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25 April 2010


angel girl had her first bff type phone call today. she was really excited. this girl is her class-mate but they only recently started talking. they are both on the volleyball team and are in the same catechism class too. for me, it was really cute to see her lounged on the sofa making idle banter. sure, this same stance is going to be the splinter in my side for all of her up-coming teenage years. but seeing her like that brought back fond girlish memories for me too.

they talked about liking the same type of computer games (plants vs zombies), the same tv channel (nickelodeon and mtv), family (she too has annoying brothers). i let her talk for about 15 mins and insisted on being at ear-shot. then when time was up, i gave her the pointing-finger-in-motion signal to wrap it up. which she did but not before the girl said she'd call her this evening. *looks like it's game on!*

when she was done, i was quick to give her the friendship talk to call-out the other person's bad decision should the need arise. sure friends are all about support and love but it's more than that. as a responsible friend, you need to tell them when they are heading for trouble. then support them even if they decide to go down that path.

may have been a little pre-mature, but it's never too early to instill the virtue of independent thinking. i've seen so many swayed by the herd mentality of following rather than thinking for themselves. but she's a smart kid. there are others in my tribe i should be more concerned a about.

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bu : where is dada?

me : in macau.

bu : who's cow?

me : noooo.... macau ...

bu : your cow?

me : i don't have a cow babes.

bu : so where's dada?

hubs left for macau last night. prepped the kids beforehand about it but obviously, someone was not listening :)

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15 April 2010

cooking up a storm

designing the kitchen has been a total nightmare. it's a freaking shoe box! tiny as hell, which i guess is enuf for a chef like moi ... but still.

my current place has a kitchen with generous space. all my girlfriends can fit comfortably to cook me some grub; while i wait impatiently at the dining table preparing for my time honoured food-tasting role. i'll have you know that i'm damn good at food-tasting!

with the new kitchen, they'd probably have to take turns to cook. i'd have to wait hours for a 3-4 course meal as they try to negotiate the space. sigh ... lucky this is temporary. looking forward to 2015 when we start looking for a bigger place.


everything AND the kitchen sink

in the new flat, provision for the kitchen sink (ie the pipes etc) is made opposite the kitchen entrance, near a 2 panelled window. i thot it better to create the stove there so that when i cook (and i say WHEN i cook) the fumes will float out the window and not linger in the kitchen. in doing so, i'd relocate my sink perpendicular to the stove, for easy access. i thot what a splendid idea until i learnt that a stove directly facing the kitchen door can cause bad health. like we need that in our life!

i'm not a feng shui freak but i'm also not about to refute this ancient chinese system of aesthetics that has worked well for eons. i'm all for the flow of good ch'i. nothing wrong with being pre cautious, i am asian after all.

anyways, i've also learnt that the windowed outlook is positive for ch'i and conducive to happiness, especially if the window overlooks water!

so guess where i'm moving that sink! right next to the window, right where it was originally intended.