you look closer, can you see the lines that the skin is forming.
AG : that's from not sleeping early!!
me : yes. sleep keeps us fresh ...
AG : ... like fruits?
me : *yeah sure, why not* yes ... like fruits. good night sweetie.


05 March 2008

event fool

it's been a while since i was involved in an event. this morning, i was given the important task of chaperoning the guest of honours (GOH) up and down the stage.

i made sure i dressed for the occasion. nothing too strong, and nothing too girlie. smart low hung pants and a snug sweater that overlapped at the front. the make-up, as usual, was perfect. i felt confident.

the event started and i took my spot next to the important delegates. on cue, i stood to usher the first GOH up. When she was done, I stood again to usher her down. The I stood once more, more confident coz of the repetitive motion, to invite the CEO for his speech. when i sat, i heard a whisper from the back,"next time you stand up, make sure you pull your sweater down coz i think everybody just saw your black lacies peaking thru."

so taken by surprise i was, that i forgot to usher the CEO back off stage. but he's a smart guy, he made it down fine : )