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24 July 2007

i can't wait ... to procrastinate!

well it's finally here. procrastination has bit me in the ass. in doing so, the panic button has been activated and i am now rushing work ... but not before i procrastinate again for 10 mins to write this blog.

i've struggled to shake off procrastination. i now embrace it.

this is off jorge cham's talk on the power to procrastinate - procrastination IS NOT laziness: this is the starting point to remove the negative meaning associated with procrastination. laziness is defined as the unwillingness to do anything, while procrastination is the unwillingness to do anything ... RIGHT NOW.

you see, we procrastinators are excellent time management people. by procrastinating, we are just delaying something that should keep us busy now ... for later. geddit? ... man we are powerful.

we are proud. we stand united.
for we ARE procrastinators : leaders of tomorrow!

hahahahaha ... i crack myself up. ok ok .. back to work ....

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till death do us part

when i was in poly, i bought a blue pair of button-fly banana republic jeans at a steal. it was my most favourite-est thing in the world. most importantly, it made me feel cool.

i practically lived in my jeans. i'd go to school, come back, hang it at the back of the door then slip it on again when i woke. if i went out to party or to "ton" the night with my friends, it just never came off - only changed the tee the next day.

it was almost sacriligious to wash my nuah and busok jeans. mom never understood. it drove her nuts.

the jeans continued with me for another 3 years of my working life. by then, the material was like second skin, it had mophed to my body shape and hung snugly on my hips. it had also faded nicely.

i took it with me to australia but against my better judgement, i packed it in my luggage instead of wearing it. my luggage was stolen the day i reached perth (but that's another story).

it's a love lost. a part of me died that day. i've never been able to find the same fit again. dammit.

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22 July 2007


couldn't help it ... love how her eyes just popped.

SunSet Eyes

when did make-up get so complicated, you must be thinking to yourself.

this is what i enjoy most in the mornings. what i look forward to everyday. my eye make-up gives me great joy.

have you ever really loved a woman

had a craving today. really wanted to eat salmon in cream sauce. usually, when i have a craving for this, i inform my supplier who may (or may not) cook up a batch - depending on the weather *wink*. but this time, the crave came too unexpected. it was also all consuming (pun intended). i decided to make my own batch.

i deliberated cooking coz no one else in my family will eat this. if anything at all, they prefer tomato based sauce. i figured that i could probably tease the kids into eating some, but not the hubs. i crossed my fingers as i asked him to join us for dinner. he grunted. i took it as agreement and rushed to the kitchen to thaw the fish.

i involved the kids in the cooking to excite them. when it came to the eating, all were grimacing at the table. only baby tucked in coz, i guess, it was milky and he could relate to it. the older ones, were not so kind.

hubs is a rice and curry man. he doesn't do italian. yet, he ate it. had a second serve too. then complimented the chef (that's moi)

he loves me ... he really really loves me.


18 July 2007

pooped ... literally

i've been working at my current job for about 6 years now. i've seen so many people come and go in my dept. good friends too. some left for better prospects, some cracked under the pressure or were unable to emotionally detach themselves from work. some left for the sake of running away.

every time someone leaves, i clean up after them. some were responsible and left with a clean slate. others have not been so thotful and left their loose ends untied.

this is wildly ffffff.........frustrating. especially when these loose ends rear their heads months later.

don't mind me, i'm just letting off steam.

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frog-spit and fishballs

i was reminising about life and work the other day and amused myself with how my language has evolved. everybody who knows me, knows my favourite adjective. i used it out of habit and without control or conviction. welll... sometimes i did use it with conviction, to prove my point.

it's just the best damn word in the world. you can use in happy moments and sad, angry and frustrated. it's so flexible and dynamic. f*ck, it's THE most versitle english word!

but since i started with customer service, i've had to watch my mouth. believe you me, this was sooo tough in the beginning. then the kids came and i really had to tone it down coz they are human parrots. now i just go fffffff...... and trail off. not as shoik; but still better than frog-spit or fishballs.

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tick tock

we have 5 clocks in the house. all wall mounted. in the last 3 months, one by one the batteries have run dry; and one by one the clocks have stopped or have been reporting delayed time.

frustrated, hubs changed all the batteries last night. when i saw him do this, i let out a little cheer *yay*. he turned and said,"who changed the clocks in your house (when i was staying w mom)?"; "who did the drilling and climbing?". "me lah," i said, which brought on the side-glare-knowing-look from him suggesting why i couldn't have done this earlier and why i needed to wait for him to do it.

then i said,"you know, i don't think we had anything wall mounted or drilled at home. everything was on standing shelves. and if anything at all, it'd be a nail that needed hammering."

well we did not have a man in the house before. now that i DO have the luxury, i feel that all these battery and drill-related tasks should belong to THE man. to me it's like ... what clocks? we have clocks? and they are not working? tick tock boys, better get to it.


17 July 2007

trust me

ME : have you done your homework?
AG : yesssssss
ME : show me
AG : do you trust me?
ME : yes
AG : i've done my homework
ME : then show me
AG : trust me mom, i've done my homework
ME : *this girl is good. if i insist, i betray the trust. if i trust, i'll never know*

*dang dang*

stay tuned for more as the child tries to screw w mom's head and vice versa.

ps : i DO know. i said i trust then when she went to sleep, i checked. shhhhh!


14 July 2007

Kill Bill

press play only if you have absolutely nothing to do for the next 15 seconds.

and if you still have another 15 seconds to burn, you must check out the bond and the dr evil version of this same footage on youtube. (search: dramatic chipmunk)

this is what s'poreans call "damn bo liao"

Evolution of Dance

i dunno what is scarier .... that i remember all these dances or that i've actually indulged in 80% of all genres. even the chicken dance! oh the shame ....

13 July 2007

something stirring

the posse has come over a few times to bake. the kids have been exposed and sometimes are asked to help in the cake mixing or spoon licking activities. yesterday, i walked in on the kids who were playing in my room.

the egg game

2 x children (the egg and the beater)
1 x ball pump
1 x flute/ recorder
1 x parents’ bed which the children know they are not supposed to jump on

- both children stands at the foot of the bed
- one child (the beater) presses an imaginary button that activates THE EGG.
- the other child is the egg. This child will tumble into the middle of the bed and lie still and try not to giggle.
- the beater will stand over the egg and make swirly arm movements with the ball pump in one hand and the recorder in the other. The beater will also make a whizzing sound AND jump on the bed to enhance the egg’s experience.
- the egg will call out for other ingredients to be mixed “ok now the cheese, and the chocolate, and the ham” (I think they are making quiche?)
- the beater will decide when the “beating” will stop.
- the egg will then roll off the bed and into the imaginary shower to wash off.
- both the beater and the egg will giggle and chuckle on the bed. this lasts for 2 mins before the egg becomes the beater and the beater becomes the egg.

I was amused at the simplicity and imagination of how everyday actions can be interpreted to so much fun. sigh .... now i'm craving quiche!


10 July 2007

Miss Spelled

failed at momhood this week! can i blame it on the stress?

last week i forgot abt AG's spelling which is every tuesday. IE i forgot to coach/teach her the pre-selected words. i realised it in the morning before she left for school. too late for cramming (besides she would not have understood the torture). so before she stepped out of the gate, i said,"sweetie, just try your best ok. don't leave any blanks. it's ok, mummy loves you." she scored 2/8.

this week i was determined that she would be able to spell all 8 words for today's spelling. i wanted her to ace this one. i called her in the pm to ask how spelling went.

AG : it was fun!
Me : good babe. it's easy when you know all the words right?
AG : yyyyyyeah *sounding spaced out*
Me : what do you mean?
AG : know mummy, none of the words you taught me came out ...
Me : huh?
AG : .... because you taught me the words for week 4 when it is supposed to be week 3.
Me : *silent screaming*
AG : .... but it's ok, i tried my best and i know you love me.

i later lamented to hubs and he said,"well at least she knows all her words for next week!" arrrrrghhhh!



the tiny screaming people were irrelevant. the sunset shots were wallpaper. the cockroach bot that refused to die was annoying, tho significant. how the cube really looked like a styrofoam prop was not worth my focus.

the show stealers ARE the transformers. Ke-ku-ku-KUUL BEYOND COOL! and so wickedly fierce! it just blew me away to see prime in action. And agile star-scream and his aerial dynamics! too bad we didn't see much of jazz and his racing fetish. and i wish they kept megatron green.

And ... and, bumble bee must be eurasian. his play list is evident. "baby come back", "drive", "i feel good" ... almost made me want to reach for a beer and smokes.

MB : where is hotshot?
Me : shhhh ...
MB : WHERE is hotshot mummy?
Me : Not in this movie ...shhhhh
Me : he hurt his leg and is resting at home .... shhhh
MB : Why ratchet not fixing him???
Me : fixed already lah. gave medicines also. now resting at home.
MB : ok then. i hope he gets better soon. bumble bee needs help.
Me : ... have some popcorn.


07 July 2007

married to genius

the lurve doctor was in da house today. hubs and i were talking about love (our love) and then in a vulnerable moment i suddenly blurted out,"don't ever leave me ok." then he went,"huh?" so i explained,"you cannot leave me, you need to be with me forever." then he said,"no, no, we all know that i will die first." (of course this lead to a morbid "no i will die first" convee .. blah blah)

but then genius flowed. we were affirming our relationship (and i won't bore you with our mushy details) when he said,"babe, i cannot unlove you."

and he is so right. i mean .. in all circumstance, if you fall in love with something/ someone, you may fall out of love, but you cannot unlove.

love is love. a part of that person/ thing is now a part of you - it has molded you somehow. whether it is knowledge or an experience it has shaped your present being. and even if you fall out of love, the memory of the experience - of the good times -will live on and cannot be unloved.

geddit? i married a genius. who would have thought!

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05 July 2007


it's audit time at work and everyone is on ends. the office is so tense, you can hear a pin drop on the carpeted floor. work is still streaming in which means the circus is in town as we juggle to prepare for the auditors next week AND try to keep the customers happy by meeting deadlines.

crazy, crazy times. i was just telling T that i have a to-do list that is 3 weeks old and still no where near done! worst is that it keeps getting longer every day!

i was just informed that i will have to shadow the auditors. praying hard that they do not ask me questions coz i'm a DRIPer. Data Rich Information Poor. i.e. i know a little about a lot of things - well ... enuf to get by and save my sorry ass.

so it looks like i'll have to put on my PR charm and smoke my way. half the battle is won with confidence. you know what that means right, it's time to whip out the power suits.


04 July 2007

force feed

i forgot to charge my ipod today. this is what it felt like.

i love my ipod - she's called lava love, coz it's red and hubs gave it to me. i load all my fave tunes and as i listen (to it real loud) it overwhelms me. at the mo, my fave is JT's rock you body. i tell you, when it plays i strut baybee! don't hold me back now.

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03 July 2007

loopy 2-liner

have you heard the theme song. it's about to be the most popular song with only 2 lines! really, it only has 2 lines. TRANSFORMERS ... MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. TRANSFORMERS ... ROBOTS IN DISGUISE. then it goes into like 50 loops.

disappointed with the song. i expected it to be more edgy rather than techno-lounge. like when mission impossible was first remixed by dave clarke and performed by adam clayton and larry mullen. (all hail U2)

hopefully hubs and i will be able to take the kids this friday. MB is really excited to see the movie. he knows all the names, thanks to me :) *beaming*. his faves include hotshot, bumble bee, vector prime, star scream, jet fire, ratchet and prime.

my faves are hotshot, jazz, landmine and bumble bee - the scout. BUT FROM WHAT I HEAR, there will be no landmine : (. of course prime is the all time hero. know what i like, that they have kept to true form, the ke-ke-ku-ku sound as the robots transform and prime saying "transformers ... transform!"


01 July 2007

smokin' boogie night

30 june 2007 - the last day to smoke in a club, in singapore. i rounded up the chickas and we made a beeline to clarke quay for our last fling to simultaneously intoxicate and smoke with loud music engulfing.

we extended the invitation and ended with a posse of 5 eurasian chicks. cool fun! but i have to say that i'm getting too old for this scene. by 2am, i was worn and yawning. we ended up at a mama shop for a prata fix, which really hit spots.

T and i were ready at 8:30 so we met for dinner. Dee joined us. we started the night with a bottle of white wine, a plate of pizza and a pasta split amongst the 3 of us. i had to call in a forth for reinforcement to polish off the bottle. but who was i kidding, 3 eurasian chicks and a bottle of wine .... it was empty within the hour! we didn't need help.

we met our forth and headed for attica, which i have never been to. it was empty when we fashionably entered at 10:30pm. we were beginning to wonder if we had picked the right club. more alcohol later we decided to check out the dance floor. by then, obsidian had joined us. lucky too that we had more alcohol coz she was talking about the joy of collecting ugly frogs. uh-huh, you read right *raised-eyebrow-knowing-look*

the dance floor was thumping. we found our spot and got down on it. what felt like 3 hours, was only 1. i was pooped - from dancing and people watching. boy the club scene sure has changed heaps! and how daring people have become on the dance floor. i was beginning to feel like mother superior ... wanting nun of that!

i had lots of fun that night. thanks for coming out to play babes : ) couldn't ask for better company. we were definitely ssssmokin'!

ps - and dee, so proud of you for putting on make-up. awwww (nudgie)