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28 February 2011


to satisfy all the calls and msn messages i've been getting re the haircut; THIS IS the look i settled for. today it's starting to curl but when i first had it cut, my stylist had it blown straight jennifer aniston style. liked it a lot but she gave me the stinky eye - you know ... that side glance that screams "don't you freaking even think of rebonding your hair". i love my stylist, she knows what's good for me :)

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23 February 2011


i've been toying with the idea of changing my look. i loaded a pic and started fussing with the styles. what do you think. i'm digging the chinadoll, monroe and pink look.

the tinkerbelle - don't make me grab my magic dust!

she bangs, she bangs!

can you feel my shagalicious mojo bay-bee!

the monroe ... happy birrrth-day to youuuuuuuu ....

the chinadoll

geek in the pink

roll in the hay OR is this what the cat dragged in ... MEOW!

orrrrrr .... i could just leave it as is

sigh ... decisions decisions

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13 February 2011

it was a planning malfunction, dammit!

i knew janet jackson's tour was going to hit singapore. i sorta knew when and left it as that. i would have given ms jackson a beat coz she's a freaking mind-blowing entertainer and i wanted to be entertained. i wanted to be taken on an escapade.

instead, i chose to wait a while. alright, i procrastinated and then found it too late to pull together a posse. worse, the seat choice was seriously nasty by the time i got my act together. i supremely annoyed myself. i would have enjoyed dressing up for the concert. and i would have totally rocked the lyrics. the whole prepping for a concert, it's a pleasure principle; a girly thing.

it was a planning malfunction. i thought i was in control. ugghh, it doesn't really matter now.

sidenote : i'm totally digging her new hair. i'm planning a make-over soon and i'm looking at some serious lock-chopping.

2 steps to the left of the side note : i really wanted to work in ALL FOR YOU in this post, but couldn't find an angle. it's one of my faves. Sing it!

"all my girls at the party, look at that body, shakin that thing, like you never did see, got a nice package all right. hit it: 4, 3, 2, 1


31 January 2011

marv - my silver surfing man of steel

you've been wondering why i've not been blogging? hubs took the lappy to work and then we had none. i had gotten so dependent on his apple laptop that when he took it away, i had major withdrawals. reminded me of how, when we were dating, he'd hold out so that i'd come back for (and want) more. 10 years on and i'm still falling for his shenanigans. dammit.

the teasing stops here. i've since decided to treat myself to a new machine. i've been thinking abt buying a mac for about 2.5 years now, remember. but i hung on to pc and refused to convert. then the iphone was thrusted at me and slowly, he seduced me with his many apple gadgets. so at the recent sale, i bought my very own macbook pro.

meet marv. he's my new bff.
*see my fat fingers that don't help w the tiny keyboard on the iphone* be afraid ... be very afraid.

why marv? well he's silver and i mostly surf with him.
silver surfer = marvel = marv

hubs thinks "marv" sounds gay . well too bad, i like it. wait till he hears that i'm looking to buy marv a purple shell!! rainbow connection people. yo!

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birds of a feather

has angry birds taken over your life? well it has mine but more so the kids. they live and breathe ravio.

needless to say, one afternoon when i asked them to go outside to play, this is what i was greeted to. i just had to grab the camera.

hmmm ... what shall we play?

i'll be the yellow bird and you guys are the pigs. say oink!


14 December 2010

twisted priorities

had the weirdest dream last night. hubs and i agreed that we both would find partners to romp with. one day he comes with a chick - big hair, short tight skirt, legs to her armpits .. you get the drift.

anyways, i was coming out of starbucks and had just lit my last cigarette, when we bumped into each other. (she was with him) we said hi then i passed her my coffee and smoke and said that i needed to use the restroom.

when i came back out, she said she finished my stick and drank my coffee. i hit the roof! who did this *itch think she is for drinking my starbucks and smoking my marlboro! it's one thing to bang my man but it's another to take my smokes and joe. she crossed the line. THE LINE!!!

i woke up angry. i mean i was seriously pissed off. then i shared the dream w hubs and he was like "good to know your priorities. does that mean i can go find a woman."

sure hon, in YOUR dreams.

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01 December 2010

iphone stress test

over the past 3 days my iphone has been thru much. lucky for the iphone (not so much for me) i was at work.

monday, while at a meeting, my boss accidentally knocks over my big cup of water which spills all over the table, over my notes and iphone. the people i was meeting with all yelled "save the iphone". never mind that i and my papers were wet. WE ... MUST ... SAVE ... THE ... IPHONE! the tech guy who was in the room told me not to rock the phone so that the water will not travel and seep. others said i should gently use the tissue to absorb the water. the meeting stopped for abt 3 minutes while we gave the iphone some love.

then today when i was going down the busy stairwell and sms-ing (i know, that's an accident waiting to happen ... tell me you don't do it!), my iphone slips out of my hands. the moment it hits the floor, 3 nurses yell "code blue"! then one says, "quick check and revive."

i was/am amused ... oh and don't tell hubs.


30 November 2010

let the camwhoring begin

there is more to say but i figure pictures speak volumes ... and we took heaps. with that i end my little tribute to my much anticipated and very celebrated holiday. i hear that if you don't look directly at the camera, you're not a complete camwhore.


27 November 2010

E7 : life's little pleasures

over the years, i have allowed life to consume me so much that when i was removed from the now, i went into shut-down mode .. but in a good way. what i liked about being removed was that i remembered how to love myself again.

the early bird
aside from that first night when we went out for dinner, the other nights saw us tucked in bed early. on one night we were in bed, watching ratatouille while having cookies and milk when we looked at the clock and it was not even 9pm. we looked at each other and felt absolutely no peer pressure to stay up a minute longer. we had 62 channels to surf and we chose sleep. that alone was truly decadent for me coz i can't remember the last time i slept before 9pm on purpose.

the sun salutation
i'd choose a beach holiday over any other holiday in a bat of an eye. i am a child of the big burning star at the center of the solar system. before the kids, i would go to the beach often on weekends to catch some rays. i love basking and baking in the sun. to have 4 days feeling the rays kiss my skin, with the smell of the ocean and the breeze in my hair, i loved it.

i chose the bali kharma coz it's supposed to have free wi-fi on it's property. i wanted to stay connected. but the weekend we were there, they had tech issues and so no connection. and because it's indonesia, they didn't get it fixed till the last hour before check-out. aside from sms-ing the family, i could not check email or read my favourite websites. but in hindsight, that total cut-off from my world was really what i needed. tech would have gotten in the way of my holiday.

i was not booking
i so wanted to read a book coz it's been a while. i had a book picked for the holiday but forgot to pack it. not wanting to be beaten, i bought a magazine at the airport but left it in the plane seat pocket. i took the hint. it was meant to be.

dee and i had such a good time rediscovering ourselves (and each other) that we have not stopped talking about doing this annually. then 3 days after returning, i said every half year. 2 days ago, my bali buddy says we need to love ourselves once a quarter. i'm not arguing with that. i may not be able to do the 1/4ly thing, but i know i can plan for it and if time permits, i'm packing my bikini.

speaking of which, just days from returning, we both shopped victoria's secrets for new bikinis and they just arrived :)


26 November 2010

E6 : capital i

then in one big random moment, while we were basking in the sun, i turned to dee and started singing "Capital I". which got us going for a while till we got to the 5th line then we couldn't remember anymore. and as quickly as that began, we settled in on our deck chairs again and nuah-ed out.

*but i know anal dee made a mental note to google this so i thot i do her a fave and just post the song.