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22 January 2008

i need, i want

i get-off on shopping. bargain shopping to be exact.

i love sales, i hardly ever buy full-price. and when i find a piece, that is perhaps the last piece on the rack ..... and if it fits like a glove, oooh .... i cannot resist. the lethal combo of the discounted price with the perfect fit is euphoric.

i probably have more clothes than there are days to wear it. lingerie too. and make-up, don't get me started with the make-up haul that i have. then there are shoes and bags. i could go on.

very quickly my need changes into a want and i don't really know what i want it for, i just do. herewith lies my problem.

i'm failing miserably at my resolution to save money. the post-xmas sale is sucking me dry. i may not have the strength *or the money left over* to save. it's so painful saying no to retail. so far i've been clean 3 days, but i feel like cracking. boy, this is worst than trying to quit smoking. sigh.


21 January 2008

generation X and Why

you know, as a generation Xer, we were always taught to think out of the box. what if there is no box?

AG and i were discussing stuff the other day and she was not feeling very creative with her answers. so i asked her to think out of the box and use her imagination.

AG : where's the box mummy?

me : it's an imaginary box.

AG : so the box is not real?

me : you can't "see" the box because it's about how things are usually done. like rules. so the idea is to think of new ways to do stuff.

AG : how do you know if you are inside the the box and when you are outside?

me : what do you mean?

AG : how do you know if the box exists.

me : depends ... on what you think the rules are.

AG : so if i dun follow the rules, like the ones you and dada make, then i'm thinking out of the box. coooool, i think i'm going to like this.


20 January 2008

berry yummy

hubs bought a tube of grape flavoured mentos for the kids today. i only took one disc.

strawberry mentos is my fave of all the flavours. and while i'm at it, strawberry flavoured fruit tella is my fave too. what's yours?

..... come to think about it, i like a lot of things strawberry flavoured except strawberry ice-cream/ milk and pink chocolate.

17 January 2008

hair standing on ends

have you ever known anyone that just rubs you the wrong way. a person who the cosmos has decided that the chemistry mix of the individual is like acid to your soul?

i've had the displeasure. i get riled up and have palpitations from what feels like blood boiling.

i'm not sure why this happens. it's unphantomable. i guess some people really DO rub others the wrong way. i'm done trying to put my finger on it. it just is ... *eye twitch*


16 January 2008

warts up doc

i stood on something last month and it hurt my big toe. when i couldn't stand the discomfort anymore (heh), i went to the staff clinic to ask the doc to remove it. she didn't want to and asked me to go to the emergency department (EMD) to have it done.

i was like WHAT?! if i went to the EMD with a "splinter" in my toe, they would have eff-ed me sideways good and hard. it's their pet peeve, people who show up at emergency presenting with non-life threatening conditions.

so i asked what my options were. she said that i could leave it in and if it is a foreign object, my body will expel it. i chose to let the toe fester and didn't go to the EMD. besides, it was xmas time and didn't want anything to upset my pedicure.

the pain became quite unbearable recently and i again went to the staff clinic. a new doc was on duty and after his assessment, he decided it was a wart. so he wrote me a referral to see a specialist to freeze it off. my appointment is today.

now this is a painful procedure, especially when done on the under toe where there is lots of nerve endings. i still dun think it's a wart and will prob negotiate alternative treatment. damn, i'm so not looking forward to it : (

POSTNOTE : hah! it was NOT a wart. after squinting hard at my toe, the dermatologist sloughed the skin and said it was prob a splinter - as i expected (just call me prof). but more importantly, my toe is happy again. yay!

12 January 2008

groovy baby

i had lava love (my pretty red ipod) on shuffle today and she gave me earth, wind and fire's - let's groove tonight. it's infectious, it's funky, it's psychedelic baby.

i was hip-hopping all the way to the hospital. i was grinning and walking fast trying to stealth some dance moves with each stride. it's such a feel-good song. i've never been so happy to haul my ass into the office on a saturday before.

** z._ ... i did it mate, i did it! this is my first link! thanks for the instructions : )

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10 January 2008

the attack of the blob

work at the office started on tuesday for me, after a 2 week break. i spent my first hour sneezing my head off. think i'm allergic to work.

really happy for the encentuate accessagent software that the hospital has loaded, else i would not have been able to get into my office pooter at all! i did not note all my passwords before taking leave, but no skin off my back. ain't technology great!

i thot that i would get into the groove the moment i had my cuppa, but 4 cuppas later, i was still feeling sluggish. i could hear my emailbox filling up but i just could not muster the urgency. i think i'm really coming into my power to procrastinate. the force is strong this year.

spent some time doing trivial stuff, planning my leave for the year, organising the desk, picking up new stationery. counted my total leave days - i have 33 days annual leave (26 for this year and 7 from last) + 3 days family care leave + 12 off days (for working a half saturday every month). the realisation quickly put a smile on my face. that's 2 months of leave days right there - not counting public holidays! dun jealous hor *snigger*

i suddenly found the spring in my step : ) yay work!


09 January 2008


i've been living in my little bubble the past month and it's been all good : ) being around family (and friends who are family) has been delectable for my soul. here's a quick catch-up :

saving the best for last; part deux
christmas morning the kids attacked the tree with vengeance. AG carefully collected her loot, MB tore thru his stash and Bu was just happy to play with the colourful wrappers.

the difference ... AG kept all her pressies under her bed and savoured them. she opened one a day and relished the element of surprise each time. MB went for the kamikaze kill, was in a trance from toy overload then was jealous (day after day) as he watched AG with her pressies. He spent the next 8 days taunting and pleading her to open more.

interestingly, i received tattoo vouchers for xmas. the gift that lasts forever DG and Ivan & Sam said. nicely, the discovery channel just started showing LA Ink (slotted before) Miami Ink. my head is racing with ideas. can't wait : )

what if
i swear durex is out to get us. we had another pregnancy scare this month. hubs was happy off the bat. i, however, went into a roller-coaster ride of emotions. i want another kid (i know ... i'm nuts ... sigh) but i'm really not excited about having my body expand again. retracting is 100x more difficult each time. so selfish, but true.

just when my maternal instincts were kicking-in, auntie mary in her red ferrari came in to park. not sure if i'm disappointed or relieved. i'm torn.

family day
sunday mass starts at 1030am. last sunday, we left the house at 1030am. hubs hates it when we go in late so we hopped in a taxi, decked in our sunday best, and went to the botanic gardens for brekkie. food was good but we ate way too much.

the stroll after was even better. the park was bustling with people and we walked, all together, holding hands, discovering plants, checking out the dragonflies, pointing at the turtles, teaching the kids to say "BONZAI!". so much fun. babes, i love that you are a spur of the moment man!

gin rummy
been teaching hubs to play gin. he's competive so he is picking up the game really fast. playing gin is every eurasian's birthright. so are the eagles, journey and CCR : )

this year, AND I MEAN IT THIS TIME, i resolve to save money. i'm not resolving to lose weight anymore, i'm done kidding myself.

the four letter word
damn you post-xmas SALE! and to add to that ... double damn you pre-chinese-new-year SALE!

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