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10 September 2009

a tale of 2 jugs

is the mother's jugs half empty or half full? well the answer is both.

this is because her precious youngling has decided that she prefers one boob over the other.

yes, you read right! at just 5 weeks of life, dollface has decided that the left boob is the way to go and the right boob is just decoration. scary how opinionated she is considering that she is not a scorp!

hence now 9 weeks down, this milkmaid is lugging around 100mls of the good stuff on one side and close to nothing on the other. it's a strange feeling to be heavy on one side. sometimes i even feel that my gait is affected. i walked into a wall the other day, but that could also be because of the lack of sleep. but i digress. my boobs feel jekyll and hyde-esque - one side pam anderson, the other side kate hudson.

i've never really been successful with breastfeeding, so to be able to provide for this long(discomforts aside) is very fulfilling. i guess i was just not born to be a milkmaid but goddammit i sure am trying with this child. and i enjoy every minute of it (sans the time when i had engorgement from hell! ... but that's another story)


09 September 2009

in 5 ... 4...3...2...

and we are back!

it's been 2 months since the baby was born and i'm ready to tell you all about it. there is so much to do, so much to share, so much to grumble about.

stay tuned ... cue tv test pattern .