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16 February 2010

when gods collide

hubs and i took the kids to watch percy jackson and the lightning thief today. i've not read any harry potter book nor have i watched the movies because the story line of kids learning wizardry with all that magic and mayhem then gelling it with the modern world does absolutely nothing for me. but the whole greek mythology thing* with this harry potter-esque story grabbed me and i was eager to buy the tix.

* i like all things greek, mostly drawn by their mythology. i'm also fascinated by their history. i like their salads, wonder woman and their glorious isle - ooh to soak in the spirit of greece. i tolerated the hercules tv series and put up w xena the warrior princess ... actually i lie, i didn't tolerate, i actually anticipated the episodes, week after week. sigh. BUT NOW ... i am super looking forward to clash of the titans! how cool is that going to be!*

PJATLT was my interim greek fix. to me, it was like camp rock with a teeny tiny touch of 300 with the zac efron (less metro) lookalike main actor. also ... might i add, we've always known pierce brosnan to be quite the stallion. this movie just took that one step further and made him into a centaur! haha. he looked absolutely majestic. and who else better to play medusa than ice cold uma thurman. and of cause they needed to get that greek chick from CSI:NY to do a cameo as athena.

i like the way the mythical characters were weaved into the story line. accept for the idea of the demi-god camp which i thot was a little roll-eyes-ish, i liked it. more importantly, the kids enjoyed it. go watch, quick!



it is also hard to write abt love when i'm not feeling my best. it's been a tough 2ish weeks for me. struggling emotionally. giving my all. i'm just so very tired and i feel unappreciated. won't say who, what or why. so don't dig. i'm just unhappy.

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i confess

boy! did 5 consecutive days of blogging put a strain on my carpel tunnel! it was waaaayyyy out of my blogging norm and comfort zone. blogging about love for 5 days was most exhausting. both the stress of the alluded frequency and the soul baring. i'm stopping here ... 5 out of 7 days ain't bad.


12 February 2010

the man

why did i choose him? he is my light and my darkness. keeps me sane yet is the cause of my insanity. he's created a pop-up book of surprises with each flip of my book of life. he brought me out of the comfort of my black and white world. he's a 3-d experience. a multi-sensory engagement. and he's mine to keep.


10 February 2010


The relationship between two Scorpio individuals is a bitter-sweet one. This love match is bound to have lots of intensity, as neither the individuals is prone to enter into a relationship with shallow feelings. There will be lots and lots of romance in this zodiac match and it could easily result in long-term commitment and marriage. Both of them are extremely passionate about everything in their life and this includes their partner too.

There may be stormy fights every now and then, but then, the reunions will be just as sizzling too. The love of a Scorpio has as much ardor as his/ her hate. He/ she cannot simply love or hate. He/ she has to love passionate and hate fiercely. The relationship between two Scorpios will either be profoundly fulfilling or extremely devastating. There is no middle ground for these individuals.

Their chemistry will be totally endearing and their union will comprise of strong feelings, desires and emotions. Neither of them is satisfied with moderation in anything, they need to feel extreme emotions all the time. They will love each other, protect each other and fight for each other.

need i say more :)

call it extreme loving but i won't have it any other way. he lights my fire in so many ways. he brings colour and life into my world. together, we are electric. we may have our down-times but the journey back to "us" is always something i look forward to.

NB : ok i cheated w this post and copied off a zodiac compatibility link. i just needed a day's break. all i can say is that it's all true.


09 February 2010


we're both strong headed events people with different ideas and lots of opinions. so it took me by surprise when we were planning for our wedding, that we were right in stride. which was great coz we had a shoe-string wedding, with absolutely no savings.

our budget was "we'll take anything ... cheap" .... and our mantra was "it still has to look tasteful, the music impeccable, the essence unforgettable". we love a good challenge.

i have to say we scored on all three. we had a beach party, in the sunset with good food and the best company.

as usual, i'm digressing.

so back to having a cost effective wedding, we decided to bank on resources at hand and music to create the look and feel that we wanted for our merry making. we were big on making our wedding different. i was in charge of aesthetics, he was in charge of music. and when we presented our ideas to each other (yes, we are anal that way), there were no arguments ... we didn't have to sell any concepts. we were right in sync.

he loved my idea to include various framed wedding pictures of family and friends to decorate our registration table. it was a beautiful and personal gesture. all the couples, close to our lives, lending photos of their wedding day ... the most happiest day of their lives, to us as we celebrate ours.

one of his ideas was that we would not walk-in to the wedding march but to john lennon's LOVE. when he said that i was like YES! brilliant idea. meaningful lyrics, lovely melody, perfect pace.

ever heard the song or read the lyrics to LOVE? i did an earlier post on this. it's so simple and real.

we walked out to U2's Beautiful Day. and it really was :)


08 February 2010

bun in the oven

we both came into the relationship w baggage. mine bigger than his. we were drawn, both wanting to save and fix each other from our lives as we knew it. to save the underdog ... it's the scorpio curse .

when we found that we were pregnant w AG we were so confused and elated at the same time. we sat together at the foot of the bed, looked deep into our souls and knew AG was for keeps.

we were not sure we wanted to marry and spend the rest of our lives together, but we knew we wanted her. it did not matter to us that we were about to become back-fence gossip, we just knew we had to have her. that moment, we agreed to take life, one day at a time and embrace each moment .... together.

with each person we told, we received only love and support. we only felt love. from all around us. only love.

from the humble bun to a full bakery, i dare say that if we had to, we'd do this all over again.


07 February 2010

with all my heart and Sol

7 days to valentine's. this year, i thot i'd do a 7-day post of the experiences that make us ... US. for the heck of it. bear with me. if you start to cringe, you may walk away for a breather. but come back ok :)

i have recently been feeling rather romantic in a sentimental and soppy way, much to my annoyance. i like to think i'm not a romantic ... but in all honesty (and i do think it has a lot to do with my 4 pregnancies, and all the hormones messing me up) i'm finally becoming a girl.

so here's the first installment :

i've known hubs for some 7 some years before our first non-date. it was a meet up over beers at a kooky joint near his office. i wanted coronas but it was not on the menu. so he ordered us some Sol ... which is like a corona ... but not.

after 3 beers and lots of talking, something clicked. we met several times after that, always ordering beer to loosen our nerves (alcohol dates are the way to go, if you ask me) anyway, this beer thing carried on for 4ish years into our marriage.

then one day, while sipping into his iced cold frothy glass, he says to me," you know hon, i don't really like beer. i only drank it coz you did, that first time." to which i said, "neither do i, i'm more of a whiskey coke/ tequila neat kinda chick. i drank it coz YOU ordered it."

it dawned on us that we both have been growing a beer gut for nothing. well not really for nothing. we blame the gut on love. we were being self-sacrificing alcoholics.

anyways, it was like "hello stranger!". like a mr & mrs smith moment where they both came into a realisation that their lives w each other had been a huge lie. ok ok, not so dramatic ... but you get what i mean.

we now have the occasional beer and chuckle when we reminisce about this little story. A story we lovingly refer to as 3 beers.