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27 June 2007

cool dude

JC is THE coolest "person" i know and so down to earth *no pun intended*. i can talk to HIM abt everything and HE will listen. never judging and always forgiving. sometimes HE smacks me on the back of the head, other times patting me on my back. best friend i ever had/ have.

i bet, if HE had the chance, HE'd be in jeans and a white tee (instead of the robe) and HE'd have a tattoo and ride a harley.

ps - i'm ready for my next tattoo : )


26 June 2007

moment of silence

found out a couple of days ago, that the first boy to ever ask me for my telephone number, had succumbed to cancer. it was real shocking news coz he's just a few years older than me and a very talented musician. hope his life was pleasantly full while it lasted.

i remember being just a girl, at all of 16, and no-where-near being a woman. i was slowly phasing out my tom-boy look (coz mom said i had to) and was just starting to wear skirts, brush my hair and wear make-up (basic stuff like eye-liner and gloss). this guy and i used to go for cat class together but as all catholic children know, cat class is not where you learn about god, it's actually SDU for the young.

we also went for the same mass and i always had mom with me. but one sunday, and i remember this vividly, mom was ill so i went alone. Once the priest finished the gospel, i went down to the vending machine where i bumped into him, also skipping the homily. we smiled then stood there while we sipped the watered down coke. then all of a sudden he turned to me and asked for my number. just like that. no lead up, no small talk, nothing. i wasn't smitten enuf so i declined *but i have to say that i liked the attention*

we never spoke again. tho we did the eye contact thing. as we grew older, the eye contact morphed into the head nods and then the occasional "hi!". we actually had a full conversation some years ago. he's still single and i have an army, he was amused. i feel sad coz i din get a chance to say bye.


24 June 2007


the tv is broke. think the kids yanked a cord and now we can't receive cable. (i'm not a gizmo person so it looks unfixable to me) we can however still watch DVD. my TV addicted children were like headless chickens. they were lost and walking in circles bumping into each other. it was amusing. but the amusement was short lived when all this giddiness turned into frustration. which meant it was nap time for all to cool-off.

we got a lot of work done today. we cleaned house and AG finished her scrap-book. we talked a lot. YUP! you heard right. we talked .. a lot. i think i talked more to my kids today than i have all week. i'm relishing this and we are happier for it. hubs is away (again) till saturday, so we prob will continue this bonding for the whole week. yay! might not even want to tell the kids that the tv is fixed!


obi-wan : the boy is our last hope/ yoda : no, there is another

i have 3 kids - all different and with their own little personalities. 2 out of the 3 were unplanned surprises. 1 was planned but still was a surprise coz we din think that we'd hit the jackpot at the first yank of the lever. how 2 screwed up individuals managed to make 3 beautiful younglings is beyond me.

as an only child, i've always felt that i have 1 kid too many. as quickly as i typed that out, i have to say that i am grateful for baby bu who has added a positive dimension in our lives. soon after he was born, i issued the memo (which some missed) to say that the baby factory is closed. shut down for good. the mind is willing but the body is tired ... and old ... and fed-up that every time a successful effort is made to lose weight, out pops a bump to thwart the program.

2 days ago, hubs shared that he had a feeling that we'd have a forth. i almost blew coffee out of my nose! he said it was a gut feeling, which is hardly ever wrong. i asked him to have this child with another woman, but he said no coz he wanted to maintain the consistency.

i've had this same gut feeling for months now but didn't dare share this with him coz i was afraid it'd come true. now he has broken the silence of ignorance. i reminded him of the memo but we both know that memos are not written by us but by the big boss in the sky.

so now we wait. with bated breath. to see what HE has in store for us. meanwhile, we will check the condoms for holes.

ps : honestly tho, once the kids out number the adults, it doesn't matter. sigh ....

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23 June 2007

prints and the revolution

spent the weekend doing my daughter's homework - she needs to create a scrap book about mammals. with pictures, facts, mathematical sums and write a story. it needs to have a cover, content page and an end page. and this is primary one homework, mind you.

i decided on an art and craft approach. of course i procrastinated till the last weekend of her 1 month holiday to put this together. my worker bee is not amused.

through this project, i've been reminded of the obvious and learnt new factoids. mammals are warm blooded, have hair/ fur, don't lay eggs and suckle their young, of course there are more complex facts, all interesting and fascinating.

Me : are rabbits mammals?
AG : yessssss
Me : then what are easter eggs all about?
AG : ...... *pause* but the eggs don't belong to the bunnies whattt.
Me : CleeeVer.

anyways, after all the animal surfing, i've come to the realisation that my favourite animal print is zebra. not leopard.

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18 June 2007


18 june is finally here. today is the day i start a fresh with my lifestyle ... with a bang. check out my other blog for details. *see fathope on the left bar*

crazy busy day at work today. almost didn't know if i was coming or going. and even when i stood still, the world was spinning.

been dreaming a lot in my sleep lately. strange coz i'm a non-dreamer, so usually, i wake up fresh. but since i started dreaming, i've been waking really tired. mentally tired even before i start my day. which really sucks. and i don't remember my dreams. bet it's all going to come back to me in a deja vu moment, when i remember the future.

anyway, i'm still feeling like i'm in limbo ... so i'm gonna rock out of here. how low can you go ....


12 June 2007

kiss on my list

me : hey MB, come here, look at my big ulcer *pulling down my lower lip*
MB : hwoooah! so big mummy!
me : yeah, it's very painful.
MB : so poor thing you. i will pray to jesus for you ok mummy.
me : ok son.
MB : please jesus, make my mummy's mouth better so that she can kiss me again.

sigh .. what can i say. this child always knows the right words around women. he melts my heart and i am putty in his hand. then as soon as i can say "awwwwww ..." he's bounced back to monkey mode.


hey jealousy

T and i were emailing today and she said that she went on a date with her hubs last night. was ok at first ... then all-of-a-freakin'-sudden, i felt a little green troll grow inside of me. i can't remember a time hubs and i went on a date. no, wait, i can remember, it was our anniversary last year. we went our separate ways in the day, met for lunch at borders then went separate ways again after. the only convee we prob had was ...
me : good steak huh!, hubs : yeah good steak.

so i called hubs and told him that we need to go on dates pronto ie we have to start this month. i almost made it law!

10 mins later, i called him again. i was paranoid - i felt my world closing in on me! shared my thots with hubs then we chuckled and agreed that while most couples recharge and bond by spending time together on dates, we prefer our alone time away from each other. space from life and space from each other, i think, actually brings us together. go figure!

i love him more knowing that he gives me the time to do my happy things. and i think he feels the same when he can bask alone at starbucks with his tall black and lappy. it's no wonder we married each other. i don't think any other man would geddit.

having said that, i just needed to post this pic. gin blossoms is one of my fave bands. happy tunes with depressing lyrics. the story of my life : )

disclaimer : erm ... incase readers get sensitive ... i think all couples should indulge in what will work for them and not let green trolls rule their lives : )


08 June 2007

canvas-ing for new ideas

DAMN YOU MIAMI INK!!!! i just saw the episode where ami and chris went to hawaii to get their personalised polynesian tatt. now my bum is itching to get another one - but dun worry, it won't be on my ass.

my stars are barely 6 months old you know. maybe next month i'll do one to honour my mom. mayb get AG to draw the pic so that i can have her touch in it too. like a 3 generation piece. i think the idea is cool.

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07 June 2007


MB : mummy, i love you
me : ok
MB: MUMMY! .... i said I LOVE YOU!
me : i said OK
MB : *visibly upset* no mummy, you must say "i love you" back.
me: why?
MB : because, we are family mummy.
(AG walks into the room)
me: ok, how about you love me and AG will love you back
MB : mummy, YOU must love me back ... because we are family.
me : ok, ok .... i love you back
MB : .... and front and side-ways ok mummy
me : ok sweetie ... i love you all over ok?
MB : ok : )


this time it's for real

so it turns out that i'm not an airhead after all. i managed to re-activate my "fat hope" blog and will be using it as a weight-loss journal. at the mo, i'm just prepping it for mid june. it's been de-funct for a year, just like my last diet. so stay tuned.

all this started when i was recently reminded that xmas is just 6 months away and i still haven't gotten rid of last xmas's fat. in fact, i think it has made friends with all the other food flab from the other festivites and have decided to settle down around my belly and thighs. added that hubs' friend recently thought i was preggers!

so this time it's fer real. june 18, i start exercising and eating right (i'm down with a wicked flu right now so i need my lungs to clear out) in fact i'm already watching what i eat. today i attempted some stretches and sit-ups and the way i was wheezing after, i know i have a lot of prepping to do, physically and aesthetically. like making sure the ipod has some good beats to keep pace to. june 18 is when i start the cardio and hopefully be healthier for it. so who else is game enuf to step up to the plate?

05 June 2007


i looked at baby bu this morning, and i knew that i have not been giving him attention. he is now sporting an afro.

A HUGE 'FRO. i kid you not. i know disco is coming back but i can't let my kids live thru it.

i sooo need to give him a hair cut before his curls take over his face. i had to pull his hair back to see that cute smile before i left for work.

i'd take pictures but i dunno how to download from the gizmo. stop it with that evil eye people ... i'm not the tech nut in the family. also i dunno where the cables are kept (for good reason, i'm sure)


04 June 2007

the pits

i've got some strange anxieties one of which is how my armpit(s) look. i know, it's totally random but i'm worried. is it darkening, is it sagging, is it hairy, is it smelly?

lately, it's whether it's sagging. i've read that waxing loosens the skin ie the skin loses it's elasticity and starts to sag. that's one more thing that's going to defy gravity as the days go by. better wear as many spag-tops and sleeveless stuff before the flab turn into wings!

there are also days i worry abt saggy eyebrows. and if waxing (over time) really does sag the skin then what about people who go for brazillians regularly? would the skin down there sag too??? how is that going to work in the long run? it's hard to bring sexy back like that, no?

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maintaining balance

life overwhelms me. everyday needs to be dealt with. everybody that crosses my path wants a piece of me. i too, want a piece of me.

i also want attention from hubs so that that "the piece of me" can be rejuvenated to face the world tomorrow. keep me sane enuf for another day of life. unfortunately, hubs is away in china and won't be back till friday. and so i turn to my blog which has not had my attention in weeks. ah, the circle of life.


angel girl outwardly said, the other day, that she needs attention. habbadat for being point blank. there is no subtle hinting with her. MB cries for attention, literally; and baby is like a klingon (but with better facial skin).

how? how do i balance life? will they hurry up with the science of cloning already! i'd give the clone all the hard stuff ... heh ... while i FOCUS on the IMPORTANT STUFF like shopping and spa experiences.


just to digress, hubs and i were talking abt affairs and one night stands and we came to the conclusion that at this age and given our busy lifestyle, one night stands are the way to go. affairs are just too much work! wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am/sir - no strings attached. heyyyyy! there is nothing wrong with fantasing abt being single again.

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