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23 March 2010

i suck

we had a discussion in the office today. we were supposed to share a random strength and weakness. so i said i make friends easily (tho i would not go out of my way to make friends unless i'm in a social situation) but laziness always gets in the way of me maintaining the friendship.

i'm the non-conforming spawn of a very social butterfly. regretfully, i inherited none of her skills. nada. zip.

i mean well when i make a friend but i just don't have the stamina to remember things like birthdays. i also suck at keeping in touch. too add salt .... well honestly .... life is so consuming with 4 kids. this is why i also suck at facebook and i never had a friendster account. i just closed my link'd in :(

thankfully my kids who spend a lot of time with madame butterfly are turning out better.

i'm very lucky that i actually do have friends. friends who actually love me for who i am AND who don't care that do not reciprocate in that traditional friend way - if that makes sense ...

i'm talking in circles ... it's late ... i'll come to the point of this post one day.

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18 March 2010

welcome to the house of fun

we've had our keys to our new place since october last year but have been so uninspired to move. it's the same size (per sq meter) as our current house but the layout is really less than desirable. lots of wasted space. the initial fire we had just fizzled as realisation set in.

since then we've had many ideas to pimp the house and make it our own. we thought of breaking walls, creating new rooms, building a 9' cupboard as a wall partition etc ... then we lost steam coz to do all these still didn't change the fact that the house is just too small.

so we called the powers that be and told them that the house we bought (in principal) 5 years ago really doesn't meet our needs now. we were only 2 adults and 3 kids then. now we are 2 adults, 4 kids and we are looking at employing a helper. the space is just not enough. we offered to buy/ trade for a bigger place. they offered to buy our place at a discount. we said eff that and have decided to stay put for 5 years (following their guidelines) then upgrade to a bigger pad later.

we are going to live in function and clever design rather than going all out to create a home. this interim playground will be bright and colourful and creative. we've decided to give the kids the master bedroom and to create a huge study area where the hall should be. we want communication to be the hive of activity. we're moving the tv into one of the rooms, away from the main.

we've got new spark to get this ball rolling. suddenly, we've found a focus and we are eager to get this done. we're targeting to move in June, in time for the holidays :)


10 March 2010

spidey gets a day job

me : bu, what do you want to be when you grow up

bu : urmmm ..... i want to go to work like dada

me : that's it?

bu : and maybe i'll be spiderman too


08 March 2010

the hypothetic phenomenon

AG came up to me the other day and asked me a random question. i shot back a few answers which were not to her satisfaction. then she said,"come on mummy, tell me your hypothesis"

i took 2 steps back and blinked stupidly into space for a few seconds. then i asked her, "do you know what hypothesis means?" she said,"yes, a clever guess." and i was simply dumbfounded. i was also a little annoyed coz i thot my guesses were quite clever tho bordering on the silly.

her science teacher uses the term in class when he tries to stir curiosity with the group. amazing isn't it. i'm glad school is not all theoretical anymore and they let the kids be hypothetical in their journey. it is definitely more fun and it really is what science and innovation is all about. besides, you need the hypothesis to get to the theory. right?


07 March 2010

mouth fools

these were taken very badly on my sony ericsson. yes, hubs is bugging me to buy an iphone. in time ... in time ... but don't hold your breath ok. it's no secret that i'm allergic to technology.
sweet, sweet angel girl

the magnificent monkey boy

cheeky bu

and not to be left out, darling dollface :)

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06 March 2010

signs of pain

so here's my theory about pain. physical pain is for the moment; it's the emotional pain that will kill you.i've always felt that physical pain is mind over matter but emotional pain catches you off guard and sometimes at your most vulnerable.

take exhibit A (me), i've endured having my entire left thigh, from just above the knee to 3 inches from my hip, skinned when i accidentally walked into a 5' drain and scraped my leg against the granite wall. i've endured the pain of having 3 stitches on my left thumb, just behind the nail where all the nerve endings are, without LA. oh i also had to endure pain when the the doctor injected the LA 3 times into the muscle at the base of my thumb, without much success, which is why he had to go ahead w the stitching coz i was bleeding my arm dry.

i've also ensured surgically removing all my wisdom teeth at one go. i remember looking like a chipmunk coz my mouth was so swollen and having steak later that evening. then there are the 4 kids that i've given birth to naturally and the 4 times engorgement madness with each child. not to mention the tattoos.

i look back at these events in jest. yes, my threshold for pain is high. sucker you say ... heh. i do remember hurting like hell when it happened but i forget, how bad it hurt.

... which is exactly my point. with all these experiences, if you ask me now to rate the pain, i can honestly say, i cannot remember. but if you ask me to recall how i felt when my first crush dumped me in my pubescent years, the pain - although insignificant now, comes back, sometimes 10 fold - depending on what i remember, and it festers. and then i have to will myself out of the self induced rut.

ps : interestingly, i find that physical pain numbs out mental/ emotional pain. which is why, i guess, people become self destructive. but that's another train of thought altogether.

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