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16 December 2007

believe it or snot

and so i'm sitting with hubs and he is focusing on tonight's soccer game. and i'm watching the players slipping and sliding all over the pitch. and i'm thinking it doesn't look all that wet, maybe the shoe studs aren't working very well.

then suddenly, there was a close-up of a player spitting and another blowing snot out of his nose. and another and another. and i'm thinking eeeiiiwwwww. it's no wonder!

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15 December 2007

nothing fishy

so he's back and wants to play soccer and i understand coz he hasn't seen his kakis in a while. but i'm secretly praying to the rain gods coz i want some family time. then it rains and he is home and i feel bad for it. then coz it rains the weather is all cozy and he falls asleep while i was making the kids sleep. so now the soccer gods are laughing down at me.

it's only 1030pm. i'm sitting at my pooter, bored out of my mind. nothing good on tv. don't want to commit to start a book or a movie on dvd. my "home entertainment" is tired and sleeping and i so want to be selfish and wake him coz i want to be entertained. sigh.

do i wake him, or let him sleep, wake, sleep, wake, sleep ....

sigh, i don't have the heart. looks like the market is closed tonight. we won't be selling any fish.


mother's milk

MB was lounging on my bed while i was getting ready for work this morning. He was watching me apply my NEW expensive lotion.

MB : *giggle* mummy, i can see your boobies

me : okkkaayyyy, is anything wrong?

MB : no, they are actually quite nice

me : *feeling awkward now, yet curious* why?

MB : coz when i was a baby, i drank milk from your boobies right?

me : *phew* yes, that's night honey. and so did your sister and brother ...

MB : ... and dada, i saw ... that's why he is big and strong

me : !!!!


14 December 2007

today's tomorrow

MB : mummy, is dada coming back today?

me : no, tomorrow.


me : yes tomorrow

MB : is today, tomorrow?

me : no baby, today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow *kissing his excited little head*


13 December 2007

you be the judge

this is just too much of a coincidence. in the last week, i've had 3 people ask me if i am cautious with what i write on the blog because of the audience reading it.

hmmmm, lets see ... i blog honestly about how i feel but not necessarily how i am feeling at the time of the blog. most of my blogs are post-dated emotions ( ie , i don't have the time of day to share my thots when they pop up) so like in a string, i could be happy, angry then sad all at once. i do worry if people think that i may have bi-polar tendencies, coz some of my entries may indicate this : ), but thats about as far as my fear of being judged goes.

i am being honest with myself when i write - i truly am witty you know. i find the blog a very good outlet to share my feelings. it's better than a written diary which is so 1 dimentional. i appreciate that people share in my joy or wallow in my sorrow with me. i don't feel that it constrains my style because my life is on a platter for public scrutiny. on the contrary, i enjoy being careful with my words and i don't mince. if i meant it to hurt, you better believe the pain.

my only constraint is the anonymous-ness of it. i do it for 2 reasons; coz hubs is more comfortable that way and paranoia - my second most favourite past-time where the first is still over-thinking.

so no, i'm not too worried about how people judge me coz i'm ok with being judged, family or otherwise.

POSTNOTE : bi-polar is a psychological condition. it is NOT bisexual polar bears. geez people!

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09 December 2007

9 days down, 6 more to go

long distance relationships are not my thing. even as a teenager, i never dated an army boy coz i'd only be able to see him on weekends. and that sucks.

now that hubs flies so often, i'm beginning to feel mighty lonely, even with the kids sapping all my energy. it gets worse when they start pinning for him.

yesterday, before sleeping, bu turned to me and said "dada ... home?" i looked and him and said "dada ... work." then he sighed and repeated after me in the saddest of voices - like reality was sinking in.

long distance love sucks.

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saving the best for last

i made meatballs and hashbrowns for the kids for dinner today. 15 mins in, i saw that Angel Girl (AG) only had the meatballs left with a small piece of potato on the far side of her plate. but Monkey Boy (MB) had about equal amount of both, but slightly more potato.

turns out, AG prefers to save the best for last. so she'd eat everything on her plate then decide on the "best part" of the meal. then she saves enough of it so that she ends the meal with the flavour she most favours. MB on the other hand prefers to eat the best first so that he can stop eating when he is full.

personally, i too prefer to save the best for last. that could explain why AG and I are ... urm ... curvy and MB isn't.

what this blog has to do with the cupcakes picture? absolutely nothing. i'm just craving for sweets and these are looking mighty fine.


tribal council

i'm itching for a new tatt people. and i'm thinking something swirly and tribal on the side of my body. not necessarily big but maybe starts on the side and ends at the oblique. i'd like my next tatt to be visible to me from the front.

sussing for a design is taking time. so many tribes to choose from. so many designs .... so many meanings.



08 December 2007

i'm a stalker

just before hubs left for bahrain, i cooked him dinner. of which, one dish was stir fried veggie. i've not noticed this before but he prefers the leaves and i the stalk. so between us, we manage pretty well.


x men

i was talking to a friend abt ex(es) and whether we'd still make out with them later, for a one-nighter. he was telling me how he found comfort in familiarity.

personally, i don't do exes. i don't DO them period. for me it's an issue of moving on and not back-tracking. that time of my life is over. also i don't need the complications, i have enough things to overthink on my own.

i hear his point but i also say familiarity-schmiliarity. both people would have changed. even their appetites would have changed. also, i think that there would be a certain amount of awkwardness (you didn't used to do THAT when we were together) which could be good ..... or bad.

i guess i may have a different view if i were single.


having said all that, last night i was bored and went on an "ex-boyfriend" search on facebook. found some. having read their profiles or just seeing their pictures i felt a knot in my tummy. don't get me wrong, i have fond memories but like i've said, i've moved on.

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the all new 13 year chinese zodiac

the kids and i were discussing our chinese zodiacs when MB started to pout and get seriously upset. the dragon daughter was seriously dissing the sheep son.

he then decided that he is not born in the year of the sheep, but the year of the car. the zoom zoom car to be exact.


05 December 2007

couple envy

i've been on leave this week, and have been hooking up with the posse whom i've not been in contact with coz life is all consuming.

with everyone i met, we talked abt our partners and couplehood and life. there was envy (why aren't we like that) and other times i think they envied me.

the man i married is not really the man in my life now (although he looks suspiciously like him). the love is the same, if not stronger but so much has changed. we are different people. but we are WE.

ps - i think that last line is as cheesy as fabio is in this pic! it's a pond for crying out loud!


useless trivia

i dislocated my jaw some 9 years ago. hubs and i were pashing and well we heard a loud click followed by crazy pain. who says love doesn't hurt! after much therapy, i finally got it aligned but never quite the same.

tonight, the kids and i were huddled together and were playing (this little piggy went to market know the one). then we got to the tickling part and i was attacking them when my son's coconut head whammed right into my jaw. i saw stars! but i think i finally got my jaw back in line.

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booby trap

sigh ... the time has finally come. i herewith start my war against gravity. thot i'd have a bit more time .... but the need for an uplifting experience is here. and damn these lotions are expensive!

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