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26 May 2008

love; part duex

me : MB can YOU give me all your love

MB : sure mummy, all my love.

me : all your love?

MB : yes mummy!

me : what about dada, your brother and sister? how are they going to get your love?

MB : no problem mummy, i'll just recharge.

24 May 2008

lamb chops play along

DG played da host and da chef to dee and me. T could not make it .... her bad (heh). on the menu were mushroom soup (made fm scratch), strawberry salad, lamb chops and dee's illusive pistachio souffle. i say illusive coz she talks and tempts us with the idea but we've never quite tasted it. we came really close this time coz she brought her baking stuff to DG's house.

but the chops stole the show, by the time we were done with the main, there was nooooo way we could have squeezed in any more food. even after 3 smokes.

these are the pics which dee took and posted on her new mobile blog. the photog was soo into taking the pics that she forgot to pose. DG - da chef, me ... waiting for the good stuff, DG prepping the grub. there are more shots. go explore.

ps - i couldn't resist the pic of lamb chop slutting her way with straight laced kermit. wait till piggy sees this!

21 May 2008

setting goals

today was parent/ teacher day at AG's school. hubs and i went together coz .. well .. i made him come. it started at 11 with a focus group session with the principal who had 2 impt items he wanted to communicate on his agenda.

1) the school was changing it's name. i'll summarise it as a re-branding exercise.
2) the primary school is doing away with it's direct affiliate with the secondary school and will introduce a moving minimum cut-off point system (200 pts now) for students to have a guaranteed seat in the express steam in the secondary school.

the discussion for the latter was really robust as many parents felt that this will cause undue stress on the kids. the principal retorted that the children were becoming complacent with the safety net and they needed the edge, a sense of responsibility and ownership, to push them to their second phase of development.

i was concerned coz i know i have a hippy child who does not conform well. she may not ace her PSLE (when it happens in 4 years) and well i was worried for her future. hubs too.

he analogised to the principal - take high-jumping for eg, if my child can't reach the minimum 2m mark without falling the pole, but she has learned the right technique to make the jump, isn't she still a high-jumper?

principal said - if the child can't make the minimum 2m mark, than she can't call herself a high-jumper. the child needs a goal and that's what we are doing.

i sit on the fence with this. i think 200 is a reasonable cut-off but i wonder what the cut-off will be like 4 years, 6 years and 8 years later. is the world ready for my hippy chick to take over and conquer? her form teacher said it best,"your child is a non-conformist. she likes to do things her way and in her own time. like she's in her own world. the good news is, she will be in high demand once she starts working. the bad news is, school life will not be very fun for her."


07 May 2008


MB : i love you mummy

me : i love you too son

MB : i really love you mummy

me : me too hon

MB : can you give me all your love

me : no, i'm sorry. i need to spread my love with your brother, sister and dada.

MB : *sigh* but can you try

me : ok baby, i'll try.

MB : i love you mummy

me : i love you too son.


01 May 2008

wax on, wax off

therapist-san : you-ah have-ah been hee-ah for more than 5 months-ah

me : hai-ik

therapist-san : i-ah zink it's tahm we take it a step-ah furth-ah

me : yes therapist-san

therapist -san : every-tahm you cahm, you ah afraid. today, we do wax on - wax off ... wax ALL off!

me : *gulp*

thearapist-san : i use new vanilla chocolate wax. see .. wax on ... wax off ... no pain (and true enuf, there was no pain) ah will do it all over now. you want to do crack?

me : *nodding*

therapist-san : turn over-ah, i do crack now.

me : yatta!!

postnote : i'm so proud of me : )