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29 August 2007

welcome to brazil

i am soooo going to kill T. she talked me into going for a wax which i consistently said i didn't want coz i tried it once before (7 years ago) and i almost died from the pain.

this was because DG egged me to do it. and if DG, who is a pariah and cannot take any pain (but can take an insanely amount of mental pain) said it's not painful, it really must be a walk in the park. boy was i wrong!

anyway, i must have completely blocked the experience out of my mind coz when T started to seduce me with the benefits, my better judgement took a smoke break. she also said, " i won't bluff you, it's painful but it's only for a while." this consistent bantering must have confused my better judgement coz before i knew it, i was making an appointment with her therapist.

i was screaming bloody murder! i saw stars. at some point, i think i may have also blanked out. i can tell you now, giving birth and tattoos are much less painful. hell, i think pulling my nails out with a pair of pliers is less painful.

the first thing i did when i came out was buy a pack of smokes. and i usually don't do this (coz i'm a jamban smoker) but i lit one up at the corner of the street and went through 2 sticks in a row.

don't think i'll be renewing my visa for a visit down south anytime soon!

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focus point

MB : mummy, can you switch on the toilet light please. i want to poop.
me : sure honey

*15 mins later*

me : MB you still in the toilet?
MB : yes mummy
me : what are you doing in there for so long?
MB : focusing
me : WHAT!?
MB : focusing ... it's very important to focus you know mummy.
me : okayyyy ... but are you done?
MB : yeah, for so long already.


28 August 2007


since she started with this spelling thing, AG has been leaving notes/ memos around the house for hubs and i. sometimes i find secret "i love you mummy" notes under my pillow, on the kitchen sink, behind the door ... the list goes on. other times she walks around with a note pad and writes her answers when i am asking her questions.

anyways, i came home tired today and tore around the house coz no one was listening. the kids were exceptionally naughty so i was also shouting at them.

then i found a note on the dining table. it read "i don't lick you like dick." with raised eyebrows i asked her who taught her to write this. she said she learnt it herself. my heart was racing. so i asked what she meant by it. then she read it back it me. "i don't like you like this."



my little secret

ok people, here it is. props to DG for the photos. hope you guys din turn blue holding your breath in anticipation.

anyways, this was done on 30th July. it was really not planned. went to far east to pick up my stuff at the tailors. then decided to stop at the shop since i had my pic with me. (since the last time T sprang the tattoo visit on me, i now carry all my intended designs ... just in case.)

anyways, chak managed to squeeze me in his tight schedule. 15 mins later, i had a new tattoo. ta dah!

disclaimer : the tattoo looks a little botchy coz DG took pics when i started to peel. hence the warm lighting in the later few pics.

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27 August 2007

4 days more

i dunno. either i have horny readers or people think i dun have a sex life. everyone is excited about me and hubs spending time together. it's sweet and freaky at the same time.

so to clear the air, here are the answers to the 2 most common questions (and one not-so-common question) i received this week :
1) so how WAS your "dirty weekend"?
we have not gone yet. it's this fri to sun.

2) so how dirty was your weekend?
i dunno, looks like we have a lot of laundry and the floor is getting quite mucky. may be the dirtiest weekend yet.

3) wah printing money ah! why stay in local hotel?
well, our bad for taking sleep for granted. until you have 3 kids, you never really value sleep. now we have to pay to snooze! :(

ps - all the well-wishers for more kids, you better stop or face the curse of the mighty spermegg - he never misses a target!


26 August 2007

the sisterhood of cake

dee baked again today. berry cheesecake. rich as hell and oh soooo yummy. i knew i would pack on the pounds if i ate the whole cake.

so i did what all girls would have done, i shared my cake with my partners in crime. gave T 2 slices and DG some too.

this way, i keep you guys fattened so that you won't lose weight behind my back. muah ah ah ah ...


25 August 2007

6 days more

so excited to spend time with hubs that i have been mentally packing our what-to-bring items. we never had our honeymoon and i have to say that this is the first time in 7 years that we are going on a (pseudo) holiday.

4 years back, we took a room in a hotel that our friend was getting married in. we ended up sleeping till noon (coz the heavy curtains were drawn). we had to rush to check-out. so much for chilling and vegging out.

the other time we had a weekend together was when we took the marriage encounter weekend and i was heavily pregnant with baby bu. not the most comfortable of retreats.

so now, the time has come, where time will not be of the essence. 2 days of not having to wake early and prepare breakfast for the kids, 2 days of no responsibilities. 2 days of nuahness (eggs or otherwise).


24 August 2007

in the buff (formerly tea for 2)

for some reason ... my unedited version was published earlier. but this is the correct one.

i think today, collectively, T and i spent close to 3 hours discussing the finer points of which hue of nude lippy is the best. the dicussion was between colours High Tea, Brew and Fresh Brew. don't these names make you want to reach for your tea time biscuits : )

they are all the same texture but the faintest of hues apart. hint of tan, hint of pink, hint of apricot. all lovely and unique in their own way. all gorgeous.

hmmmm ... decisions-decisions.

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count down to dirty weekend

hubs and i are going away for a weekend. although ... not really away and not really a weekend. we'll be staying at a local hotel coz mom doesn't have any help with the kids. hence we need to be shouting distance away. near enuf for her to call and complain then pass the kids on so that we can give an earful.

we so need this time to recharge. individually and as a couple. i'm looking forward to soaking in a tub. sleeping till noon, not having kids wake and shove me to a corner as i sleep.

but most of all, i'm looking forward to eating nuah egg at the breakfast buffet. with sausages and coffee then a glass of orange juice and a smoke. having the combo stir for a while then running back to the room for a shoik download.

ah .... life's little pleasures : )


23 August 2007

say cheese

went to M&S today and tried some lingerie. when i was in the pretty underthings starring at myself in the full-length, i saw what my thighs were becoming. age was settling in and i have cellulite.

awwww man! i am not ready to face this! there is absolutely nothing lite abt cellulite. i felt fat and heavy all at once. i quickly threw my clothes back on and returned the lingerie as denial crept over me.



19 August 2007

something "spells" in here ...

AG is in her 27th week of learning random spelling words for school. short of that 2 times that she flunk (coz i forgot to teach her, then i taught her the wrong week's list) she has been in total game mode.

i up-ed the ante some weeks ago by telling her that if she scored full marks 3 times, she gets to go to Toys-r-Us and pick something out.

i've never seen her more driven! she already has 2 and is gunning for her last.

but i think the spelling words are a bitch to teach! one week she had moan AND groan. another she had ocean (which is phonetically very challenging "oh-shen"). last week she had to spell "space shuttle" and this week had ingredients, decorate and adventure. it also had crack ... which got me thinking. who thinks up these lists!!


glossing over the nude

i've always worn red or plum coloured lippies. not coz i like the drama but coz i didn't do much with my eyes. but now that eyeshadow has become a huge part of my life, i've been going to work with just gloss on.

thennnnn T asked me to try out a nude shade. i've never been into nude. i always thot it made me look pale. but with strong eyes, nude lips is the icing on the cake. add some gloss and what have you got?

va va voom! plump come hither lips. never had that before. i like it!

sorry BJL, i have a new lover. his name is MAC. he makes me feel pretty and beautiful. feminine on somedays and sexy on others. i'm over my threesomes with ben AND jerry. MAC is the new flame in my life : )

ps .. but WM is still hot!

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17 August 2007


feeling down and out, my partner in crime decided to take me out for a beer today. but not before we stopped at the MAC counter at tangs.

sigh .... we spent money ... again. BUT BUT ... we both also walked away with a free lippy coz we "cashed" in 6 empty containers.

we spent enuf to be invited to a product launch next tuesday *yay something to look forward to* and a free makeover.... which could see us spending money again. but that's another pay cheque.

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16 August 2007

emo part two

i feel lonely. i feel lost and alone. i feel desolate.

i want attention. i need attention. i feel unappreciated and unloved.

i want to be wined and dined. pampered and made to feel special.

the lack of which makes me upset.



emo part one

what i thot was anger manifested into rage. boiling hot rage. i feel so angry.

angry with life.

i want to scream. i want to hit something and smash it to bits.

i want to throw things around. i want to make a mess. i want to rip my skin off.

my head is about to explode.

i need a hug.


15 August 2007


been down w gastric flu. actually the flu part has not kicked in yet. just the gastric and the body aches and the headache and the giddiness. been feeling like shit.

i feel like i'm in the first 3 months of pregnancy where the nausea is overwhelming. BUT I'M NOT OKAY!! just feel ill and rotten to the core. the acidic taste in my mouth just won't go away. i've got no appetite to eat and caffine (the love of my life) tastes putrid. sigh.

been merlion-ing too. from both ends! when will the torture end!!!!!!!

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assume nothing

today is a catholic day of obligation. it's mary's assumption into heaven - body and soul. i knew abt this for days now but still one hour before mass, i was ai-mai-ing going to church.

why? coz i wanted to go to tangs to check out the new MAC products that they were selling. of course i asked my one catholic colleague, who went with me to an off-site meeting venue, whether i should go to church seeming that the meeting ended at 5:30 and mass was at 6:30. my catholic friend said, in this order, "lets go have a smoke, then a coffee and pop into church to say some prayers BECAUSE if your mind is not focused on the mass, then no point sitting thru it." spoken like a true catholic.

so off we went for that smoke and a cuppa. then guilt crept in. slow and steady, it came nudging and eventually i found myself packing and making a bee-line to novena church. it was 6:15, i had more then enuf time to manage mass AND sneak into tangs after. well, i assumed mass was at 6:30.

first came the Angelus (which i remember reciting as a child) then came the Evening prayers to St Joseph the worker. THEN came the annoucement that mass was starting shortly but not before the concregation had to sing some songs. WAH! i was taken for a catholic ride. i was not prepared for these extras especially with the anticipation of my after church plans.

by the time mass started i had spent 45 mins in church with a full bladder. i made it past the homily and gospel. did the creed and i was out of there. not happy abt leaving mass early but really it was hard to concerntrate. really.

and so continues the second part of my journey with fatih ... penance.


12 August 2007

life's a tease

i've got a thot in my head ... that's not really a thot. well actually i have have many thots in my head that i have not had time to write. in no particular order ... this is my life ... without elaboration.

1) another uncle passed-on with cancer. liver cancer. he found out abt it 3 months ago. the fittest man i know, not a smoker nor a drinker. always watched what he ate too. when he found out, it was already in it's fourth stage. he gave me away at my wedding which is why he is dear to me. i'm now designing a a star tatt (to join my family of stars done earlier) to honour him.

2) i got a new tatt. the chrysanthemum that i wanted. it's on the back of my neck, covered by my hair. it's my little secret. did it on an impulse. needed to feel pain. will blog pics once DG sends them to me. meanwhile, dun hold your breath.

3) still addicted to make-up. somebody NEEDS to help me.

4) still struggling with exercise. now worried too coz AG is getting rounder with the lack of movement. in kindie she was running around a lot but in pri school, PE is only 2 periods in a week. been going for walks with her. actually just A walk. really need to put more attention in helping her with this.

5) hubs has been doing lots of events lately. which means, i've been stuck with the kids and mom (which explains the lack of entries). a colleague asked me the other day how i manage work and family. i told her that work stops when i drop my pen. coz when i get home, family is all consuming. i also said smokes and alcohol helps. now if only they'd make grass legal....

6) EPL season just started. won't see hubs till may next year! this morning while i was putting on make-up and getting ready for church, he was going on and on abt the goals and the managers and the players and the plays the players made and tonights matches. the only thot in my head was does my eye make-up match my clothes?

ps ... and on that note, roy keane looks so much hotter in his well-tailored manager suit than in a man u jersey!

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