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31 January 2009

game on!

when i play, i play to win. i'm a competitive bastard and i surround myself with people who have the same spirit. my closest friends are all competitive is some way or other, obsessed with giving their all in whatever they do. drop us all on a pitch and we will play to the death without even needing a pow-wow to inspire. this is what i call having passion and a drive to succeed and to be the best. it's a huge turn on and it gets my adrenalin pumping.

recently monkey boy has been addicted to playing Uno. and i have to say he is getting pretty strategic with his game. we've played some one-on-one games and as usual, i'll win.

a couple of weeks ago, i challenged him for a game and he said he rather play with hubs or my mom. he said coz he never wins when he plays with me. which took me by surprise coz hubs is fierce-ly competitive too. so i talked to him abt it ...

hubs : you mean you don't let him win a few games
me : nope, should i ...
hubs : yes ... keep him motivated to succeed
me : oh ...

so now i let him win a few ... but i have to say, it's such an effort to throw a game.

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27 January 2009

izzard this hilarious!

this brought me great joy.

thanks .z_ .... you are officially my hero!


i'm ready

me : hon ... i think i'm ready

hubs : ok, i just need another 15 mins to send this email and i'll be with you

me : no ... no ... not that ...

hubs : oh

me : i think i'm ready to take on your surname ...

hubs : *raised eyebrows*

me : .... but hyphenated .... after my maiden name.

hubs: really ...

me : oh, i don't know .... maybe without the hyphen ... i can't decide .... but i know i'm ready.

hubs : after 8 years of marriage .... she's finally ready

me : yeah ... so hurry up with that email.


go fourth and multiply

i was telling hubs the other day that if i had a buck for every person who said,"you're pregnant AGAIN!", i'd be a rich woman. hubs said to alert him when we hit our first grand. but i digress ....

it seems that the "normal" family size for most is 2 adults + 2 kids (and maybe a token dog, hamster, fish). families that push the boundaries have 3 kids. but families who have four, are looked upon as freaks.

it's like X-treme parenting, a road less travelled by the sane. only the couples who are screwed have a fourth (and there is some truth in that .. hahaha) people say we're so brave. most talk about finances/standard of living and the need to lower it coz of the new addition ... coz kids are so expensive. and so the truth comes out. it's about whether people want to pop their comfort bubble.

adjustments will need to be made, and it's not just about tightening the purse-strings. it's also about time management and a shift in priorities. and it must be the feel-good endorphins at work again but i have to say that i'm so looking forward to all these. we'll create a new comfort bubble and it'll be fun.



out with the old and in with the new. 2009 is going to be different. i've got a new attitude. this is me dusting my shoulders. bygones.

i'm keeping things and people that make me happy and who add value to my life. out with the stuff/ people that drag me down. i'm not going to accommodate these anymore. i don't have the storage space in my life. i don't have the time. and i don't have the emotional bandwidth. this year is about focus. it's about me, my family and everything and everyone that matters.

annnddddd .... i'm not going to feel bad about it. bygones.


23 January 2009

psychedelic love

i've been pregnant for 4.25 months, almost at the half way mark. i have to admit, the first 3 months were torture - emotionally and physically. but i'm in a good place now and am feeling better.

in fact, baby has been pumping me with feel good endorphins that i'm on a happy high all the time. as a scorp, these feelings that i'm evoking are just not natural.

i come from the dark side ... it's where i'm most comfortable, it's where i belong. morbidville. when i was carrying my two scorps, these feelings were perpetuated. i remember going for an egg-painting get-together at a friend's house and everyone was painting happy pictures on their eggs. i was obsessed with painting heaven and hell on mine. darkness with flames. it was strange, but it felt good.

but i digress, i seem to be in a happy place all the time now and so happily emotional too. IT'S JUST SO UNNATURAL! i cried when i watched obama's inauguration. damnit, i cry when i watch the gawky kids get a golden ticket to hollywood on american idol. sigh ... it's pathetic, but i can't control myself.

all i feel is love.



dumb question alert erm ... how do i put in a youtube video into my blog. i've done it once before, but can't seem to do it anymore : (

i know that i click on the "share" option button and choose blogger. but lately, blogger does not show up as an option. and i don't want to put in the link to the video. i want it to play directly from the page.

how? help? anybody?

exclusion clause : i'm just technologically challenged. otherwise, i have to say i'm quite a bright person.


let meeeee ... entertain youuuuu!

ok, i admit, i suck. it's now mid-january and i've finally convinced my being to type up a token something.

as always, it's not that i have nothing to say. it's always a case of the mind is willing but the body is lazy. however, i have to say that lately, i've been exploring the skill of the body is willing but the mind is distracted, heh.

regardless, i hear all of you who have msn-ed and emailed me for more family antics (these are friends who use me as entertainment!)and so i will get cracking. have faith!