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27 February 2008


i ffeeeeelllll faaaaaaaaaaaaaaat tooodayyyyyyyyyyy. dammit, where is my nutella.


i knead symmetry

i went for a massage last week. was annoyed when the masseuse kneaded my left shoulder blade less than my right. my being felt so unbalanced.

at one point she also placed a beaded eye pillow over my eyes but she didn't even out the beads so one side was heavier than the other and my eyes were not equally pressured.

i have a new strange quirk with symmetry - for about 5 years now. when i bite into say a hot dog, i need an almost equal amount in both cheek pockets for a good satisfying chew. i brush my teeth and take equal turns to clean both sides.

i don't remember being so anal. i dunno what's up with the quirks.



i mean no disrespect with this post. my happy people out there, you guys know that i love you right : )

i received this viz email today ...
to quote dirrrty dozen's clint eastwood, " ...[it] made my day!"


23 February 2008


arrrrghhhh! i soooo can't stand whiney songs. remember back in the day when people listened to boulevard or knife. oh man, don't get me started on knife.

niiiiffffffe ..... cuts like a niffffffffe will I ever heeeeal......I'm so deeeeeeeply wounded ....Niiiffffffeeee.....

OmyGAWD! i so detest these song. these back-bone-less tunes really make my skin crawl. the lyrics, the melody (or lack there of), the draggyness. the combination of it all.

now, i have a new nemesis. the song is apologize, AARRRRGGHHHHHHH!


22 February 2008

hot damn!

when will i ever learn? went for a wax today (for the usual) but then the therapist was going on about brazillians and since i was doing a bikini wax, why not get adventurous.

i swear, i've said NO so many times since the last time she enticed me, i've even sworn that i would never again let her rip the hair off my sacred brazillian-esque area .... but tonight, i said, "yeah sure."

AGAIN .... i laid on the table with my ass clenched tight and gripping my head with both hands. every time she ripped my hair off, i yelped.

so i decided to make small talk to distract myself. the therapist told me that her oldest customer is a 59 year old woman. so i figured if the hag could hack it, i can too. i bit down on my lip until she was through. *hey, what do you know, i'm a poet*


16 February 2008


lately i feel that i am servant to all. i'm beginning to feel like there is not enuf of me to go around.everybody else's needs are met and i'm left feeling frustrated and short changed. it's damn frustrating.

everybody builds their lives and schedules around themselves and i'm left to fit in the gaps or pick up after them. so their lives move on and i'm left with scraps. it's like i'm wearing a big-ass sign that says,"yeah, you work out what's good in your life and take as much time as you like. i'll just wait here at the sidelines for when you are ready."

and i mean EVERYBODY has been treating me this way. yes, even the kids. what do i have to do to get a little attention!

my being feels really annoyed. i cried in frustration earlier, for a bout a minute when realisation sank. but i'm more together now. still feel upset because if i were to share this with the people who are making me feel this way, i'm either going to be 1) asked to understand/ see it from their point of view ie be understanding of their situation or 2) have an awkward moment.

i feel dumb for being the martyr. damn it, i feel numb.


14 February 2008

my funny valentine

hey babes! happy V day : )


10 February 2008

give him a beat

hubs loves music. he really really loves music. you have no idea how much.

he respects it so much, that he has made it a point that we expose the kids to as many tunes and genres as possible. and i do think that the influence has rubbed off on them. how many 4 year olds do you know who can sing "oh bla de oh bla dah and we are the champions" in the same breath. they also sing a long to dave mathews, red hot chilli peppers, linkin park, fall out boy, foo fighters, madonna, rihanna-anna-anna (but everyone was singing a long to that tune), snow patrol ... well you get the picture.

when he listens to a song, he hears it in layers. he knows every sound and creative mix, it's incredible and spooky... but more increadible.

... and stressful. say we are listening to a song and need to go out. and if i'm assigned to switch off the player, i need to kill the song on exactly the 8th beat. it is also important that i do not JUST KILL the song but go into a fade like on the 4th beat so that it nicely tapers off by the 8th.

like i said, the hubs loves his music : )


02 February 2008

where did january go?

...."Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of my Life." .... really now, where DID january go? my uncle's retort to this was,"don't worry dear, i promise next year there will be another one."

yo, people ... displaying serious withdrawal symptoms aren't we. hee. thanks for waiting patiently for a new entry guys. hope this will whet your appetite for a while : )

the angel wore bata
AG is only 7, but she is a big 7. she wears clothes for 14 year olds. not that she is fat, but she is really tall for her age and, like i said earlier, curvy. anyhoo, her feet size has grown too and she is a size 37; very quickly moving out of the children's shoes to the adult section. i've taken to buying her shoes from bata. cheap and good which means even if i had to pass it on, my wallet does not hurt so much.

7-year *itch
i've always picked my battles with hubs. usually, i eat my thots and don't openly share with him how i truly feel. if i do offer an opinion, i always make sure that it is well positioned. i don't shoot from the holster. but since late last year, i've become more vocal because we both agree that he needs to know how he/ the family is affecting me.

lately, i've been letting it flow, much to his (and my) surprise. my unproxy-ed thoughts are definately not something he is accustomed to. i do feel that we are understanding each other better. can you believe it, here we are, 7 years into marriage and still learning how to communicate.

taking matters into his own hands
hubs whispered to me the other day, while we were having a smoke, that we should do sit-ups together after the kids are asleep. seeing the non-result year after year, he wants to get actively involved in my weight management. i was a little insulted in the beginning but i've looked beyond that. i'm glad that he is offering to help me and he knows i love a challenge - believe it or not, sit-ups are my fave static exercise. under my blubber, lies abs of steel okay! YOU stop sniggering!

she spies with her divine little eye
me : i spy with my little eye, something soft, white and fluffy
AG : is it in the house or outside
me : mmmmm ... outside
my mom : THE SKY!
me : mmmmooooommmmm, the SKY is not soft, white or fluffy!
mom : oh yeah.
bu : *toe*
AG : (cutting in) arrrrggghh! ok i give up.
me : clouds babe.

not to be defeated ....

AG : i spy with my little eye, something white, bright and good
me : is it in the house or outside
AG : everywhere
me : light, lamp, laser pointer, TV, torch light, fire ....
AG : nooooooo
me : ok what
AG : jesus

ps ... i think my baby has a foot fetish.

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