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31 March 2007

it's miller time!

my new tv obsession is "prison break". watched it yet? the story line is interesting (all this anal planning and executing which i like) but it ain't the show that i'm watching people, it's wentworth miller. to quote/unquote a female fan's comment ... "i just want to rape wentworth miller!"

OMG he's so hot! i've always been attracted to the good-boy-with-a-dark-side-and-a-chip-on-his-shoulder type. totally into the intense look. it's all in the eyes, i say. i crazy dig that. (but not that freaky david copperfield kind of stare ok ... that is just weird)

hubs reminds me not to confuse intense with constipated! but that's why i married you honey ... intense looking and so full of sh*t :) ... also for your wonderful sense of humour. heh.

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19 March 2007

personal jesus II

we are now half way into lent and i have nothing to show for it. i've induldged in the pleasures of sin without a second thot about sacrifice nor penance. even fish on friday seems like a scam as i tuck into grilled salmon and sushi, trying to beat the system. lent has that effect on me. during these 40 days, sin seems most delectable, i just can't explain it.

at my cube, i have a picture of the sacred heart, to remind myself to be somewhat catholic in my work. today as i stared at my pooter crunching numbers for a presentation, while trying to piece tog a department workplan, it dawned on me how freaky the sacred heart image is. the pic i have is of jesus looking lovingly back at me with his left had stretched forward holding his heart (depicted as an organ) with the usual flames, cross and fire.

so amidst all my work, i googled sacred heart. interesting history behind it, but i won't bore you. did you know that it's prob the most popular tattooed religious design. but i digress ..

i've never questioned the power of the sacred heart or what it stands for. i've always believed. hence the pic at my cube. my christian friend shared how her take on religion has shifted recently. she is now not trying her darnest to be christlike - which can lead to a lot of frustration and denial ... believe you, me. instead she is focusing on rejoycing that HE is a loving god. i guess the crux of the matter is that no matter how big a sinner you are, it doesn't matter as long as you come back to HIM.

PS : the pic is a little pre-mature, but what the hey : )


18 March 2007

who am i trying to kid ...

new week, new resolution to diet. then the weekend came and screwed up my plans. it's hard to diet when the mother in law cooks kick ass curry. after stuffing my face like there's no tomorrow at lunch, she told me to pack a batch home for dinner so that the pigging out can continue.

i sit here with my belly hanging out of my shorts. i sit here with guilt ... yet i feel completely satisfied. i sit here ... coz the only thing i can move right now are my fingertips. *burp*


17 March 2007

move over michelin man, here comes prata barbie

had a bad night with monkey boy who managed to crawl into my bed, unbeknownst, shoving me to the floor with his excessive kicking and sleep breath in my face. so hubs took the 2 bigger ones to the office with him in the morning, hoping that i could take in a nap. i enjoyed a 2 hr snooze then decided to repay the kindness and save him from the kids so that he could get some work done.

the plan was lunch then a short "train" ride into sentosa before heading back. we ate at mc-ers. they were suprisingly well behaved, even baby, and we all had a good time. a treat was definately in order. then i made the worst choice ever and popped into toys-r-us. we spent an hour moving from aisle to aisle toggling between the barrage of everything with wheels and everything bimbo. one car and a box of beadie-craft thing-ums latter, we had run out of time.

back to base we headed but not before passing the biggest MAC cosmetics event i've ever seen. as an ex-event person, i was really impressed with the set-up. but not so taken by the life-sized barbies who were posing and basking. (it's the Barbie loves MAC launch). angel girl pointed at one less than perfect barbie - she was fat and i mean she was a big mama with a blond wig! speechless AG turned to me for an explaination. i said that's what happens when barbie eats too much prata. we both burst out laughing. must tell martel abt prata barbie - curry sold separately.


15 March 2007

writers block

i sat for one hour thinking abt what to write. so much has happened in the last 3 weeks. and yet my mind runs blank. i'm in a zone. rather ... i'm zoning.

ok i give up. i'm just going to ramble for a bit. watched a lot of tv lately. really bad tv. reality tv is like a road traffic accident. it's soooo bad but i just gotta watch.

i dunno how well angel girl has been coping with her mandarin. i know she hates it ie she does not speak nor read the language. she entices the neighbour child over to translate her work sheets to get her home work done. the power of manipulation is great. think she gets it from me : )

i'm addicted to topshop. i don't want help.

hubs was recently in bangkok for work for almost a week. we had 2 queens in the castle again. i bought a pack of smokes to help me thru. the pack lasted me the week.

ok got distracted. american idol was on and i just had to watch (pls ref last sentence of second para) and so i've lost the train of thought that i didn't have to begin with.

i'll try again over the weekend ... ciao babes

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