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28 September 2006

7 steps forward one leap back!

in june, i inadvertently stepped on a weighing scale (while doing a demo for the kids at the clinic) and found out that i weighed in at a whopping 82kg. made it worst that the hubs was there and saw the score too. the knowing look was all over his face, but he kept mum - i think out of fear of having had to go home with this eyes pulled out through his butt.

i've been putting off exercising, after having the baby, and i finally reached my peak. but i was in denial and resigned to the fact that my dress size was meant to be 16. we've all heard it - big is beautiful. the weigh in was a cruel wake-up call; but it was necessary. immediately, i started watching what i eat and exercising with a purpose. with effort, i managed to lose 7kg since june and am down 2 dress sizes. i can finally fit into my pre-baby clothes.

then yesterday, i had a reality check that burst my bubble. i was looking at a tee when the assistant walked up to me to say that i could probably wear it for another 2 more months before my tummy really starts to show! talk about ego deflation! well at least i'm on the right track and xmas is still 3 months away. but still .... humph *pout*


24 September 2006

mom enuf for ya!?!

5 past MIDNIGHT - gave the baby milk
12:15 - saw a fat juicy cockroach crawling up the baby's cot while i was feeding him. with one hand on bottle, flicked the roach away with other hand while balancing on one leg coz trying to reach for barbie colouring book on floor with my toes ( to make a rolled bat)
12:17 - done with feed, tap baby to sleep. after, tried to wake hubs but ........ we all know how he sleeps
12:19 - started roach hunt (went nearly blind too). found the roach but too far under the son's bed
12:22 - 12:30 - said prayers for the damn roach to come out so that i can end my misery
12:32 - god heard me ... roach starts to crawl out from under the bed
12:32:41 - i crushed the roach! ... i rock! aiieeeeiieeeeeiiiiiiieeeeeeeee (xena-like victory cry)
12:35 - contemplated on a victory smoke, but decided against it
12:40 - changed the diapers of the baby and boy
12:45 - put AC on timer, dusted feet, tucked into bed
12:48 - hubs rolls over and asks for back massage (btw, he's been asleep since 11)
12:50 - 1:00 - massaged hubs back (KNN)
1:15 - put koyok on hubs back
1:25 - dusted feet, tucked myself into bed
4:00 - baby cries, diaper is wet, changed diaper, put him back to sleep
4:10 - son cries (coz baby woke him) tapped son to sleep
4:20 - barely made it back to bed
7:00 - son wakes up, calls for mummy, i ignore so he entertains himself. but because he is a awake and wandering, i don't actually go back to sleep.
8:00 - baby wails, hubs takes baby out of the cot and returns to sleep ... (this begins his waking process which usually takes an hr)
8:15 - baby pulls me out of the bed (actually he tugged me gently) .... he's so cute : )
9:00 - hubs rises ... only because i pissed him off by insinuating that he is slow in waking *everybody now, tilt head and raise one eyebrow*
9:50 - hubs asks me why he has koyok on his back!!
10 - 10:20 - washed and changed the kids, washed up, painted face, hurried the family off to church.....

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05 September 2006

i sense a tingling

i knew he was THE ONE the first time he grabbed my hand and yanked me across the busy dance floor. boney M impersonators were singing nauseatingly loud in the foreground at SPARKS which was bursting at the seams with people. we both arrived at about the same time and had to make it thru the madness coz our friends were on the other side. in a moment of alfa-ballsyness, he took my hand and in what seemed like 3hrs, pulled me across the room.

it was the most magical 2 mins of my life. from the moment our palms met, i felt a rush of energy flow thru me. it felt tingly and weird at the same time. this is the kind of shit you read in those romance novels with fabio on the cover, where you roll your eyes and pretend to barf. but i kid you not, i felt tingles .... and it felt good.

we'd been friends for 11 years, a couple for 8 and married for 5, this friday. i still get that feeling, the tingling that was so pronounced before, only now, it's amplified by being in love.

oi, happy anniversary! : )


03 September 2006

warm fuzzy feeling

i had charge of the kids today. hubs went for an event set-up at 7am (and he's still not home yet). i was upset coz it's sunday (family day) and i just lost my partner in crime. also the thot of single-handedly managing the monkeys on my own all day was not something i was looking forward to.

but it turned out ok. more than ok even. i woke at 9 believe it or not. the kids were awake earlier but they amused themselves till then and only woke me coz they were hungry. i gave them all baths and we had bf together. later my mom decided to take the boy for a bus ride and i was left home with the baby and the princess. i enjoyed them both. singing and drawing and chasing and hugging and napping and dancing. i had a blast!

it was simply decadent to spend the day indulging in the kids. i also felt so loved as they hugged me excessively *the girl* and slobbered me with wet kisses *the teething baby*. i watched them breathe as they slept peacefully and i thot to myself that being a parent ain't half bad after all.

i'm going to make it people. it's all good : )

ps - i wish i had a newer pix of my bambinos. almost a year has passed since this was taken. they have all changed a lot. still you can just about make out their personalities, sweet-sweet angel girl, cheeky monkey boy and cuddly baby bu.

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