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22 March 2009

dream a little dream

"I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream." .... and boy do i have a dream.

last night's was the most creative one yet. i dreamt that i was dreaming that i was dreaming. so in order to wake, i had to wake 2 times before i actually did get off the bed. it was strange and i liked it! i really out did myself this time.

what exactly was i dreaming about, i can't really remember but given that i was dreaming/ sleeping in so many paradigms was sooooo cool. if it wasn't for bu who lovingly whispered in my ear "mummy .... i got poo-poo in my diaper" ... i think i would have had more memory of the tangled web i was weaving in my subconscious. oh well ... i ain't complaining.


18 March 2009

i am IRON woMAN and other complaints

been popping them iron pills for a month now. the doc made me do it coz i've been so slack. i've been experiencing major shortness of breath and i've been feeling light-headed so he practically gave hubs "the eye" to police me taking my pills. and so i am .... IRON woMAN.

but that has not stopped me from missing out on the discomforts of motherhood. the leg cramps are cramping my style! striking when i least expect it. hurting so bad i wish my calf would just detach itself at the knee. the cramps are supposed to be caused by an iron deficit but i'm thinking it's some other evil.and my feet ... i start off the day w narrow ankles and by the end of the day they look like tree trunks. no more strappy sandals else i end up with bak chang feet. not forgetting to mention, the water retention has worked it's way up stream to my head, filling out my full-moon face. or at least i think so.

but alas, my swollen head is not all water-logged. BJL said the sweetest-ish thing today. rather he smsed me ... saying that i'm still his fave MILF. so amidst all these physical changes, he still thinks i'm hawt. awwww. BJL ... you will always be my fave toy boy.


02 March 2009

the day the internet died

this time there was a legit excuse for not blogging ... i have been internet-less for almost 2 weeks. i was dragged back to retro-land and believe you me, it was not fun!

first, i tripped over hubs' ibook and totalled the plug to his adapter. i was ok ... i fell on the couch. the ibook also survived. the powerpoint on the other hand blew up. so that was the end of the internet at home. (hero was in abu dhabi remember, which was a good thing too else i would have gotten some flak!)

then when i went to work, internet was cut-off on a corporate level coz there was a vicious virus attack on the admin systems and all lappys/ pcs had to be quarantined. even the thumb drives needed to be scanned and approved. and that began my 2 week journey into the black hole of the primitive.

no google meant that very smart high level people were left helpless. my boss, bless her soul, would come into my cube to spellcheck.

boss : how do you spell chicken skewers
me : do i need to help you with the chicken part?

eventually, i lugged a dictionary to the office. my thumb has not had page-burn since i was in school!

BUT ... i have to say that i now know what my colleagues look like. for without MSN, i was actually forced out of my cube to talk to people. LOL.

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