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31 October 2007

blood sugar sex magik

i took a HIV test last week, not bcoz i lead an exciting life, but coz the screening was free. it was health screening week at the hospital.

it reminded me of when i purposefully took a HIV test some 10 years ago. again, not because i was promiscuous but coz i was moving into a new relationship and i needed to know that my partner was safe. it was the "you jump, i jump" era so if i wanted him to take the test, i had to as well.

anyways, we never went back for the results coz the free screen was in a sleazy side of town. and we figured that if we did have HIV, someone would have called us for a follow-up.

on another note, the hospital was down on O+ blood a month ago so i decided to donate. i'm a regular, i actually enjoy the process (i'm weird that way) and knowing that i get to save a life without doing much (i'm lazy that way).

i went to the blood bank and filled up the extensive form. had a discussion about my tattoos coz i did my last one less then 6 months ago. eventually, the nurse said that as long as it was done locally, it's safe.

then she took my pressure and weight. next came the blood test to check my haemoglobin levels. turns out i'm low on iron. so after all that fuss, i had to walk away with supplements instead. but the nice nurse allowed me to enjoy the hot milo anyways. life's little pleasure s: )


29 October 2007

the seduction

DG was seducing me to buying a MAC yesterday coz a friend of a friend can get 20% off retail price. this is not the cosmetic kind, mind you. this is the MAC that can burn a wicked hole in my shallow pocket.

i want to be able to blog and do all the creative stuff on the go. the pc limits this and all that sitting upright (as opposed to slouching on a couch with bad lighting) is so stifling. isn't it everyone's god given right to work in the dark with bad posture.

it's such a sexy machine and i just know i'm gonna love it. my husband says BUY without even batting his eye. well, he ain't forking out the dough!

never has there been a fruit this tempting. even from the beginning of time, women have been struggling with the seduction of the apple. just look at how much trouble it got eve in. damn you DG!!

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28 October 2007

battle of the stars

i was talking to the kids abt bu's bday today and how much fun we all had being silly and waking early and all. they were missing hubs so i reminded them that he is coming home tomorrow. also that it's a special day coz it's his bday.

not wanting to be left out, the girl chipped in that her bday is coming in 2 weeks and so not to be outdone, i too added that mine is 3 days after hers.

then we heard the slightest whimper. MB was pouting saying that he also wanted a bday in oct/ nov and how it isn't fair that we all have our bdays together. no amount of "but you're special son" encouragement could lift his spirit. :(

maybe we need to make him an honorary scorp, just because.


27 October 2007

terrible 2s

this is baby bu. he turned 2 yesterday. hubs and i are bracing ourselves. you'd think that since this is our third trip down this road, we'd be wiser for it. but NOooooo. (coincientally, NO is the only word a 2 year old knows.)

anyways, hubs was flying to Shanghai at 8am so he woke everyone at 6am to sing a bday song for bu. there was cake, there were candles and there was a half-dead quartert with bad hair, sleep breath and blood-shot eyes.

then in the evening godma Dee came with cake that was sooooo sinful, people get yanked down to hell for just pinching a bite. here are more pics of the bday boy.


bu learnt early how to harness his great scorpio powers. see how he's negotiated w his brother to get things done. check out the smirk.

ciao babes! gotta run!


25 October 2007


i've been wanting to blog this forever and hubs finally downloaded these pics. These were taken in February.

i woke one morning to the squeals of happy children in the hall. i saw MB dangerously balancing on a car which was dangerously balancing on an office chair with casters. i asked what he was doing. he said AG positioned him this way coz her pup stuffed toy wanted to play on a swing. Apparently they tried a few formations and finally settled on this one which according to the "dog" was the preferred choice.

steady now, the dog needs to balance and swing.

smile for mummy : )

ps - notice how the dog has a safety pillow under it! talk abt priorities!!!


24 October 2007


i also want to *hug back* all of you who sent me their love viz sms, msn and on the comment pages even without knowing what was really bugging me.

the unconditional need to keropok the source of my pain will forever hold in my book.

i appreciate the space you guys gave me and that you respected that i was uncomfortable and didn't want to be probed. you guys are DA BEST!

much love : )


here comes the sun

the healing has begun and sanity is returning. all i feel now is love.

as painful as the last few days have been, i feel that it was needed. it really was a wake-up call and i can't say i'm grateful it happened. but i can say that we are stronger for it.

this song's been ringing in my head all day. here comes the sun by the beatles.
Little darlin' the smiles returning to their faces
Little darlin' it seems like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it's all right


feeling plastic

it's amazing what a little retail therapy can do for the spirit. the powers that be must have been attuned to my sorrow that they summoned my fave shops to have a mid-season sale. what did i buy? well, since i (was) feeling delicate and fragile, my collection of girlie tops and dresses just went up : )

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20 October 2007


the problem with being scorpio is that every emotion is times 100. that's coz we are so passionate in all we do. in the last few days, i think my head must have exploded 3 times from over-thinking every thought then dissecting the thought into a-gazillion other mini-thoughts. emotional roller-coaster rides were never my fave thrill.

i haven't suffered insomnia in over 10years. i've forgotten the repercussions. my eyes don't look like my eyes anymore, which frustrated me today. noticed it when i was applying make-up this morning. i didn't know what to do with my new puffy eye-lids.

for the first time in years, i feel vulnerable. i feel like a girl. i feel delicate. and it sure as hell feels uncomfortable.

the pseudo good thing that has come out of this is that i've lost all appetite. so hopefully, i get to lose weight.


19 October 2007

sticks and stones

no matter how fast or vast technology advances, i think words are THE most damaging weapons of destruction *cue dramatic music*.

hmmmm ... it's a fine time to start a depression. bday's a round the corner and i'm not feeling whole. better brace my credit cards.


fret not, my child

AG : mummy, your knickers is not covering your bum

Me : i know

AG : mummy, did you hear me

Me : yes .... *pulling skirt up to fasten the clasp*

AG : mummy fix your knickers before you use your skirt.

Me : it's ok honey, i'm wearing special knickers. it's called a g-string.

AG : eeeiiwwwwww


18 October 2007


since i'm in an insomniac mood, i was reminiscing the past. remembering our wedding day. hubs and i didn't want to do our walk-in to the wedding march. so we chose Lennon's LOVE.

haunting, beautiful and real.

Love is real, real is love,
Love is feeling, feeling love,
Love is wanting to be loved.
Love is touch, touch is love,
Love is reaching, reaching love,
Love is asking to be loved.
Love is you,
You and me,
Love is knowing,
We can be.
Love is free, free is love,
Love is living, living love,
Love is needing to be loved.

point break

i've trouble sleeping tonight as increadible sadness overwhelms over me. i question the choices i've made in life. the effort i've put in to make things happen. it's giving me a headache, but i still can't sleep.

do people really live to make others happy. is it really rewarding to help the underdog. should people expect appreciation or the gratitude? how does one recognise a wake-up call? does it need to slap you in the face or cause your heart to ache before you decide you've had enough.

is life really worth the pain. it's so much easier to give up and start a new. my uncle once told me, we sleep in the bed we make, no matter what life dishes out. i'm not liking the menu. and with this insomnia i'm not feeling the bed.


07 October 2007

back to the future

you know how i just blogged about my mom embarrassing me. i think this pic encapsulates how AG is gonna feel when she finds out what her mother has been doing with the internet!

the more i think about it, the stronger i feel that it is a mother's birthright to embarrass their kids. the wicked/ twisted truth of it is that we do it out of love babes.


flashback saturday

i remember now why i don't go shopping with mom anymore.

yesterday, dee and i went to vivo with mom. before lunch, we decided to pop into river island (dee's fave tho she won't admit to it). anyways we were hanging by the shoes when this really cute sales staff (they call it retail advisor) came up to advise us on a trendy pair.

i gave dee the "ain't he yummy" wink. she blushed in agreement. then mom, who overheard all our cryptic signals asked the female sales staff nearby what the guys name was. what race and where did he come from!

i swear, dee and i wished the the damn floor would have just swallowed us whole! sooooo embarrassing! can die! all of a freaking sudden, i felt 13 again.

mom used to do this to me in church all the time. nudging me when she saw a cute boy my age. or even talking to the moms of the cute boys to introduce me.

and people wonder why, now as an adult, i am so screwed up.


03 October 2007

Secrets of the Solid Gold Dancers

ok, i just went on a crazy solid gold search. i needed to find Darcel's name.

interesting, behind the spandex, hair-spray, god-awful costumes, kitch dance steps with big arm movements, the high-cut underwear ... were real people :)

NB - sorry abt the brupt end. guess back in the day, the editing equipment didn't quite make the cut.

Shake Your Groove Thing ... yeah, yeah!

i just HAD to post this!! OMG how old is solid gold!! and do you remember that long-braided/haired african american dancer. and dionne warick with her ring tapping on the mike to the beat of whatever song she was singing?!

everybody now .... SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THANG!!

ok ... so now the real reason how i found this clip. i was searching "peaches and herb" coz i wanted to write abt my new herbal obsession.

if anything at all, green tea, guarana and kola gotu are the way to go.

02 October 2007

oops i did it again

rushed out of the office today coz i forgot that i was in-charge of picking the girl from school.

today was madness at the office. emails and paperwork and my bangs (which has grown, as bangs do) were annoying my face. the only hair accessory i had at the office was a "hideously thoughtful" gift i received. i was deperate so i used the clip to bunch my hair at the top of my head for a quick fix.

anyways, i rushed out of the office with 20 mins to get to the school. walked out of the office into the public area past the IT and maintenance guys whom i have flirty relations with. rode a full lift to the first floor and out the side exit. all this while, i saw many people look me over. figured there were either checking out my power suit or my make-up. then like 15 minutes of milling in the crowd, i ran my hands thru my hair and ta-dah ... found the clip. i must have looked like a freakin shitzhu!

oh the embaressment. oh the shame.