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01 December 2010

iphone stress test

over the past 3 days my iphone has been thru much. lucky for the iphone (not so much for me) i was at work.

monday, while at a meeting, my boss accidentally knocks over my big cup of water which spills all over the table, over my notes and iphone. the people i was meeting with all yelled "save the iphone". never mind that i and my papers were wet. WE ... MUST ... SAVE ... THE ... IPHONE! the tech guy who was in the room told me not to rock the phone so that the water will not travel and seep. others said i should gently use the tissue to absorb the water. the meeting stopped for abt 3 minutes while we gave the iphone some love.

then today when i was going down the busy stairwell and sms-ing (i know, that's an accident waiting to happen ... tell me you don't do it!), my iphone slips out of my hands. the moment it hits the floor, 3 nurses yell "code blue"! then one says, "quick check and revive."

i was/am amused ... oh and don't tell hubs.



Blogger Janice said...


12:36 AM  
Blogger Denise Catherine said...

the iPhone is a survivor... I've dropped mine along the escalators, in a bucket of water, kicked it against the wall just as it fell on a granite floor... and it's still alive
YAY iPhone!
I think the person who built it had people like us in mind... maybe his wife's like us so he built it into the design : D

10:12 AM  
Blogger shoesthatfit said...

i dunno abt that. everybody tells me to treat it like glass.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Da Godma said...

LOL. Your colleagues are funny - and they obviously have iPhone love!

Good to know that little ol' phone is a toughie. Gotta love it! Still, I think I shall avoid putting MY iPhone through those paces! (tho I HAVE dropped it a few times, and I wince every time I do)

Dee - whatcha doing abusing ur phone like that?

11:15 AM  

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