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13 February 2011

it was a planning malfunction, dammit!

i knew janet jackson's tour was going to hit singapore. i sorta knew when and left it as that. i would have given ms jackson a beat coz she's a freaking mind-blowing entertainer and i wanted to be entertained. i wanted to be taken on an escapade.

instead, i chose to wait a while. alright, i procrastinated and then found it too late to pull together a posse. worse, the seat choice was seriously nasty by the time i got my act together. i supremely annoyed myself. i would have enjoyed dressing up for the concert. and i would have totally rocked the lyrics. the whole prepping for a concert, it's a pleasure principle; a girly thing.

it was a planning malfunction. i thought i was in control. ugghh, it doesn't really matter now.

sidenote : i'm totally digging her new hair. i'm planning a make-over soon and i'm looking at some serious lock-chopping.

2 steps to the left of the side note : i really wanted to work in ALL FOR YOU in this post, but couldn't find an angle. it's one of my faves. Sing it!

"all my girls at the party, look at that body, shakin that thing, like you never did see, got a nice package all right. hit it: 4, 3, 2, 1



Anonymous Da Godma said...

Eh. I didnt know u wanted to go! We went on impulse. Kinda

2:34 PM  

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