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30 September 2010

spice up your life

DG : btw - having indian for lunch... this indian not as satisfying as ur indian. now must have ur indian... maybe we should just do indian on saturday ... (that sounds wrong)

me : yup ....esp since i actually DO have an indian

DG : hmmm... I think I'm getting less tolerant of spice; my mouth can take it (the spice) ... everything else following can't. BUT I still crave indian

me : you can have MY indian

DG : no will just go for indian food ... u can keep ur indian...

sigh ... another foiled chance at trading in the hubs


29 September 2010

still not gletting it

i've given it a shot and i still don't get the hype. glee.

my friends love it but i still have not found enough purpose in life to offer it the 1hour when i could be doing something else ... i dunno ... say ... cutting my toe nails?

it's like high-school-musical-groundhog-day and if you know my sentiment for HSM, or ANY musicals et al, you'd understand my twitch i have with the show. i'm going to stop believing now.

the only saving grace is this guy. mr mohawk. yummos right. aside, i think it's just meh.


the bug stops here

quit bugging me


pleeaassseeee quit bugging meeeeee

mummyyyyyyy .... THEY are bugging meeeeee

ok ... i'm ok ... i'm touching mummy. all's good. take deep breaths .... all's good


28 September 2010

what's the Matcha with me?

i'm dieting again and have been doing good for the last week. been strict and following the rules. no deviations, very focused. it's been an easy ride so far and i have not been feeling peckish.

then yesterday, i my mouth felt itchy for some green tea sponge cake. (i LOVE green tea ANYTHING!). i put a spoonful of cake into my mouth and spat it out straight away. my mouth/tongue couldn't take the taste. in just 7 days, my body had actually conditioned to reject the sugar. amazing right!

i am disappointed with myself for losing focus (matcha cake is a weakness). super pleased tho, that my body saved me from myself.

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22 September 2010

sin this; done that

i'm awake doing work and i'm hungry. actually i'm not hungry, just mouth itchy. which is worse. i have kettle chips in my cupboard, B&J's peanut butter cup ice cream in the freezer, oreos (double stuffed) in the drawer and of course heaps of mooncakes *tis the season*.

what i really want is to sink my teeth into some rum balls. yes ... some ... not one ... but some. instead, i have some mango and drink heaps of water while i resist the urge.

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so(tong) sedap!

crave of the day today is "sotong hitam" or black ink squid. i love this when it's cooked with a thick gravy.

my malay friends usually prepare this a little sweet and with red or green cut chilli. my nonya friends like it soured with assam.

either way it's served, i want to be at the table with a bowl of hot rice. shoiks.


21 September 2010

the all amazing smart phone

it's official, i am now an iphone user. after a 1 month trial with his old phone, this weekend, he presented me with my very own device as an anniversary gift. it upset him that i was not as enthused as he hoped i'd be. that's coz i felt he was trying to shove technology down my throat and i was just not ready for it. but all's good now.

i went out to get my mirco-sim card. updated my data plan. and tah dah ... i now can do face time. but the only thoughts in my head are "i need to find a good angle to hold the phone so that i look good". i toggle between that and "should i wear make-up for this?". whattttt ....

Anyhoo ... hubs warns ... "now this is a smart phone so it will use up more battery than the normal phone. don't be surprised coz last time you only needed to charge your phone once every 3 days. now you need to charge your phone every day."

me : so it's not that smart after all

hubs : it's a phone which is rich in applications that's why it uses so much battery. like a wife.

me : hmmm, like a husband too.

hubs : no, husbands don't have so many apps. just eat, sleep and make the wife pregnant. wives have to cook, clean, look after kids .... many apps.

does he not deserve death by application? i'm sure i can apply myself that way too.

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