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25 May 2007

inner moses

dang! stuck in traffic on the highway with a sea of cars surrounding us. da godma and i are late for dinner at a friend's and we are not in the best of moods. she's frustrated coz of work and i didn't pee before getting into her car and we're already 35mins into the journey.

she looks and me, i look at her. i offer a smile, she's not amused. so i summoned my powers and stretched out my arms at the traffic hoping to part a path. i opened my eyes and the cars were still there. i turned to DG and said,"sorry babe, i channeled my inner moses and it didn't work. the sea of red tail lights ain't moving. not my night." she broke into a smile, but just a smidgen.

the journey eventually took an hour-some, coz we got lost - we almost made it to malaysia i think. my bladder was bursting. my ears were hurting coz DG was ranting the whole way and she is long-winded and theatrical (believe you me). on top of that, she drives a "no-smoking" vehicle! the best we could do was wind the windows down and scream. which we did successfully : )


24 May 2007

brown-eyed girl

sorry macho readers, it's another girlie blog. i have my moments.

i'm sooo screwed. i've got a new addiction and it's MAC eyeshadows. i've recently been introduced to it and i swear it's the best. and the colours!! OMG! thus is my addiction. there must be 764029837465 colours. ok, i exaggerate but there is enuf of a spectrum to drive me nuts. then there is textures and hues. i just bought my first 3 tubs - a green, a neutral and a grey. and i'm already thinking of my next 3 although my wallet is shouting NOOOOOOooooo!!

so while i'm at it, bitching about eyeshadow (and the lack there of), i thot i'd do all you brown-eyed chicks a favour. i found this morsel of advice. go forth and colour your world. and have fun while you're at it.

"the goal of wearing eye make-up is to enhance/bring attention to your eyes. the rule of thumb is to wear the opposite color eye shadow of your eyes on the color wheel so that your eyes really stand out (or POP as they say in the make-up world). but, brown isn't all that clearly defined on the color wheel so experts say that the best eyeshadow shade for brown eyes are bronzes and greens. FYI - these colors can be simple to use alone. Just apply them to the lid and crease."

i know .. i know ... i also dunno how to use the wheel. but even in art (basic colour ranges) simple rule is that the opposing colour is the complement.

btw, WM is still hot. this weeks' episode worked in his favour. aviator shades and chrisp white shirt over tanned skin. yums.

btbtw, i'm upset that jordin won coz i really liked blake - he's so different. this world really does not need another saccharine-nie sweet artist on the radio. but i ain't no paula either, dawg!


21 May 2007

conversations 2.0 - scorpio training

lessons in honesty
AG : mummy, are you pregnant?
me : NOOOooooooo
AG : your tummy is beginning to look big
me : *pout*
MB : dun worry okay mummy, i will pray to jesus to make your tummy smaller.
me : thanks son. and while you're at it, i need some cash too.
verdict - pass. totally tactless. my feathers were ruffled.

lessons in mind-f*cking
me : hey, i'm feeling a little hungry. can i eat your left nostril?
AG : WHAT!!! noooooooooo
me : ok ok, what abt this elbow, you're not using it much.
AG : no cannot. i need it to bend my arm
me : ok ok , i'll eat your belly button coz you really don't need that for anything except collect fuzz.
AG : if you eat my belly button, what am i going to play with at bedtime?!
verdict - good potential, quick with retorts and excuses

using her jedi mind tricks to annoy the tauren
AG : you always have the last word
MB : noooo
AG : yes
MB : NO!!
AG : Yes, you see *pointing at him*
AG : yes, you just did it again
AG : *laughing hysterically*
verdict - mastered the power. the force is strong in this one


15 May 2007


i really wanted prata last night. i was hungry but not famished.

er ... ever noticed how 1 egg prata is not enuf but an egg AND a kosong is just too much? .... anyway i saw some kosongs just sitting there on the tray and i thot "if i asked for 2 kosongs, the mama would reach for those which are prob 3 hrs old and hard as hell." so i needed to add stuff to the prata (but not egg) so that i don't get served flaking frisbees. and honestly, i don't buy into the cheese prata thing. fusion prata is just wrong!

eventually, i decided on 2 bawang-kosongs - just to annoy the mama to make fresh ones. woh ... he din give chance, he really whacked the bawang inside. but it was all good coz i like bawang : )

i couldn't wait to get home. i opened the pack then i dunked my prata in thick and yums fish curry and chased it with hot teh. shoik-a-lingam lah!

ps - dun worry, hubs still loves me ... even in flatuant times.


14 May 2007

my mother's daughter

many times i feel that i am not the daughter mom hoped i'd turn out to be. she likes secret sharing sessions (i'm too secretive), girlie afternoons (i like being alone), food swapping at meal time (don't eat off my plate). She is day and i am night. she wants to be oprah and i want to hide in a hole. you feeling me?

she always (to this day) excitedly tells people that i'm her daughter - i stand by the side smiling sheepishly as she introduces me to strangers. she tells the taxi driver, the hawker, the butcher who doesn't speak english. and i'm like "who the f*ck cares!" ... sigh ... she does.

i grew up wanting to be her, but as i developed my own character, i wanted to be different. mom and i have not found our middle ground (yet) and we get on each other's nerves a lot (and i MEAN a lot) but i would defend her with my life. it's like (and i mean this in jest) no one bullies my mom ... except me : ) everybody else better speak to her with respect or else i'll keropok you nicely.

i have problems showing mom that i love her. i do, i really do, love her. and i appreciate her so much, but i dun have the spoken words for it. i wish i could write her, but mom hates reading ... unless it's celebrity gossip. i'm sure we'll see the light in time ... else we have "golden girls" moments to look forward to. trust me, you don't want to stick around for that.

i got this from i think it's just so freaking true.

When you're five, she's a goddess. You smear your face with her lipstick and model her earrings and high heels, wanting to be just like mommy. That's the way it is until you're about thirteen, when she suddenly becomes the most ignorant, benighted, out-of-touch creature on the planet, and you can't get far enough away from her. Your primary form of interaction for the next five years or so will be a single word, "Mooooooooooooommmmmmm!" And then, somewhere between your twenties and your thirties, if you're lucky, she becomes your best friend again.

Mothers and daughters who struggle with their relationships as adults often repeat the old patterns of control and rebellion from childhood, says Dr. Tracy. "They can't hear each other. The daughter will hear the mother say something and she'll think, 'She wants to control me.' And the mother is saying something that absolutely is controlling, but is not meant to be." Meanwhile, when the daughter speaks, the mother hears nothing but anger — in a comment that does indeed convey anger but also "I love you, and can't we do this differently?"

No relationship is quite as primal as the one between a mother and her daughter. "It's the original relationship, and it's also a relationship that has been sentimentalized but not honored," says Lee Sharkey, Ph.D., who directs the Women's Studies program at the University of Maine at Farmington, where she teaches a popular course in mother-daughter relationships. "Women grow up and our energy is largely turned toward men, but the original love relationship is with a mother. If we as daughters don't acknowledge that, we're closing ourselves off from a great source of power and fulfillment and understanding of ourselves.


09 May 2007


think i'm pms-ing again! nothing seems to fit. i'm this close to fishing out my maternity clothes. somebody, get me some ice-cream.



was stung by a bee on monday. was walking on a path, ipod plugged in to fall out boy, when all of a eff-ing sudden i felt my arm burst into flames.  WTF! i looked down and there was a bee stuck to my arm!  i immediately flicked the MF off - it was still buzzing!! the bee died but the pain remained.

i immediately called my trusty-on-site-helpdesk-for-freaky-things.  dee said she didn't know much, so i asked her to google "bee stings" (for some reason, it's like dee wears her lappy on her body or something.  she is always able to go on-line remotely). 

so she said that if i start breathing funny or feel dizzy, i should go to the docs. i said i felt weak in the knees.  anyway, i went to the doc coz the pain was so bad i wanted to chew my arm off.

i got a jab, some cream and some kick-ass antihistamine. woo hoo!( i could sell these on the black market and send my kids to uni!)

arm still hurts : (

08 May 2007

the adventures of THE COMMENTER!!

i couldn't help but post this pic. i like you people : ) but really, you don't need to be a friend. so no pressure ok, i have issues with commitment too.


one year on

yo! yo! yo! it's been a year ya'll. you know, i was looking forward to the 3rd of May way back in April but forgot to celebrate it when the day came.

i never thot i'd be comfortable with blogging but i am and i think i am addicted to it. half the fun is in the commenting. and i love the commenters *that's you foo (think Mr T with the mohawk)*

thanks for giving me blog-gasms people and for hitting my b-spot! you give me multiples all the time! sometimes, i even need to reach for the smoke after!! hahaha.

3 may also was when baby bu started going to school. it was so hard to let go coz ...welll.... he's STILL A BABYYYYY!! but let go we did. he's a man now. we just have to wait for the chest hair to kick in.

POSTNOTE : for the record, i don't think starwars is boring!

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same but different

everytime T and i go out, it's a gamble coz we both have almost the same wardrobe. REALLY! so far, we've been lucky - i'm banging myself against wood here!

whenever we go shopping, we end up picking the same stuff in the same colour. cosmic. thankfully, we've reached a point where we have given up being surprised about the same choices, which were in the beginning, freaky as hell.

anyway, my point is ... and i do have one ... is that i have just come to realisation that i dun think she and i will ever look the same even if we were standing next to each other in the same outfit. coz we just wear our clothes differently, well at least we go for different looks.

she's more sexy/glamourous and i'm more scruffy and no-frills (read : lazy). so my paranoia is over. psych!

also T sometimes swings into a matchy-matchy mode

while i like slipping into my polka-dot and stripe mode (it's abt individuality ya'll)

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03 May 2007

my bad kidneys

AG : mummy what are kidneys?
ME : everybody has 2 kidneys ... it's where we keep our pee.
AG : show me
Me : we can't see our kidneys dear
MB : of course we can ... see ... it's here hanging with my penis
Me : ok sorry ... my bad ... those are not your kidneys. let me make this clearer, the kidneys make the pee. the pee is kept in your bladder. we all have one bladder.
MB : i oh-so have one bladder and one sister what.


my bad ... i've been using this phrase for a while and i'm really curious why it has not caught on. it's an american slag for "ok, i acknowledge i did wrong, but i'm not sorry (apologetic)" eg "you just double-dipped!". "oh, my bad". i know, it's flippant but there are moments that call for it.

i also like the local civil service lingo, "noted" which is usually a reply to a senior management advise email on how you can do things better. it means,"i hear you, but i don't give a f*ck". if you want to be polite, you can say,"noted with thanks." with a smiley face : )


01 May 2007


this is my fave clip from the muppet show. animal rocks! enuf said.