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19 December 2009

you complete me

so i did a double whammy at the tattoo shop. janice said she'd pay for my new star for baby since she's the godma and all. isn't she the sweetest :)

she wanted me to do some curvy sun type design. but the canvas (me) had other ideas. i chose the nautical star and placed her ahead of all the other stars. i'm not too hot abt this pic. i'll upload a better shot later. come back to see it.

here's the better pics

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body of art

this tatt is a long time coming. i've always planned to do a rose tattoo on my torso but felt i was too pudgy to carry it off. so when i lost the weight, i noticed that my abs definition came back and i figured the time is now.

i'm so glad the day has finally arrived. this was as painful as you thought it would be but so damn worth the hour of wincing :) AG took these pics. not bad huh, for a 9 year old. i think she's got a good eye for angles. but i digress.

ladies and gentlemen .... introducing my new tattoo :)(that's the top of bu's head on my hip, in case you were wondering)

the side-view

the artistic angle

the close up

i was sucking-it-in in this shot. hahaha ALSO ... that is not hair running down my belly. its called linea nigra and it will fade in time. phew.

flashback - this is my star tattoo and this is my crysanthemum tattoo

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17 December 2009

somebody stop me!

i usually don't need a reason to shop coz it's got to be my favourite sport in the whole wide world. put a woman in heels and make her walk a 10 mile path, flanked with shops while carrying 10 bags of spoils in each hand ... no problem. now put the same woman on a thread mill with weights in each hand, and you'd be lucky to get half a mile out of her. i AM that woman.

i'm always in hot pursuit for a special something to complete a look. the perfect black shoe, pencil skirt, blue jeans, white tee, red lipstick. you name it, i've got to look for it. like a woman on a mission, i get so focused and unrelenting. i just need to have it. almost like an addiction. and once i do, i just move on to my next must have.

this year, i've been doing some very selfish xmas shopping. for every one pressie i buy a friend, i also buy 3 things for myself. not to mention that i also just shrunk from a size 16UK to a size 10UK (bottoms ... i'm a size 8UK for tops) and nothing fits. what better reason to shop.

but like i said, i don't need a reason.

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14 December 2009

i swear ....

me : babes, the church is inviting couples to renew their vows on 27 dec during mass. shall we register?

hubs : erm why?

me : coz it`ll be sweet

hubs : have they made changes to the vows? can i change the vows?

me : nope .... no change

hubs : then no need lah, same deal what.

(someone remind me again why i married this man!)


06 December 2009


he's back. finally. catcha later :)


i love a rainy night

the nights have been so cold lately. the air crisp and chilly. i've been snuggling w the kids to keep warm. i feel people bond better in cold weather coz they like the company.

it may not snow in singapore but i love dec coz that's when i get to whip out my sweaters and it's always so cozy to collapse in one. i also can't wait to put up our tree. with the flickering lights at night, and lots of imagination, it's like we have a fire place.

oooh, i definitely love a rainy night.


05 December 2009

word to your mother

all right stop ... collaborate and listen .... that was what i was doing when i overheard this convee between the kids today.

MB : you stupid boy

bu : you monkey man

MB : you armpit face

bu : you boinker boink

*me giggling and walking away *

bu : ooooooooh ... you said the A word

me : what? what's the A word?

bu : he called me Ali Baba Chicken Man!

ice ice baby ... too cold ... too cold.


01 December 2009

girls will be girls

the girlfriends came over on my bday coz hubs was away. dee baked a cake, DG brought over her sexy red nespresso coffee machine and obsidian made for good company. after cake and coffee, we decided that we'd do some cam whoring. we were shy at first but soon warmed up. AG took the pics *rolling her eyes in between shots* as we went from frame to frame.

to be annoying, i whipped out my 4 striped dresses and we all wore one. we didn't care that we had no make-up on, we just had fun. well at least i did :) best bday in a long time. thanks babes!


(erm ... in case you are wondering why in god's green earth do i have 4 striped dresses)

1) the diagonal strapless black & white dress.
bought on impulse 8 years ago after AG was born. last worn to a D&D while preg w MB

2) the diagonal strapless red and white dress.
bought 6 years ago after MB was born. last worn it while preg w bu to the brother-in-law's wedding

3) the diagonal strapless blue dress w red detailing
bought mid last year as my GOAL dress, pre diet (never got to wear it but looking forward to it now :))

4) the toga dress
bought and wore it while preg w doll face. now a fave with my denim jacket thrown over

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yo-yo hawt mama

so here's my story. i was 86kg last August when i decided to go on a diet. by oct i weighed in at 64kg. then i found out i was preg and ate like there was no tomorrow. on the day i gave birth (before the waters broke), i was 94kg.

on 9 sept, i was 78kg and decided that i'd go back on the diet again. today i'm 66kg, still a little more to go but already feeling pretty HAWT. proud of myself for sticking to it and not wavering.

i'm exploring looks i didn't think i could pull off - fun. my thighs have lost it's thunder - yay!. my tummy is almost flat, and there is slight definition showing at the abs - woot!. my neck looks longer - sexy. my shoes fit :) - hello shoe shopping sprees. my wedding ring is getting loose - time for a diamond upgrade :D

i certainly am enjoying the returns. hell, i dare say hubs is enjoying the returns! btw, he's finally coming back on sunday. don't think i will blog for a couple of weeks. now now people, this is a family blog. he hasn't been home in a long time, the family is excited to be one again.

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toilet paper

ever wondered about toilet paper orientation? do you like your roll over or under? does your preference say anything about you? or is this train of thought just full of sh*t?

i prefer it over, by the way. i can't stand it when i see a roll the other way. not that there is a right or wrong way.

having said that, the rolls in my house are laid on its side.